7 proven methods to become 100% successful in network marketing

7 proven methods to become 100% successful in network marketing

Nikhil Ravindran
Updated on 15 November 2021
7 min read

We have been hearing success stories about network marketing for a long time. But once we’re planning to expose ourselves in network marketing, it’s an end game! We browse a lot on the internet and check various network marketing success tips made by different people.

Run a research to find what consumers think about the direct selling industry in general. Apparently, they are the ones who determine the success of the industry.

It’s good to hear their tips based on their experiences, it will motivate us to go forward. However, we need something more than that. I’m going to introduce 7 proven methods that have great practical value rather than just plain concepts. If you follow these methods, then the result is assured!

Let’s learn and master them one after the other right way. Also, I’m going to show you the easiest way to achieve success in network marketing as a bonus tip.

1. Learn how to work before you jump into the network marketing world

No one has ever made a history of a winning streak in any industry or field without understanding what they are going to do.

That’s the basis of everything, one must meet the minimum practice or exposure in the field they are going to engage in.

Learn how to work before you jump into the network marketing world

You need two components to work out this method - training and experience what you’ve learned.

As a network marketing company, it’s their duty to make sure the distributors have got enough training.

After training, they need to apply what they have learned and thereby, gain experience. You will easily find your way to success, however, you need to follow the next 6 more steps to achieve it.

Bonus tip: Network marketing companies can introduce automation in training by integrating necessary training modules. The learning platform, one of the training tools available in the network marketing software will help distributors to learn as well as companies to track their progress.

Learn more about network marketing training tools

2. Understand and expand the target market

The target market in the network marketing business is wide and it isn’t easy to filter them at the first stage.

However, you need to stick with a target group at the beginning and gradually, expand them.

Understand and expand the target market

To understand your target audience, you should have a good understanding of the company you are going to join, their products, and the present consumers.

I’ll recommend you to do some research before joining the best network marketing company.

If you’re in, then there are certain prospecting methods you can use to find more target audiences.

Bonus tip: As a network marketing company, it’s always recommended to provide your distributors with the right set of prospecting tools. Let them build a good customer-base, beneficial for you as well as the distributors.

These 7 powerful tools will help you find prospects 10x faster

3. The compensation plan - How you get paid?

Making revenue is the ultimate aim of every distributor and a network marketing company or consultant.

To achieve this target, the right compensation plan is to be selected.

The compensation plan - How you get paid?

There exist many compensation plans, and choosing the best, needs proper knowledge about different plans.

How to choose the right MLM compensation plan?

The million-dollar question before every MLM company and distributor. Proper calculation about the expense and income needs to be analyzed for choosing the right plan.

The joining or enrollment package, the production cost, the commission amount paid or received, etc. need to be carefully calculated.

Bonus tip: Making manual calculations is not easy and it’s going to be a battle. The best way is to use free MLM calculators. With these calculators, one can easily analyze the profit they will receive after the expenses.

Access our MLM calculators for free

4. Set goals and track them regularly

After learning a few things as mentioned in the above sections, the next step is to set proper goals.

This can be personal or business goals depending on your motive, set your own goals.

Set goals and track them regularly

Then, set up daily routines, track your progress regularly, get insights about your growth, and make smart decisions based on it.

The rest of your future depends on it, if you achieve the milestones one after the other then you’re on the right track.

If not, make some adjustments to reach the goals, the success depends on your goals.

As you keep progressing, never limit your goals, add more goals, and meet them one after the other. There is no saturation point in marketing, find the pace, and move forward.

Bonus tip: It’s best to set the goals using automation. With automation, you will use insights derived by the system. The system generates reports automatically based on your preferences. Also, easily add new goals and track the progress. One of the best tools for organizations as well as the distributors.

Learn more about automation tools

5. Reach out via email marketing

Email marketing has been one of the best and finest methods to reach out to a larger audience with fewer efforts.

Many marketing professionals use this method efficiently and found it as the best tool to make quick leads.

Reach out via email marketing

Yes, there are many other methods for promotion, we’ll discuss it in the next section.

In email marketing, you can reach out to global customers by offering the best deals that will attract them into your sales funnel.

You can use a CRM system to manage all these contacts for email marketing services. It ensures one thing, you won’t miss a single customer.

An email template, attractive content, and better product or service is all it takes to make new customers via email marketing.

Bonus tip: Mass emailing services are available to reach out to more people. A good MLM system will have such integrations, also, email scheduling is the next way to reach out to more audiences. With automation, email scheduling is easy, just pre-schedule the task. When the clock ticks to the set time and date meets, the emails will be flying by system control.

6. Promotion through various marketing channels

Like email marketing, there exist many methods to make prospecting easier. People are active in social media. So social media platforms are one of the best marketing channels.

Be active in social network marketing platforms, connect with more people regularly.

Promotion through various marketing channels

Learn and master affiliate marketing methods, it will become handy for your success mantra.

If you like to use your personal connections for sales, then you need to become the customer of the product you’re selling.

In this manner, you can assure the product you’re selling worth marketing.

It’s recommended that you follow this method while approaching any customer regardless of your personal connections or not.

Bonus tip: Use automated marketing tools available in the best network marketing software to market your products. These tools are best for direct marketing for companies as well as for the distributors by sharing referral or affiliate links.

7. Data and time management to steady the ship

It’s important to manage your time invested in learning new marketing methods and apply them to find good returns.

Similarly, the data have great importance in your career or business progress.

Data and time management to steady the ship

One must be aware of the trends in the direct selling industry and even on what’s happening in their MLM network and evaluate the performance of downlines, and much more.

Being proactive is important in terms of the company’s perspective as well as the distributor perspective.

With more distributor engagement and commitment, the progress in the growth chart will see it’s spiking and ultimately, beneficial!

Bonus tip: Only advanced network marketing software will have premium features with powerful business intelligence and analytics tools. The insights from the data analytics help companies and distributors take smart decisions. Also, the system schedules proper time management to assure the business on track.

So, what do you think? Aren’t these proven methods useful to you with a 100% success rate? Human efforts with automation can bring a new revolution to the network marketing industry.

Add these 7 methods to your to-do-list and make a successful network marketing journey.

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