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Help Your Distributors Grow - Higher, Wider, and Deeper

This distributor growth platform lets you onboard, manage and engage your downline distributors with the right strategies that promise distributor growth and higher retention rates.



Set your downlines up for success with clear and personalized onboarding processes.



Train and motivate your downlines with interactive training and assessment programs.



Ensure long-term downline relationships with out-of-the-box engagement programs.

Types of MLM Downline Managers

Endlessly scalable downline manager platform offers MLM organizations complete customization of the platform. Network marketing organizations can choose, build or revamp their own MLM compensation plans to best suit their business journey.

Binary MLM Downline Manager

Downline distribution in binary MLM plan is two per distributor. These downlines are placed on the right and left of the sponsor as legs on a binary tree. Commissions are paid based on the weaker leg sales—also called the pay leg.

Binary MLM Downline Manager helps admin to add and manage bonuses, commissions, and downlines in a binary MLM structure.

Unilevel MLM Downline Manager

In a Unilevel MLM plan, downlines are placed in a single frontline just below the sponsor. Unilevel plan allows unlimited downlines to be placed under each sponsor.

Unilevel MLM Downline Manager makes it easier for the admin to manage and track a unilevel business network with its specific set of bonus rules and configurations.

Matrix MLM Downline Manager

The fixed nature of Matrix MLM plan gives a sturdy downline structure with a fixed width and depth. The dimensions however are determined by the MLM companies who look forward to exponential growth opportunities.

For eg.: A 3*5 matrix allows a distributor to add 3 downlines right under him in width up to 5 levels deep.

Matrix MLM Downline Manager helps manage the downline distribution and rank configurations in a Matrix MLM structure.

Breakaway MLM Downline Manager

In a Breakaway MLM plan, downlines are expanded in a specific way that suits the compensation plan of operating MLM organizations.

Breakaway plan is a collaborative plan that can be combined with standard MLM plans such as binary, unilevel, monoline called binary breakaway, unilevel breakaway, monoline breakaway, etc.

Admin can set criteria, upon the fulfillment of which a downline breaks away and establishes a new tree under the admin. Admin directly administers the new team by setting up role configurations, bonuses, and commissions.

Breakaway genealogy tree software

Hybrid MLM Downline Manager

Hybrid MLM plan usually brings together two unique MLM plans into one single effective compensation structure. For example, a company can establish itself in a binary structure with commissions and bonuses developed like that of a Unilevel MLM plan.

Hybrid MLM Downline Manager helps to maintain a balance between the two plans. The platform delivers insights on downline performance and payout volumes to keep your business on track.

MLM Downline Manager is a completely customizable and endlessly scalable technology platform that can take your network marketing business easily beyond borders.

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