Revision history of Epixel MLM Software

Our MLM software undergoes periodic revisions. We regularly update the software with the latest trends, features, and security fixes. Our research and development wing along with quality control team continuously test and improvise the MLM software platform to meet real-world challenges.

MLM Software V-15 - MLM and Direct Sales Solutions for everyone

Release Date: December 2020

Epixel MLM Software Version-15 - 2019


Three different quick launch turnkey-solutions for startup, medium scale, and enterprise business needs with different pricing. Affordable and standard pricing for all business streams. Customization feasibility is high which makes it easier to handle complex business strategies and compensation plans.

Version highlights:

  • Three standard editions launched - Essential, Advanced, and Enterprise
  • Improved the performance of commission calculation and rank advancement rules by implementing a new algorithm
  • Implemented Sentry for issue logs

New features:

  • Training program is now a part of Epixel MLM Software
  • On-demand business analytics for business forecasting and proactive decision making
  • Advanced reports on commissions, missing commissions, and rank advancement. These details tell your distributor how they received a particular commission, a specific rank, or why they missed their commissions or rank advancement
  • Advanced support ticket module — no more third-party support ticket system
  • Store and inventory management — multi-store for distributors
  • Neumorphism Mobile App — loaded with advanced back-office features for distributor mobile app with an ultra-modern design approach for a mobile business experience. Separate apps launched for E-commerce and back-office. Customers can now enjoy a light-weight E-commerce shopping experience
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MLM Software V-14 - High availability and decoupled architecture

Release Date: February 2020

Epixel MLM Software Version-14 - 2019


All the services are made independent and decoupled. Services like back-office, commission engine, managed database, chaining and indexing engine, and mobile app services can be run in a single server or can be detached and run on different servers as the business and traffic grow.

Version highlights:

  • A more advanced multi-threaded commission calculation engine
  • Improved parallel-processing of commission engine which ensures faster commission calculation even when you have a million distributors
  • Implemented pay-rank and lifetime rank rules in the platform. The updated platform automates the rank advancement process based on the implemented criteria
  • Supports PostgreSQL version 12.x
  • Nagios monitoring
  • REST API engine

New features:

  • ShipStation implementation and support with various shipping providers
  • Implemented Avalara Taxation software, for globally compliant tax policies
  • Global Payroll Gateway integration for secured and automated payments and payouts
  • NMI payment gateway integration
  • PayQuicker integration
  • Voxship Shipping integration

MLM Software V-13 - Grow globally

Release Date: December 2019

Epixel MLM Software Version-13 - 2019


Advanced globalization tools that ensure country-specific legal compliances for your business to safely grow beyond borders.

New features:

  • Country-specific compensation rules
  • Multilingual and multi-currency — supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Country-specific product pricing and product catalogs
  • Country- and region-specific tax compliance
  • Country-based shipping method integration and shipping price calculation
  • Country-specific store

MLM Software V-12 - Single platform to handle all direct sales demands

Release Date: August 2019

Epixel MLM Software Version-12 - 2019


More focussed on meeting the challenges in the direct sales business. A single platform to handle multilevel commissions and other direct sales needs.

New features:

  • Advanced E-commerce and Shopping cart
  • Implemented Node.js and Elasticsearch for better and faster product search
  • Countrywide store and product listing

MLM Software V-11 - Business Intelligence

Release Date: May 2019

Epixel MLM Software Version-11 - 2019


Loaded with Business Intelligence for advanced proactive decision making. The BI-assisted tools are tailor-made to meet various custom business strategies.

New features:

  • Advanced BI tools
  • Actionable insights
  • Plan simulator and advanced compensation calculator
  • Implemented bonus compression for business sustainability
  • Commission and bonus forecasting tools (on-demand)
  • Compact rank overview widget for a detailed view of current rank progress and future rank goals
  • Organizational events and News widget on the dashboard
  • Out-of-the-box support for 10 languages (English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Swedish, and Arabic)
  • Enhanced security middleware implementation
  • Android and iOS native apps for E-commerce and MLM distributor back-office

MLM Software V-10 - Django & Python - Breakthrough technologies employed to meet expanding enterprise needs

Release Date: November 2018

Epixel MLM Software Version-10 - 2018


A major technology shift from PHP to Python, Drupal to Django to meet ever-increasing enterprise needs, with intelligent analytics. Improved computation power and performance.

New features:

This new version of MLM back-office includes advanced features (See all the features of MLM Software Platform)

  • Sponsor change and genealogy modifications
  • New payment gateways for Bitcoin and Ethereum with low transaction charges
  • KYC module
  • Secure and dedicated payout system to process payout for millions of users simultaneously. Mass payout system can be hosted in a different server with private access to improve security and performance
  • Multi-factor (Two-Factor) authentication
  • Dedicated compensation calculation module
  • Advanced rank/career rules processing engine
  • Multilingual is no more an add-on. Included with the platform
  • Multi-currency is no more an add-on. Included with the platform
  • Enhanced security for changing payment gateway merchant details. Implemented email OTP verification

Platform improvements:

  • New technology shift - Drupal to Django
  • Multi-technology architecture
  • All dependency plugins are upgraded to the latest version with bug fixes and performance improvements
  • The application supports horizontal and vertical scalability. The new version supports single, multiple, and cloud-based architecture
  • Dedicated high-performance engine for error-free compensation calculations
  • Dedicated rank and career advancement engine for real-time rank rules processing

MLM Software V-9.0 - Improved Performance and Protection Updates

Release Date: October 2018

Epixel MLM Software Version-9.0 - 2018


Updated system with new additions for improved customer experience.

New features:

  • Latest compensation and rank processing engine
  • Dedicated KYC modules
  • Additional layer of security and intruder alert on any system attack
  • GDPR compliant
  • Compatible with Apache mod_secure
  • Updated security modules
  • Composer-based dependency manager
  • Improved concurrency and performance parameters
  • Improved protection for remote code execution vulnerability
  • Advanced protection against Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  • Improved protection against CSRF vulnerabilities
  • CDN, external caching engine, and NoSQL support

MLM Software V-8.0 - Advanced security fixes

Release Date: May 2018

Epixel MLM Software Version-8.0 - 2018


New version of Epixel MLM Software with advanced security fixes on a stable platform.

New features:

  • Advanced CMS-based platform development
  • Multiple payment gateways and easy cryptocurrency support
  • Improved admin settings for easy management of all modules
  • Updated security modules
  • Extended auto-ship functionalities
  • Cryptocurrency exchange for all available cryptocurrencies
  • Introduced ICO — an innovative method to raise funds using blockchain technology
  • ICO Campaign/Token sales marketing
  • New service added — cryptocurrency and ERC-20 token development
  • Design improvements
  • Latest security upgrades and patches
  • New admin and user control settings
  • Supports in-house payment methods

MLM Software V-7.0 - Cryptocurrency and Token Integrations

Release Date: January 2017

Epixel MLM Software Version-7.0 - 2017


Released new version of Epixel MLM Software with advanced features. Enhanced usability features and inbuilt E-commerce.

New features:

  • Advanced CMS-based development with page builder
  • Brand new and responsive dashboard design
  • Advanced E-commerce shopping cart integration with multi-currency and multiple payment gateway support
  • BTC and ETH payment gateway integration
  • CRC-20 token development and enables the sales through MLM system
  • Advanced admin settings
  • More advanced promotional tools
  • Easy cryptocurrency implementation
  • Advanced compensation plan settings for admin
  • Improved protection against Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  • Improved protection against Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities

MLM Software V-6.0 - New theme, new looks

Release Date: November 2016

Epixel MLM Software Version-6.0 - 2016


Newly released version of Epixel MLM Software has advanced features and design.

New features:

  • Bootstrap 3-based theme
  • Dashboard theme changing options for the users
  • Advanced E-commerce shopping cart integration with multi-currency and multiple payment gateway support
  • Admin settings to manage different modules on a single platform
  • Advanced promotional tools
  • Replicated websites
  • Advanced compensation plan settings for admin
  • Easy multilingual management

MLM Software V-5.0 - Advanced features

Release Date: April 2015

Epixel MLM Software Version-5.0 - 2015


MLM Software platform release with advanced features and development of various compensation plans and modules.

New features:

  • Inbuilt CMS support
  • Updated and responsive dashboard design
  • Easy module integration
  • Easy-to-update design
  • User-friendly E-commerce shopping cart
  • Payment Gateways: The MLM software that we offer supports all major payment gateways across the globe like PayPal,, credit card, debit card, Skrill, Stripe, etc.
  • Auto-scheduled backup options
  • Promotional tools
  • Replicated websites
  • Live chat module integration
  • Forum integration

MLM Software V-4.0 - New plans, New features, and Internationalization

Release Date: June 2014

Epixel MLM Software Version-4.0 - 2014


New platform offers a broad range of features for developing applications and software. Introduced new plans like X-Up, Gift, etc.

New features:

  • Improved and responsive dashboard design
  • Easy module integration
  • Multilingual support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Advanced security features
  • Backup options
  • Support ticket
  • SMS gateway

MLM Software V-3.0 - Multi-platform support

Release Date: January 2013

Epixel MLM Software Version-3.0 - 2013


Responsive Epixel MLM Software release with advanced features and new dashboard design compatible for all smartphones and tablets.

New features:

  • Implementation of support ticket module
  • Advanced eWallet implementation with fund transfer option and eWallet withdrawal limit setting
  • 20 payment gateway implementation
  • Introduced messaging option for users like inbox, sent mail, draft, compose etc
  • Advanced admin settings to manage compensation plan settings, withdrawal settings, and site settings
  • Responsive MLM software version implementation with cross-platform support for smartphones, tablets, laptops etc
  • Advanced genealogy tree for Matrix, Unilevel, and Binary Plan

MLM Software V-2.0 - new features

Release Date: September 2011

Epixel MLM Software Version-2.0 - 2011


Epixel MLM Software version 2.0 released with advanced features on compensation plans like Binary, Matrix, and Unilevel.

New features:

  • Implemented Epin
  • Implemented eWallet
  • Integrated 5 new payment gateways
  • Secured fund transfer option for user
  • Admin settings to manage commissions
  • Admin approval to withdraw funds
  • Advanced genealogy tree for Matrix, Unilevel and Binary Plan
  • IE support

MLM Software V-1.0 - The complete MLM software solution

Release Date: August 2010

Epixel MLM Software Version-1.0 - 2010


Initial release of Epixel MLM Software, with compensation plans like Binary, Matrix, and Unilevel.


  • Released with basic features for MLM business
  • Integrated payment gateways like PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc
  • IE and all modern browser support
  • Genealogy tree for Matrix, Unilevel and Binary Plan

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