Top 10 must-have marketing tools you must use in network marketing business

Top 10 must-have marketing tools you must use in network marketing business

Dhanesh Haridas
Updated on 08 November 2022
8 min read

Marketing is important regardless of any business type you’re dealing with. Marketing with proper communication enables something unique, something that gives value to your business. Network marketing is one of the renowned business models with great opportunities.

As a network marketing company, it’s important that all the distributors on the network have to have marketing skills. Nurturing them with proper training to simplify their marketing process is the basic idea. But now, we all need to make a plan that assures a regular online presence. We can help you draft one.

Finding the target audience has become easy with direct sales tools and internet users are skyrocketing like forever. Hence the need for proper marketing tools is now an inevitable masterpiece in the marketing world. Let’s see the top 10 must-have marketing tools you must have in your network marketing online platform to use in network marketing promotional campaigns to find the success path.

2. Lead capture pages & campaigns

Lead capture pages & campaigns

Lead pages are one of the powerful ways of lead generation and finding prospects, it’s like a magnet to attract more leads. A lead page usually comes with a neat design by providing a contact box supported by some value for people to fill in their details.

Checkout the below image, which lead page do you prefer? The first one with the right alignment and structure or the second one with issues?

  • The design element is attractive
  • You are providing an offer that helps them or benefits them to make real money
  • You just provided a trust element
  • The media elements used on the page is loading perfectly

All these points give great value and not every lead page provider assists you in giving such vital directions. This is one of the best marketing tools available to attract and generate MLM leads effectively to your network marketing business.

Lead capture pages & campaigns

4. Replicated websites

Replicated websites

Yes, a website is important, and in network marketing terms, a distributor website! A replicated website offers a comprehensive unit where a distributor will be able to manage their entire network easily. Is that all a replicated website could do, just to manage things?

No, it’s more than that. The power can be provided to their hands with content marketing techniques. Regular blogging that gives informative content can scrutinize things to guide and help others.

Adding a subscription increases visibility and thereby helps to get more conversions.

How is newsletter subscription relevant in this marketing context? It is because it’s a successful step you just earned from your MLM website. It’s more like a measurable element! You should always consider the position of a subscription form when laying out your network marketing website design. Where you put the form can influence the number of signups you receive.

5. Graphic designing tools

Yet another tool to market your network marketing business is with proper design-based promotions. What if you can make designs from pre-built templates? All you have to do is drag and drop the banner image, type the content, publish, and share anywhere with a referral link for joining.

Graphic designing tools

Graphics is important and visually appealing designs help people learn what you are trying to offer.

It’s always best if the MLM marketing software or system you use has a useful feature like the above discussed - ‘drag and drop feature’. Infographics are another design element that people are interested in. However, make sure the infographic is designed with guided content with an intention to help people.

6. Interactive video explanations

Interactive video explanations

I have explained this feature in one of my earlier blogs, it’s a wonderful feature to introduce and go through the entire dimensions of your offer.

People get a chance to embed their interactive video on their website (distributors and companies) in different ways. They can add video as a guide through your entire business much like the table of contents or as a promotional video made by the experts, introduction to your products and offers, and much more.

Be creative to achieve this, people like to see new things that work well for them. Navigation from the basic elements to the advanced side funnels your presentation smoothly.

7. Webinars

If you’re an MLM consultant or an MLM company, make sure that you offer free webinars for people who show some interest. That too from the experts will add more authority in your business.


People like to learn new ways. Here is an interesting fact, ‘People across the world love to attend a webinar about marketing which of course is one of the best marketing tools.’ Find it difficult to understand?

A webinar conducted to improve marketing itself is a marketing tool. It’s a persuasive art composed of speech, language, presentation, and teaching. Sometimes, more than that!

8. Learning platforms

Learning platforms

Do you think why I’m stressing on these points one after the other separately? Even though every element connects each other like the blockchain, it’s better to highlight them one after the other.

Learning platforms are more a training module which is vital in the marketing journey and yes, it’s one of the direct sales marketing strategies useful enough for the entire business network from top to bottom. Customized training can help new distributors to excel in their journey to success.

This one is equally important for the MLM company too because a lot depends on the network’s efforts. Give proper training, and provide a certified tag to improve customer trust elements.

9. Event schedulers

If you are in a network marketing business, you must know about the home party business. It’s the perfect scenario for an event scheduler. If you are a company then plan something like group sales.

Event schedulers

Usually, it works in this way - Party sales companies gives the idea of hosting a party to its consultants. The consultant is now a host, who calls in guests, later makes a friendly presentation about the company products. What else perform in a party business? The hosts make more sales, refer new consultants, new parties, more sales.

Software is much needed to manage all these parties. Scheduling new parties based on the available date and time.

10. Online sales boosters

Online sales boosters

The final marketing tool is called ‘online sales boosters’. In addition to the above methods, there exist many ways to automate the marketing of your products and reach it to the customers.

Bring in more sales with more tools and techniques by utilizing the technology very well. For example, a chatting platform brings more ideal customers. Interactive forums and discussion groups are yet another method.

Re-marketing and re-targeting can improve focus on your customers who haven’t shown their consent or interest. They can be re-focused by offering them special treatments. Never ever ignore a customer, the uninterested customer can be your future star customer, who knows! Customers should always be your priorotiy. Such a customer-centric approach can ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

In short, all the above marketing tools increase the sales and all you need is to have a system that gives the ability to manage them in one place. It’s difficult to manage things from multiple locations and Team epixel has brought everything together under a marketing suite.

You can access and use all of the above from a dashboard easily. Both network marketing companies and distributor networks can utilize all the tools for their benefits. For more details, contact the team and you’ll know more.

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