Top 5 network marketing training tools for an efficient distributor sales network

Top 5 network marketing training tools for an efficient distributor sales network

Dhanesh Haridas
Updated on 02 November 2021
7 min read

What is that factor that drives more customers into your business? How do distributors make a good income from their marketing efforts? Have you got any answers in your mind? You probably have predicted it just now, ‘the marketing skills’.

They are not born out of the sky with such skill sets. Then how did they achieve it? They achieved it with proper training and successful routines. Then by mastering the marketing skills, they were able to make a good fortune. We know network marketing is no different, and it’s one of the best business models for product selling or service companies to make effective sales through the hands of skilled or professional distributors. MLM training tools are very effective for distributor sales training, management training, compliance training, product training and much more.

If you got a network marketing company or if you are a consultant and wonder how to become successful in this industry, then this article is for you. Also, for the distributors who want to launch their career as part-time or full-time can utilize this information for their reference and even join such incredible companies who provide valuable network marketing training topics & modules.

You can find the top 5 network marketing training tools provided in Epixel network marketing software to enhance the efficiency of the distributor sales network from the information given below. Each and every module available in our system is developed to ease the business process of MLM/network marketing companies. Also, distributors get a direct benefit by nurturing their marketing skills and rewards for their efforts in terms of suitable compensations. Attractive compensation packages will bring in more distributors and also engage and retain them to the organization for long term.

1. Business administrator tools

As the name suggests, this set of tools is meant to help the back-office team. With these tools, business admin or back-office staff can configure the settings of the training platform based on the requirements.

Business administrator tools

Automation in the training platform points out an e-learning delivery toolkit. We’ll learn more about this platform in the next section. As a network marketing company or consultant, it’s important to have complete control over the entire business. It’s not just limited to business management or promotional activities, in fact, a great focus must be provided in training your network.

5 out of 10 companies completely skip this part, 3 out of them provide partial training, 1 out of the rest 2 companies won’t have an experienced trainer. In short, only 1 out of 10 companies will give an educated training to their network marketing team. Basically, one can configure any modules using these advanced business admin tools offered by Epixel network marketing software.

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2. Learning Management System (LMS)

The power of learning is synthesized from a perfect platform. Like the classrooms where we once sat during our schooling days, a platform for distributors is an inevitable event.

Learning Management System

An LMS is a complete and unified platform to bring the entire learning universe in front of your distributors. The tools include a content management system where the course materials can be properly arranged or managed (learning modules/course materials), assign tasks, track the activities, goal conversions, and finally, training completion.

This is an optional choice for consultants of companies; an e-learning platform is a cost-effective way to produce a world-class business network. Tracking becomes more accurate with this model. Distributors also get to track their progress and set new goals to increase the confidence level. If you prefer an offline training setup then there is an option to import the data from the excel sheets and then keep a track of training. Every possibility is taken into consideration by our team to ensure a progressive business model.

3. Assessment tools

Assessment is not just about keeping track of the learning progress, it’s more than that. You can consider these modules like an alpha version of the software. Distributor abilities are tested and proper adjustments are made later on to make them proactive using these tools.

Assessment tools
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It’s important that the distributors become motivated to perform skills that are needed to market a product. Automating the marketing platform can manage assessment modules that do not just make a routine check, in fact, personalized elements to check their decision-making skills, mock presentations, bio-metric analysis during mock presentations, methods of persuasion, etc. are available with our system.

Based on different attributes, assessment can be made more effective. From an average business network to a highly-skilled distributor network will help companies to scale their business to meet any ‘grow high and earn more strategy’.

4. Reporting tools

This is one of the key tools that can be used for training, tracking, assessment, and afterward, for performance analysis. Only a proactive distributor team will make you a successful network marketing company. And from the distributors’ perspective, they get to earn more, based on the insights-driven from the reports.

Reporting tools

With these tools, MLM consultants can generate reports based on multiple attributes. They can combine multiple elements to derive a marketing formula of their own with these reports.

With data visualization techniques available with our intelligent modules and analytics, Epixel provides comprehensive reports to find the business status at a glance. More transparency brings more meaning to the training which ultimately reflects in the future sales performance of the distributors. The reports will be automatically generated based on the configurations that can be set from the back-office end. The reports can be generated at any time or pre-scheduled as daily, weekly, monthly, and periodically. All these reports are available in downloadable format.

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5. Mobile learning tools

Not everyone is happy to open their laptops or large screen size gadgets and sit for a long time in front of it for learning. People’s perspective differs from person to person and as a network marketing company, one must consider this point with great importance. Mobile training app can give a solution to this particular scenario.

Mobile learning tools

A training mobile app can let them access every module anywhere, anytime based on their lifestyle and time. The process gets simpler with alerts and notifications (mutable), progress tracker, goal completion, and much more for distributors. Separate login system for business admin to evaluate the progress and for distributors to follow the training schedules.

Epixel learning mobile platform app comes with gamification modules that ensure boredom part off from learners’ minds. With interactive sessions and modules, make the distributors feel engaged and immersive in effective learning. The learning approach has a great role to play, so we assure you to cover most practically solvable issues and bring you an intelligent training system.

Let’s sum up

Each and every module available in Epixel network marketing training software unlocks a new experience for both companies as well as the distributor network. We mostly focus on active learning modules for training rather than passive learning; this is an effective way to bring more consciousness about the importance of the training part. Automating the marketing and sales training sessions helps organizations to assess and assign personalized activities for each distributor individually.

Don’t you think that your team deserves to get proper training and thereby, make an effective marketing group? If it is very much achievable with our training tools, then what are you waiting for? To add more color to your training system, you can bring in an ‘element of trust’. How to bring that trust among the customers through your network marketing team?

It’s simple; provide an after-training completion certification labeled with a ‘Registered distributor of XY Company’. You can simply add such legitimate touch in the title to let customers know they are from trusted sources and it will boost their trust over your brand. A useful idea for fast business conversion!

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