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What is MLM calculator?

MLM Calculator or Network marketing calculator is a tool to calculate, simulate and forecast the commission and bonus based on the MLM compensation plan.

MLM Calculator


Epixel MLM software motivates you and provides new openings for meeting your MLM dreams. Let this be your first step in promoting your MLM business and to find a good position in this competitive world. Epixel MLM calculator helps you calculate the commissions just by providing necessary inputs. There are separate calculators for Binary, Matrix, and Unilevel MLM Plan.

Binary MLM calculator


The binary MLM compensation plan is one of the popular MLM plans which is less complicated when compared to other compensation plans. You can recruit two new members as your right leg and left leg. They get into the role as your power leg and profit leg, under you, forming your frontline.

Binary MLM calculator is easy to use and you will get fast and instant results. Multiple users can check at a time. Multiple currencies can be set for calculating the bonus or commission. Sponsor bonus, Binary bonus and Matching bonus can be calculated either in amount or in percentage. For matching bonus you can set different levels. Explore more features for binary MLM software here.

You have to add joining amount, commissions percentage and number of levels to calculate the commissions. There are options to add package fee, product or service cost, tax to be deducted to this calculator. On reaching a particular level of earning, the payout will be capped or limited and it depends on the input we enter. A table and graphical representation of the data is also available to get a clear idea.

Binary MLM Calculator


Unlike Binary compensation plan, the matrix MLM compensation plan has its own pre-decided matrix like 2*2 or 3*3 to follow thereby fixing maximum width and depth. Encouraging the downlines to bring maximum new recruits is the best way to make good benefits with this plan.

Bonus calculation in matrix MLM calculator is much easy as it is limited to the fixed width and depth. Matrix MLM calculator helps to calculate the commission in amount or in percentage. Multiple currencies can be set for the calculation of bonuses.

Joining package fee, product or service cost, and other admin charges are to be provided along with the matrix width in order to calculate the commission or bonus. Explore more matrix MLM software tools here.

Matrix MLM Calculator
Matrix MLM calculator
Unilevel MLM Calculator


For a beginner, Unilevel MLM plan is a good choice. This plan offers unlimited width. You can enroll any number of new recruits in a single line to your frontline. When you recruit more members to your frontline you will get more commission. There is no limit in widening the frontline.

The unilevel MLM calculator is also much similar to binary and matrix calculator. You will be able to get motivated and motivate your downlines.

In order to calculate the commissions, you need to add joining amount and the width of your frontline. You need to add package fee, product or service cost, tax to be deducted to this calculator. The payout will be capped or limited depending on the input we enter on reaching a particular level of earning. A table and graphical representation of the data is also available. Try more unilevel MLM software here.

Unilevel MLM Calculator

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