MLM and Affiliate Management Plugin for All Popular Platforms

Generate more income for your product selling business using Epixel MLM and affiliate management plugin

  • Run an MLM affiliate system on your website
  • Powerful affiliate plugin powered with automation tools
  • Easy-to-manage MLM & affiliate sales tracking
  • Leverage the benefits of advanced commission processing engine
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MLM affiliate program for all major platforms

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Bring the power of MLM & affiliate marketing in all platforms

Our plugin supports the major open-source platforms to manage your e-commerce business efficiently and increase customer acquisition.

Drupal Commerce
WP shopify

You can easily set up an MLM & affiliate plugin for the above platforms. Just go to the WordPress or similar open-source platforms your website is built on and add (buy) the plugin. Simple, isn’t it?

Don’t have a website or e-commerce store? No worries, our experts will help you build a website with proper instruction or else we will build a custom website for you as per your requirements.

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One plugin, one solution for MLM & affiliate marketing

Streamline your business by integrating the power of MLM and affiliate sales with complete control

Double your efforts of prospecting and sales conversion with MLM and affiliate marketing. Bring the benefits of these marketing programs and use our plugin to manage both streams together as a single system. The following features are available in a ready-made solution for all the above platforms.

Tools to track sales activity
Unlimited affiliate & MLM sales tracking Track the entire affiliate & MLM sales process in one system using a genealogy tree, affiliate sales tree, etc.
Genealogy tree to easily manage the affiliates
Genealogy tree/ network explorer Manage all affiliates easily from the dashboard using genealogy tree/network explorer.
Calculate commissions of affiliates automatically
Automated commission processing The system automates the affiliate commission payment based on their production.
Promote affiliate marketing through social media
Social affiliation Make affiliate marketing more social by syncing with your social media accounts and start sharing with more people.
Easily sync products to the dashboard
Product syncing Align all your products into the dashboard automatically by adding the affiliate plugin.
Import data of contacts auto and manually
Auto and manual contact sync Bring all your connections in the system with auto-sync or manually by importing the data.
Affiliate link tracking
Track affiliate links easily The system tracks the source of the affiliate link, and automatically adds commission or bonus to the affiliate.

Your compensation plan, your decisions, and your control

Choose a compensation plan based on the requirements and make the product selling business more efficient. Get complete control of your affiliate business and find new referrals.

Binary MLM plan
Unilevel MLM Plan
Matrix MLM Plan
Generation MLM Plan
Breakaway MLM Plan
Monoline MLM plan
Board MLM plan

You can also set different compensation or affiliate bonuses based on the sales made by each member of the network. Business admin can configure all the compensation rules based on company decisions.

Affiliate bonus:

Users get eligible for this bonus when a new member registers on the website using his/her affiliate link

Level commissions:

Users will get a certain amount as commissions for adding new members on each level of the genealogy tree

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More tools, more benefits!

Rapid growth for MLM and affiliate business need an extensive collection of best marketing tools and we are the leading providers in this sector.

Replicated website
Replicated website for easy promotion and management

Affiliates/distributors get a personalized website to promote and manage their sales easily

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Benefits of using Epixel MLM and affiliate plugin

  • Sign in unlimited affiliates/distributors
  • Track the team efficiently
  • Bring more sales to your e-commerce business
  • Expand your business beyond every border
  • Put on automation and organize business peacefully
Advantages of Epixel MLM affiliate plugin

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