Powerful Features
Risk assessment
Compliance management
Data protection
Compliance monitoring

Assess risks effectively

  • Stay ahead of potential compliance violations by identifying and addressing risks proactively
  • Make informed decisions through clear understanding of the risk landscape
  • Protect the organization from legal and financial penalties ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Maintain organizational reputation by managing risks effectively
Risk assessment

Monitor and manage compliance

  • Prevent violations and legal penalties through early detection and mitigation of compliance risks
  • Reduce manual efforts and improve efficiency through streamlined compliance processes
  • Enhance transparency and accountability through clear documentation
  • Continuously improve compliance practices through regular monitoring and audits
Compliance management

Formulate data privacy and security

  • Stay in line with data protection regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) to ensure compliance
  • Prioritize data protection to attract privacy-conscious customers and stay ahead of competitors
  • Facilitate cross-border data transfers by staying compliant with international data protection regulations
  • Future proof businesses with robust data protection framework that can quickly adapt to changing regulations in the data protection landscape
Data protection

Automate compliance monitoring

  • Monitor sales and recruitment activities in real-time against predefined compliance regulations
  • Stay informed on any actions that may violate company policies or regulations
  • Streamline workflow by monitoring security policies, accounts and inventories according to changing security standards
  • Maximize accuracy and productivity through process control, risk assessment, evidence, and alerts
Compliance monitoring

Stay in line with international compliance regulations to accelerate the possibilities of business success

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Manage documents on a single platform

  • Securely store and manage compliance-related documents such as policies, procedures, and legal agreements
  • Maintain detailed records of risk assessments, audits, and every other compliance activity
  • Generate compliance reports often for internal stakeholders and regulatory authorities
  • Monitor communication across all platforms and automatically filter and flag non-compliant content
Document management

Communicate and train the force efficiently

  • Communicate your policies across to your customers on usage of their personal data and other sensitive information
  • Inform distributors about their responsibilities and consequences of non-compliance
  • Devise rigorous compliance training modules for distributors
Compliance training

Integrate governance, risk and compliance framework

  • Streamline corporate activities with business goals incorporating ethics, resource management, accountability, and management controls
  • Reduce risks, monitor, maximize, and control the impact in case of negative events and maximize positive events
  • Identify security and information risks and threats like software vulnerabilities
  • Stay ahead of uncertainties, reduce costs and increase the possibilities of business success
Governance and compliance

Track transactions diligently

  • Keep a detailed log of all financial transactions and track them regularly
  • Calculate and distribute commissions and bonuses based on regulatory guidelines
  • Generate customizable reports for internal audits and regulatory reporting
  • Conduct comprehensive audit trials for every transaction within the system
Transaction tracking

Initiate user access controls

  • Restrict access to sensitive compliance data with role-based access controls
  • Prevent unauthorized access through meticulous logging and monitoring of user activities
  • Activate multiple forms of verifications like MFA, passwords, and OTP to access system
  • Mitigate risks of unauthorized access due to compromised credentials
Access control
Document management
Compliance training
Governance and compliance
Transaction tracking
Access control

Integrate state-of-the-art compliance monitoring to enhance business credibility and drive growth

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