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Party Plan MLM Software

Party Plan MLM software is a software system suitable for MLM companies where the web-based application is used to manage, organize and host home-based sales parties.

What is home party plan

About party plan

A home-based business plan is quite simple and suitable for MLM companies. Consultants can earn extra revenue by exploring the opportunities for remote working. A party plan uses direct selling opportunity in mass volume as it focuses more on group sales.

More benefits can be earned in a single presentation for the whole group of guests. Epixel MLM Solutions offer a premium package for an effective home party business.

How does home party plan work?

Sharing party plan business idea
Sharing product selling idea to a friend
Connecting and inviting friends
Connecting & inviting more people
Meeting and planning with friends
Meeting friends directly over common spaces
Presenting product at party
Product presentation on the party
Selling and buying of products
Product selling & purchase
Recruiting more consultants or distributors
Recruiting more consultants/direct sellers
Receiving compensation based on sales and recruitment
Compensations based on sales & member recruits

How to manage party sales plan using Epixel Party plan software?

We're providing separate profiles to manage party plan business.

Admin/party manager features & functionalities

Managing hosts is now a simple task. Epixel party plan software comes with separate profiles. An admin, guest profile, or party manager profile to manage hosts and their party sales.

Manage hosts/consultants in a single-click

The entire list of hosts in a party plan is manageable using this tool. Admin can manage party hosts under this functionality.

Active hosts icon
Active hosts

Track every host by their activeness in party sales.

Rank calculator icon
Rank calculator

Calculation based on various criteria set by the company. This tool lets the manager upgrade hosts’ rank by checking these criteria.

Host approval reject icon
Host approval/reject

Party manager can approve or reject the host request. The decision is by checking the criteria set by the company.

Party host awards icon
Party host awards

Proper rewards can be set for high performing hosts. The criteria include sales, ranks, hosting more parties, etc.

Genealogy tree icon
Genealogy tree

A tool to see the entire hosts’ network in a tree-like structure.

Network explore icon
Network explorer

A list of entire hosts is available in this option.

Assign host a party icon
Assign host a party

Party manager can assign hosts’ with a new party if required. Choosing a host to assign based on the criteria set by the home party sales company.

Manage entire parties accurately!

It’s important to take care of parties alongside the hosts. Admin party management tools enable extra help and guidance for hosting parties.

Active parties

All the active parties are available here as a list for proper tracking.

Open/close parties

Admin can open/close a party schedule by checking the party calendar & completion.

Guest pre-booking

An entire list of pre-booked guests for parties is available as a list.

Manage party sales, products and recruits
Calender icon

Event calendar

Check available party slots to accept or reject the request.

*Admin can enable this feature to all hosts and guests.

Inventory management

Manage inventory or products for parties with proper tracking and special tools.

Add/manage products
Add/manage products

Admin can add or manage products to the hosts as per their request. Admin can also add and manage products in the front-end e-commerce store from here.

Stock management
Stock management

Manage stock as per demand request and stock availability. This option is available in e-commerce stores if any.

Product configuration
Product configuration

Admin can accept or reject product customization as per customer requests.

Inventory tracking
Inventory tracking

Inventories are trackable and reported on the system using this tool. The tracking carried out using the product serial numbers.

Shipping & tracking
Shipping & tracking

Product shipment for hosts & guests carried out by managing the orders.

Exclusive products
Exclusive products

Exclusive products provided by the company managed using this option.

Consultant/host benefits & privileges

Tracking progress

Distributor training progress is easily trackable with one-click solution

Unlimited user training

Companies can train millions of users using the platform

Personalized training

Personalize consultant training as per home party plan requirements

Easy party search tool

This enables hosts and users to search for parties.

Nearby party search

Users can search for nearby parties by enabling the location.

Join other hosts & combo sales

Hosts can join parties organized by other hosts. They can conduct combo sales to increase the sales probability.

Replicated website

Dedicated websites for hosts to manage their party. Hosts can easily access the dashboard from this generate website.

Business intelligence (BI) tool

This tool provides you with business analysis in the form of reports and data visualizations on the dashboard.

Business contacts

All the customer contacts will be available in this tool. Simply, invite them by clicking on the ‘quick invite button’.

Member management

An important feature to control and organize the business. The host network is viewable as a genealogy tree, network explorer, etc.

Promotional tools

Useful tools like promotional banners, referral links to promote your party business, and reach more customers.

Lead capture campaign

Follow-up with potential leads and later on, assign them with the team for customer conversion.


Manage and increase product sales with e-commerce integration. Guests or other customer groups can buy your product easily.


Guest/customer benefits

Customer dashboard functionalities

Guests can manage their orders and coupon redeeming from the dashboard. The functionalities include the following.

Available parties

Guests can check for parties that are open and send a request to attend them.

Nearby parties

Parties organized near the customer based on the location are available.

My orders

All the pre-booked orders for parties are available here. This includes all the products bought in the previous parties too.

My coupons

All the acquired coupons are available in this option. These coupons are copyable in the written form and redeemed at the parties.

*Coupon codes are addable in the form of barcodes to customers as per the requirements. We support the barcode scanning process which includes hardware support if required.

Available compensation bonus/commissions

Hosts get commissions and special bonuses once they meet the eligibility criteria. The commission and bonus criteria are set by the direct selling company.

The sponsor gets a percentage of the membership package amount from direct downlines.
A host gets a percentage of the amount of the membership package purchased by downline hosts. It is set from level 2 to certain downline levels.
A host gets a percentage of the individual product sales/purchases done by the downline hosts up to certain levels after the party.
A host will get a fixed amount as a bonus if he conducted parties and achieve sales for a certain amount within a certain time.
A host will get a fixed amount as a bonus for achieving each rank.
Rewards for achieving a certain rank during a certain time.

Epixel Party Plan MLM Software Reviews

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