About party plan

About party plan

A home-based business plan is quite simple and suitable for MLM companies. Consultants can earn extra revenue by exploring the opportunities for remote working. A party plan uses direct selling opportunity in mass volume as it focuses more on group sales.

More benefits can be earned in a single presentation for the whole group of guests. Epixel MLM Solutions offer a premium package for an effective home party business.

How does home party plan work?

Party Gif 1
Sharing product selling idea to a friend
Party Gif 2
Connecting & inviting more people
Party Gif 3
Meeting friends directly over common spaces
Party Gif 4
Product presentation on the party
Party Gif 5
Product selling & purchase
Party Gif 6
Recruiting more consultants/direct sellers
Party Gif 7
Compensations based on sales & member recruits

How to manage party sales plan using Epixel Party plan software?

We're providing separate profiles to manage party plan business.

Available compensation bonus/commissions

Hosts get commissions and special bonuses once they meet the eligibility criteria. The commission and bonus criteria are set by the direct selling company.

The sponsor gets a percentage of the membership package amount from direct downlines.
A host gets a percentage of the amount of the membership package purchased by downline hosts. It is set from level 2 to certain downline levels.
A host gets a percentage of the individual product sales/purchases done by the downline hosts up to certain levels after the party.
A host will get a fixed amount as a bonus if he conducted parties and achieve sales for a certain amount within a certain time.
A host will get a fixed amount as a bonus for achieving each rank.
Rewards for achieving a certain rank during a certain time.

Epixel Party Plan MLM Software Reviews

We value our clients' feedback, it plays a significant role in improving our system.

4.7/5 85 Google reviews

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