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The best part of Epixel MLM Software is its lightning performance, scalability, dedicated payout system, and mobile-friendly design. As an open source software, it brings in more security and modular approach to realize customizability, where you can change or enhance the MLM system based on the varying business trends. We offer reliable web-based/online application which can easily be integrated with CRM, e-commerce systems, blockchain applications, ICOs, Cryptocurrency Mining, Forex trading, etc. As the "Best MLM Software Development Company", Epixel offers solutions for all compensation plans and serves customers all over the world. Multilingual and multi-currency options let you cross the language and international barriers.

Solutions for Enterprises

A premium system with the capability to handle millions of users & concurrent transactions simultaneously.

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Dedicated High-performance Engine

A high-performance engine to calculate compensations and rank processing integrated with Epixel back-office software.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Epixel MLM application uses Business Intelligence (BI) Tools real-time data to provide insights with a simple version available for every users and admin.

Stable and Futuristic technologies

Developed in technologies like Django(Python), NodeJS, MongoDB, and MySQL, the package is stable and the best in the industry.

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Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. the best MLM Software company offers you an exclusive list of four important services that will enhance your multi level marketing business to an Enterprise level.

MLM Business Plan Consulting MLM Business Plan Consulting
MLM Business Plan Consulting

Consult with Epixel MLM Business Plan/Pay Plan experts to design a new profitable compensation plan which suits your business goals. A custom comp plan with advanced features will make a new revolution in the MLM industry.

Software solutions and Customizations Software solutions and Customizations
Software solutions and Customizations

We focus on advanced and innovative technologies build highly scalable, customizable and secure application which ensures a rapid development of quality solutions for your business needs.

Training and Implementations Training and Implementations
Training and Implementations

Proper training would always benefit from your choices. Training on the working of our MLM tracking software, compensation plans, settings, features, etc. with guidelines and demonstration videos.

24/7 Customer Support 24/7 Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support

We always listen to you. Our MLM Software consultants speak your language with utmost fluency. We offer 24/7 support in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian and Chinese.

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Our research and development team is completely engaged in improving the software quality and bringing the latest innovative ideas to enhance the usability. Our MLM program is preloaded with all the necessary features to start and build an enterprise level business. As #1 MLM software provider with legacy and experience in MLM domain, Epixel Solutions added some advanced and unique features like Intelligent insights, dedicated calculation engine, and sophisticated promotion tools which will boost your MLM leads and bring more productivity. We follow all the quality and security guidelines and recognised as ISO 9001:2015 certified company and we ensure complete customer satisfaction for a long-term relationship. Watch our free software demo and remark us with your quote for the further discussions.

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Epixel MLM Software


Our presence is spread across the globe, and the numbers shown below exhibits our strength as a globally accepted brand.



Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers an open source MLM Software with various profitable compensation plans for the multi-level marketing companies. We offer all major MLM compensation plans like Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Monoline, XUP, Generation, Board, Gift, Party Plan, Spillover Binary, Australian Binary, Stairstep etc

Binary Plan

A suitable MLM Script used in multi-level marketing business. The binary plan has two sub-team, one on the left and the other on the right, and it spread down.

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Matrix Plan

A commonly used network marketing compensation plan where, the compensations are structured in specific width and height i.e., a fixed ratio is maintained.

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Unilevel Plan

One of the leading Direct Selling Software pay plan where a distributor can have unlimited direct sub-distributors and distribute over a single row or level.

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Board Plan

A widely used MLM software plan where the direct sales marketing strength is used in the matrix plan with donation and crowd-funding systems.

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Features have its importance in every network marketing software, as it tends to be the criteria for choosing a software that suits your marketing business. Our MLM Software is fully packed with all advanced features required to start an affiliate marketing business. The features and compensation rules can be customized to meet the company's business strategy. Let's see the key features of our multi level marketing software apart from the custom options.


An electronic Wallet or a digital wallet which deals with the electronic money. All the earning will be deposited in this wallet. The e-wallet balance can be used to buy products and services.

Genealogy Tree

The best and simple way to represent the hierarchical relation of members with up lines and down lines. We provide you a simplified tree view where the users can explore the network.

E-commerce Integrations

Most of the Affiliate marketing business is associated with the selling of the product & services. The Epixel Multi-level marketing software is capable of integrating with any E-commerce system.


"Network Marketing" is a global business, & customers can join from different regions & countries. For customer & business team’s convenience, our back office software supports multiple languages and currencies.

Member Management

Our MLM system provides the business team to manage the member, access control, IP-blocking, blocking & unblocking of members. Member line-up is thus now manageable.

Reports and Statistics

Track income, expense, business reviews, and profitability, using our online MLM Software transactions reports & graphical statistics insights. Both business & customers have access to such set of reports.

Business Promotions

The business team can promote the business by creating marketing campaigns and attractive discounts. We provide unique campaigning and sweep-take options in our mlm systems to meet the business targets.

Payment Integrations

Supports multiple payment options based on the business integrations, we have ready-made integrations with all the popular payment gateways and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Stellar etc.


Almost everything in our network marketing software is configurable! The pay plan, downline members, upline members, MLM leads, distributors, leaders, sponsors, dynamic compressions, payouts, and almost everything in the system.

work process

Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. follows a perfect working rule and maintains an 8-step working streamline. We ensure a complete system routine through an effective plan from the preliminary concept or idea to Quality assurance before the deployment of the project.

Requirements Analysis1
Requirements Analysis

Analyze the business requirements and initialize with an abstract model.

MLM Comp Planning2

We develop a marketing plan that syncs perfectly with your business.

MLM Website Design3

The intention of your business is projected out to the world effectively.

MLM Software Coding4

Develop the best system following every coding attribute as per the plan.

MLM Software Unit Testing5
Unit Testing

Test each and every unit separately to validate the purpose is as designed.

Acceptance Testing6
Acceptance Testing

Evaluate the system functionalities before the acceptance.

software Implementation7

Implement the system and establish your business in the real world.

Network Marketing Training8

Complete training about the usability of the system and guidance with after-sale support.

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