Press Releases

Epixel Launching Version 10 update soon!

July 2 , 2018

Blockchain in network marketing software is said to be the most innovative addition to the package.

The version 10 (v 10.0) says to be the most stable system with the latest technologies that overcome any existing drawbacks and limitations.

Epixel extended their services to ICO development and marketing: report

June 4 , 2018

ICO seeds up to be the best crowdfunding service in blockchain projects, and Epixel broaden up development and marketing services on it.

  • Epixel conducted a conference with the team for new development plans.

  • The report says that they are moving to the next stage of blockchain services.

Epixel Solutions Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification Milestone!

April 20 , 2018

Epixel solutions Pvt. Ltd. recently achieved a status of becoming an ISO certified software firm who offers services across the globe.

“A new space, a new experience” – Sajin, CMO, Epixel Solutions

April 19 , 2015

Epixel opens up a new space in Orem and extends their global presence by sharpening up the technological aspects.

[Orem, Utah, USA] Epixel Solutions opens a new branch office in Utah as a plan to extend the services to North America and Canada. Epixel currently operating in India makes a big leap forward by opening a new space in Utah.

Epixel Solutions – The new addition to the Indian IT industry!

August 17 , 2014

Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. makes a royal footstep in the IT industry, and the start-up is likely to make an impact in the digital world.