Powerful Features
Create fitting compensation
Customizable MLM compensation
Configurable commissions
Complete compensation visibility
Automated compensation management
Compensation plan analytics

Set the right compensation structure

  • Build a compensation structure that rightly aligns with your profitability requirements
  • Set clear and achievable goals for commissions, bonuses and rank advancements
  • Identify motivating commissions and bonuses among your distributors
  • Monitor your compensations at regular intervals and make necessary iterations
Create fitting compensation

Customize compensation plan to suit your needs

  • Tailor commissions and bonuses to motivate desired distributor behaviors
  • Customize compensation criteria to complement your network growth
  • Create new commission structures or modify existing ones to improve your onboarding or training completion rates
  • Review and adjust commission rates regularly to reflect your goals and targets
Customizable MLM compensation

Easily configure commissions and bonuses

  • Utilize the simple and intuitive user interface to effortlessly create commissions and bonuses
  • Build percentage-based or goal-based compensation structure
  • Create different types of bonuses tied to performance, recruitment, rank advancement and team sales
Configurable commissions

Get real-time visibility into your compensation plan performance

  • Gain insights on a holistic and customizable dashboard
  • Customize dashboard metrics to monitor metrics of your preference
  • Analyze the performance of individual commissions and bonuses
  • Review profits generated, conversions made, and commissions earned, in total or by team
Complete compensation visibility

Automate compensation plan to improve accuracy

  • Automate commission and bonus calculations with predefined criteria
  • Reduce the risks of manual errors and admin overheads
  • Ensure consistent and timely payouts through automated scheduling and processing
  • Promote distributor ranks automatically upon achieving preset criteria
Automated compensation management

Forecast your growth with compensation plan analytics

  • Create customizable analytics dashboards with various compensation metrics
  • Monitor individual and team performance to identify top performers and areas for improvement
  • Analyze compensation trends at regular intervals to understand its favorability and impact among your distributor teams
  • Gain in-depth insights into the performance of individual commissions and bonuses
Compensation plan analytics

Maximize revenue and motivate your distributors with data-driven compensation plan management.

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Establish a transparent compensation structure

  • Communicate your compensation structure during distributor onboarding itself to establish transparency
  • Set fair and equitable compensation structures irrespective of distributor age, demographics, or any other attributes
  • Set clear performance metrics that impact compensation such as sales volume, number of downlines, individual and team performance
  • Display commission details such as commissions earned, withdrawn, or goal status on individual distributor dashboards
Transparent compensation process

Extend scalability in compensation plan

  • Design a compensation plan that can adapt to different levels of organizational growth
  • Handle increasing number of users, data, and transactions effortlessly
  • Add, modify or delete any number of commissions or bonuses any time
  • Automatically adapt to currencies, payment methods, and payment gateways that align with the country of operation
Scalable MLM compensation plan software

Detect irregularities in your compensation plan

  • Identify inefficient commissions and bonuses that fail to motivate distributors
  • Mitigate overpayments and flaws in compensation promptly
  • Reduce transaction failures with secure and efficient payout process
Detect flaws

Ensure compliance across your compensation process

  • Align your payments with PCI DSS compliance
  • Ensure security of your organization-critical data with advanced data encryption protocols
  • Stay compliant with international policies such as GDPR, CCPA, SOX, etc
  • Maintain year-over-year income disclosure statements in your compensation plan database
Ensure compliance

Review your compensation with real-time reports

  • Monitor goal completion rates of rank advancements and commissions
  • Generate reports on various performance metrics of individual commissions, bonuses and incentives
  • Optimize your compensation plan with insights derived from reports on distributor performance, profits generated, payouts and ROI
Compensation performance reports
Transparent compensation process
Scalable MLM compensation plan software
Detect flaws
Ensure compliance
Compensation performance reports

Stay compliant and ensure transparency in your compensation process with real-time compensation plan analytics.

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