Top solid 100 MLM companies for 2019!

Top Solid 100 MLM Companies for 2019!

Nikhil Ravindran
10 Oct, 2019

Marketing is an important aspect which has to gain enough boost in the digital world. With new innovations and the latest ideas, marketing enters into a unique path once such actions come to life. After putting a lot of effort and time, Epixel Solutions - a leading MLM software development company - providing you with a list of top 100 MLM companies. Multi-level marketing is one of the best business models to boost product sales and thereby establish the brand. A list of top solid 100 MLM companies is listed here by considering the previous year’s revenue, present market situations, and future predictions.

Obviously, you do have a good understanding of how MLM works, and you might be here for the following reasons,

  • MLM Business opportunities
  • World-level MLM company information
  • Analyze the list of new MLM companies as well as the top direct selling companies in the world
  • To refer to the most successful network marketing companies, etc.

Yes, you are in the right spot, and we’ll explain the details. Considering various factors, and research we've come up with the list of top 100 network marketing companies in the world.

Top Solid 100 MLM companies in 2018 chart
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#CompanyCountryRevenue 2017
In Billion(USD)
Revenue 2018
In Billion(USD)
Growth RateYear Founded
1 USA8.68.8+2%1959
2 USA5.55.7-3%1886
3 USA4.434.9+11%1980
4 China3.924.1+5%1992
5 Brazil3.093.37+9%1969
6 Germany3.213.08-4%1883
7 USA3.253-8%1963
8 USA2.282.68+18%1984
9 USA2.62.5-4%1978
10 Korea2.052.1+2%1989
11 USA22.1+5%1985
12 USA2.262.07-8%1948
13 China2.962-32%1994
14 USA1.721.94+13%1977
15 USA1.691.9+27%1993
16 USA1.651.7+3%2008
17 China1.581.580%2009
18 Sweden1.541.55+1%1967
19 USA1.51.50%2002
20 USA1.301.46+12%2009
21 China1.541.4-9%1978
22 UAE11.3+30%2012
23 USA1.151.3+13%2006
24 USA1.101.25+14%1993
25 Japan1.221.24+2%1929
26 Brazil1.21.23+3%1977
27 China1.331.2-10%1995
28 USA1.0471.189+14%1992
29 Peru1,1401,160+2%1968
30 Korea11.150+15%2009
31 USA11.10+10%1998
32 UK1.0311.090+6%1997
33 USA0.71.015+45%
34 Austria0.81+25%2003
35 China110%1986
36 Peru0.9710.994+2%1967
37 USA0.9580.89-7%2002
38 USA0.820.837+2%1992
39 Germany0.6320.834+32%1993
40 USA0.7370.8+9%2004
41 USA1.50.75-50%2013
42 USA0.750.750%1993
43 USA0.850.75-12%1956
44 USA0.7190.734+2%1999
45 China0.7860.7-11%2006
46 USA0.730.7-7%1970
47 USA0.6450.6-7%2001
48 China0.6960.6-14%2004
49 Korea0.6810.6-12%1945
50 USA0.5530.544-2%1975
51 Brazil0.5280.5280%1988
52 USA0.5620.527-6%2006
53 USA0.3010.501+66%1980
54 Japan0.5350.498-7%1966
55 Malaysia0.450.475+6%1988
56 Russia0.5630.463-18%1997
57 USA0.4570.46+1%1972
58 China0.4590.4590%2001
59 China0.5180.45-13%1991
60 USA0.4720.45-5%1993
61 China0.50.45-10%1995
62 USA0.4680.449-4%2004
63 USA0.3190.434+36%2014
64 Switzerland0.4750.4-16%1901
65 USA0.450.4-11%2012
66 USA0.450.4-11%2012
67 USA0.450.4-11%2011
68 USA0.40.39-3%2003
69 Japan0.3830.385+1%1997
70 USA0.850.377-56%2005
71 Malaysia0.1780.368+107%1979
72 USA0.3420.365+7%1972
73 Mexico0.3760.35-7%1992
74 USA0.2140.325+52%2016
75 USA0.2250.325+44%2013
76 USA0.3160.325+3%1998
77 South Korea0.2920.305+4%1947
78 USA0.20.3+50%1990
79 USA0.310.3-3%2003
80 Switzerland0.3250.3-8%1930
81 China0.2960.2960%1988
82 USA0.2840.294+4%1989
83 USA0.2950.28-5%1980
84 Thailand0.280.280%1998
85 India0.2750.2750%1996
86 USA0.2530.275+9%1959
87 USA0.260.25-4%2001
88 German0.2750.25-9%1985
89 Philippines0.220.238+8%2016
90 USA0.2180.237+9%1993
91 Japan0.1110.236+113%1999
92 New Zealand0.150.231+54%1984
93 USA0.240.23-4%1993
94 Germany0.1730.23+33%1995
95 Japan0.250.227-9%1964
96 Japan0.2210.226+2%1959
97 USA0.2450.226-8%1949
98 USA0.2250.2250%1982
99 USA0.250.225-10%2002
100 China0.2520.225-11%2002
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*The above list is subject to market changes and modifications.

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Which direct selling company ranks highest in terms of revenue?
Amway holds the top position in terms of revenue - 8.8 USD in 2018 and 8.6 USD in 2017.
Which part of the world generates higher income in direct selling industry?
United States of America (USA) holds the highest income source in the direct selling industry with a contribution of about 63.9%.
Among the list, which direct selling company launched first in the 19th century?
Southwestern Advantage launched in 1855 is considered as the first direct selling company in the above top 100 list.
Is the global revenue of the direct selling industry in 2018 raising when compared to 2018 revenue?
Yes, the revenue has advanced in 2018 when compared with 2017 revenue. The global revenue is presently 35.4 USD which is 0.5 higher than 2017 global sales (global revenue - 34.9 in 2017).
Which product category is popular among consumers?
In accordance with the available data, wellness and skincare product categories are popular in the direct selling industry.

At Epixel, we have been helping MLM companies achieve their goals by providing innovative and customized MLM software solutions since 2008. Navigate through the MLM Software Demo to learn more about the benefits and features.

It takes great effort to be a part of this list, and there are giants as well as start-ups in the above list. When you look at the data, you might have noticed the timeline difference, some have been active in the industry since the beginning of the '90s, and over a decade they have formed a strong platform. The platform thus laid is strong enough to get them going for a long period of time, and you can see these results now.

You may call this "Top 100 solid list of best MLM companies to join", for a better result you might need the best platform and hope this article might help you in that. If you're looking for some guidelines for choosing the best MLM company probably, this article might come in handy - guidelines to choose a good network marketing company!

So far you have got enough idea about the solid list if top 100 direct selling companies and now let us introduce to one of the biggest resources in direct selling industry - DSA!

Most of the above listed direct selling companies are also members of DSA.

DSA (Direct Selling Association) is a trade association for direct selling or MLM companies and unites various companies across the globe. With sister organizations, DSA find it easy to manage the industry.

Recently DSA announced their top honors list in the industry of 2019. By considering the facts & figures, DSA has selected standout companies from the member list. The announcement of the winners has been made in DSA Awards gala in Austin, Texas.

DSA award category winners - 2019

Let’s take a look at the category winners,

  • Excellence in Business Training: Amway
  • Innovation in Back Office/Sales Support Technology: Scentsy, Inc.
  • Innovation in Mobile Technology: Isagenix International
  • Marketing/Sales Campaigns: Noonday Collection
  • Product Innovation: Mary Kay Inc.
  • Vision for Tomorrow: Damsel in Defense
  • Partnership: Buy The Sea

DSA highest performance companies - 2019

Yet another recognition for direct selling companies will be ‘DSA highest performance companies’ and the criteria is based on the highest net sales in the US market for the 2018 fiscal year.

  • Ambit Energy
  • Amway
  • Arbonne
  • Herbalife Nutrition
  • Isagenix International
  • Mary Kay
  • Medifast – OPTAVIA
  • Melaleuca
  • New Avon
  • Nu Skin
  • Pampered Chef
  • Scentsy
  • SeneGence
  • Stream
  • Team Beachbody
  • The Juice Plus+ Company
  • Thirty-One Gifts
  • Young Living
  • Younique

Circle of honors - DSEF

Yet another honor from the direct selling association will be the circle of honor. Industry leaders, academics, and consumer advocates who contributed their excellence get such valuable achievement. It’s the personal efforts that make these personalities to earn the honor from DSA.

In 2019, the circle of honors belongs to,

  1. Dr. Victoria Crittenden, Professor of Marketing and Babson Research Scholar at Babson College
  2. Dr. Linda Ferrell, Marketing Department Chair, and Professor of Marketing at Auburn University
  3. Dr. Greg W. Marshall, The Charles Harwood Professor of Marketing & Strategy at Rollins College

Contribution of about 70,000 students, making a number of more than 200 academic fellows and thereby achieving the three-year goal of foundation helped them to earn this honorable status.

Direct selling industry in U.S market (2019 update)

DSA recently updated their resources with new data regarding the growth of direct selling in U.S market. According to the industry overview of retail sales, a 1.3% of growth is clearly visible which shows the favor of direct selling among the customers.

Direct selling industry has made global sales of about $35.4 in 2018, which is 1.3% more than that of 2017 sales ($34.9). Let’s see the highlights of industrial statistics,

  • In 2018, the direct sellers have increased in numbers and reached a figure of 6.2 million
  • The customer base has improved and about 36.6 million people became direct selling customers
  • Direct sellers average $5,702 retail sales per year in U.S market
  • About 1 million direct sellers find this opportunity as full-time job whereas 5.2 million find this as a good opportunity to earn secondary income (part-time)
  • About the customers, 10.4 million customers are discount buyers and 26.2 million preferred customers
  • Among the customers, the next notable change will be from the gender side, 75% of those who are involved in direct selling are women, and the rest, 25% from the men
  • Demographics -
    Demographics - Age group direct sellers & discount buyers (2019)
  • The final part of the statistics cover the product categories and the contribution from them is as follows,
    Category-wise contribution (2019)

Well, after reading this article check on the following details too,

  • Check whether the business is still working well in progress
  • Whether the marketing plan is a good opportunity to earn income or not
  • Does the list contain the best new MLM Company?
  • Do make a deep research on each company you've shortlisted
  • Read the organization policy and norms clearly
  • Understand the marketing plan they are working on and compare them with the other companies on the list
  • Make sure you're contacting the right team but not any scams. Contact directly with the company for avoiding Ponzi channels
  • Last but not least, make sure one more thing, being a consultant in that company gives the exact compensation and living status that you deserve.

Hope this article helped you in many purposes. It's a solid list of most profitable direct sales companies and the will be updated from time to time.

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Sat, 11/17/2018 - 21:58
YOu left off HempWorx which, of all the MLM's I have going, is the best payout/ Comp Plan...
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Francisia Walker
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Thank you for sharing that information. It makes one more confident and comfortable with the present company they are in. I have been a Herbalife Member for the past 16years. I have been successful in earning the income their marketing plan showed me I would. From time to time I do get invites to do other MLM but with thi guidelines I can now have good and solid reasons why I am not going the other way and sticking with my present company. Again thank you very much for the infomative information
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Vestige company join
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In few year no.1 direct selling company is vestige from India.
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Nadia Roberts
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Great article. I found it very informative. Thank you. What are your thoughts on Juice Plus? Thanks.
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Contact me for free join Vestige Marketing
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Dear friends Vestige is a very good company of Mlm industry. This is a Indian company. Now vestige is worldwide company. Upto 2020 vestige office may be almost 20 country. So hurry up to join vestige. For more information please subscribe my YouTube channel "MERA VESTIGE "
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