Top 5 successful personalities and their success stories in direct selling business!

Top 5 successful personalities and their success stories in direct selling business!

Nikhil Ravindran
Updated on 07 May 2022
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Direct selling business has been a successful business model in the marketing industry. Getting rich in the right way by means of business is a dream-come-true moment. From the struggle for paying bills to debts, life becomes a marathon or a series of unfortunate events. Direct selling business acts as a successful route to get rid of such sad events, and earn a regular flow of income. This is one of the reasons why most people join direct selling.

Here is a list of top successful personalities who benefited from implementing their MLM ideas, and earned a good fortune out of it. You may call these personalities as the network marketing pros.

The article gives you brief information on top 5 successful personalities in direct selling or MLM business.

1 - Rolf Kipp

Rolf Kipp, one of the top earners in network marketing business earns his position in the top 5 successful personalities. He is popular with a tagline – “German top earner” in Forever. He is one of the top earners of Forever Living products. Back in 1995, when he joins inside the FLP (Forever Living Products), no one expected him to gain the top earner position.

During the time of joining, German people weren’t aware of the FLP, and the land was unexplored. Well, Rolf Kipp came to know about FLP during a business trip in Miami and became obsessed with the products. As per sources, a magazine ad or article gained his attention, “Forever” expands to Europe. A wonderful opportunity was before him, and Rolf accepted it.

From real-life struggles, this decision woke him up. He saw “Forever” as a company with real products, and he explored this in the best marketing way. Initially, he worked as part-time for about a year and a half and afterward, he found a bright future in the marketing world. He chose this secondary source as the main focus of income thereafter, and the decision was perfect. The future also supports this decision, and the achievements seem to be the best evidence of such an act.

In 2013, Rolf received 9, 00,000 Euros as a bonus, and is a record-breaker. Later on, in 2015 he again received with a high bonus. From nowhere to a millionaire, Perfect, Isn’t it?

2 - Brian McClure

Yet another famous personality in the direct selling industry, and a network marketing success story who opened up the world of opportunities in the marketing world. This time “Ambit” was the channel to his successful life. Ambit is a retail energy supply company who like to improve the competition in energy supply with multiple private suppliers. If there are options to choose from, the probability of bringing down the charges of electricity and gas is no more a cock and bull story.

Buy energy and supply it to reach the customers is the Ambit way of working.

Brian was bright from the beginning itself, and he began his journey from the college time itself. He proved his talent in its best ways, and it was perfect for marketing and sales.

He even brought his college to the top position in ‘Miller beer’ sales on the campus. LSU (Louisiana State University of Agricultural & Mechanical College) gained the no.1 position is the campus sales rate. Later on, when he stepped on the professional life, he showed his excellence out there too. He became CEO of many organizations, and the success story continued.

In 2006, Brian McClure joined Ambit Energy and he was responsible for the training systems that they put into action for consultant training and motivation.

The numbers tell his success - $8,400,000 is his annual income as per 2017-18. Brian, a billionaire can be considered as the best idol for direct selling business.

3 - Kim Hui

Yet another person who proved herself worthy in the direct selling business through her hard work and devotion to work is also in our top list. Kim Hui is one of the top earners in the MLM world, and she is presently the Double diamond director at jeunesse. Kim is from China and rose in the USA.

Yes, like many others she also faced a lot of struggles, and she found her way by getting inspired by husband’s work (charity). According to reports, Kim earned $257 million dollars in 2013. She earns about 6,000,000 per year and is the best in the industry.

The details of Kim Hui is limited in terms of sources, and the list continues a perfect network marketing mentorship assets.

4 - Barry Chi & Holly Chen

Barry Chi and Holly Chen stand out in the list, and their success story began after joining the Amway cooperation. These couples joined the giant network as distributors, and they utilized the opportunity perfectly. They both were devoted for marketing and selling the products. They both are from Taiwan and living there was very expensive.

From first grade teachers to millionaire stage, they had a hard time to reach such a situation. They both joined Amway in 1982 in Taiwan. A history was written after such a good move. They started off from family and friends, expanded the network slowly, and spread the business to Hong Kong. Later on, they covered up long land of China too.

In 1986 their marketing presence got extended up to the US land. These Chinese couples studied the U.S market, and the elegance of their marketing touch was felt by the Chinese immigrants in the USA. And presently, this couple earns about $6,000,000 annually.

5 - Jeff Roberti

Jeff is one of the best MLM entrepreneurs in the marketing industry that found an opportunity like others in the list and explored it brilliantly. His life got an elegant touchback in 1987when he met Jay Martin, founder of NSA (National Safety Associates) and is famous for Juice plus product. Jeff joined with Jay Martin and created a history.

Again the struggles of life make the best out of a human being, and Jeff was also a victim. His father was struggling to pay even the medical bills. Later on Jeff graduated and unfortunately, his father passed away. These struggles made him take a strong will, and nothing can stop him from that point.

His success stories reveal the willpower and how determined he is. He explored the opportunity in his job (Juice plus) and currently earning $5,400,000 annually.

We have cut short the list into five because these stories never end. Their business life is an example of how to be successful in network marketing. Direct selling business is never a scam unless it follows the rules perfectly. It’s an opportunity, and many business tycoons talk the better side of this version. The present U.S president Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and many such personalities have talked the good side of network marketing. They all are the greatest salesmen in the world with the most successful stories.

Explore more, understand the legal side of network marketing business, how network marketing business ideas evolve, and much more.

Here is the list of top 100 business earners in the network marketing world!

A perfect way to lead the business forward!

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