Make prospecting 10x faster with 7 most powerful network marketing recruiting tools

Make prospecting 10x faster with 7 most powerful network marketing recruiting tools

Nikhil Ravindran
Updated on 11 July 2023
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Why is network marketing one of the most accepted business marketing models? It’s because of one important reason - building a huge network and make residual income. However, to find a massive growth in network marketing, proper planning, training, and execution are necessary.

Is that it? No, the building compound of a strong network is not just manual effort, in fact, knowledge of powerful sales prospecting techniques is also a compelling part.

You can easily master all such skills and manage the network using 7 most powerful network marketing recruiting tools from Epixel MLM Software. With the use of tools, you can make prospecting 10x faster than you normally would achieve. Epixel also offers MLM Recruiting Software which is a scalable platform for building an efficient distributor network.

Automation & manual efforts enable quick growth for your network marketing business

As mentioned above, it’s important to organize your business as a hybrid model with the efforts of human intelligence and automation. Creating a network from scratch is a herculean task and needs smart socializing skills.

Prospecting with software tools requires this attitude or approach to build the network. After all, the automation tools need our excellence to manage, and that’s why you must exercise a necessary set of network marketing skills.

Network marketing power will fuel up based on your (network marketing people) ability to build a system with high production to customer ratio. Apart from your efforts, the team you have recruited needs to be on the same page i.e. they also should have similar abilities to make production.

A network marketing business provides income for individuals based on individual effort as well as group efforts. As you know, a benefit from the downlines’ effort will also add an extra income for you. Care must be taken to maintain stability on individual and group sales with sales enablement techniques. Also, motivate the team properly.

To achieve all the needs of a network marketing person, integrate the below top 7 recruiting tools and enhance sales prospecting in your business.

Prospecting 10x faster with 7 most powerful network marketing recruiting tools

Social media marketing (SMM)

The best and effective toolset for prospecting in network marketing is the social media marketing suite. According to statistics from Oberio, about 45% of the population in the world uses social media platforms. Big numbers, right?

Social media marketing

With proper strategies, social media can be effectively utilized. Managing different marketing channels has got easier with the availability of an intelligent system. The tools available in our system will help you analyze the social media funneling with proper insights.

More prospects can be acquired using this method. Also with our analytics, you can track the best social media channel based on the performance of different posts. Well, the response rates, the target audience, ads performance, and much more can be analyzed. Connect with more prospects, get their feedback, follow-up, and make prospecting faster.

Social media is great platform for popularizing your home party business. Read more on the software tools that can benefit your party MLM business.

Automated email scheduling

Email prospecting has been around for many years, it’s one of the best practices for sales and member recruitment. However, is it possible to connect all the customer base by a single person? It’s impossible to find emails and sending them one after the other. Automated scheduling and responding tools made a solution to this concern.

Automated email scheduling

Alongside the mass email services, the above-automated scheduling made prospecting pre-planned as a service. The auto-responding service or tools made sure no customers are left ignored for their modest replies to your emails.

More personalized emails can be composed with intelligent tools as it analyzes different versions of email content, and how customer reacted to it. The system thus collects customer behavior and make automated content for the customers. It’s just a matter of reviewing it and then hit the send button with necessary changes if any. More prospects, more the number of distributors, and importantly, more productivity.

Lead capture pages

Lead capture page is a type of landing page dedicated to collect information from potential customers. What separates a lead capture page from other types of landing pages of your MLM website is its distinct lead capture form. The best way to find leads for MLM is by organizing a lead capture page. The main goal of setting this page is to implement lead campaign strategies to introduce your products or services in front of the world. With proper content funneling process, more leads drive to the ultimate goal conversion scenario.

Lead capture pages

Using the lead campaign tools, you can carry out successful MLM lead generation and also filter the right customer group for you. In this way, interested customers get filtered. Follow-up with the potential customers driven from the funnel, and assign the tasks to different user roles with staff management tools.

Network marketing business admin can configure this page with proper attributes. Innovative lead capture campaigns is a part of our intelligent promotional tools. With an attractive look n’ feel to complete customization features, we’re offering the best services to enhance the option of lead capturing. This method can increase prospecting faster and smarter.

Interactive videos

Suppose you landed on a website that offers some unique services. You get an interesting option on that website, all the working processes are explained using a video, excited? Not just guidance, the video landing screen offers navigation to all explanatory services too. Just click on the services and the explanation will be there before you. WOW!

Interactive videos

This is an intelligent method to provide awareness about your products and services to your new prospects/visitors. You can add such interactive sessions on your website, most importantly on the landing page as it is the beginning of your content marketing funnel.

Implementing such creative methods can boost the recruitment strategy, and enhance your production. Every member of your team gets equal opportunities to make money with such effective methods, as Tim said, everyone has the same compensation plan and they get rewards for their efforts.

While implementing these creative methods, many significant factors might be overlooked that can result in the failure of your business. Here are the 10 reasons why MLM business fails.

Business intelligence & analytics

Even if you implement the prospecting tools, are you sure it’s going to be the right direction? Without analyzing the present strategies, it’s difficult to draw a conclusion and make decisions for the next step. Business intelligence and analytics are used for this purpose.

Business intelligence & analytics

All direct selling KPIs are analyzed and structured to provide productive insights. Different Key Performance Indicator (KPI) cards are accessible from the dashboard. Each card shows a corresponding value, and this value tells the exact story of your network marketing business progresses. The cards with low value are taken into consideration and decision-makers create strategies to improve these values and thereby, establish smooth business progress.

That’s not it, the ability of these tools are broader. The predictive analytics model gives sales and other business-related forecasting, business gap analysis, goal conversion and much more. With such an intelligent system, prospecting becomes quick and smart. Future prospecting strategies can also be prepared using this extraordinary toolset.

Distributor training tools

As mentioned earlier in this article, prospecting should have a proper plan and training is the basic step to proceed further. In network marketing, as we all know, distributors play a vital role in prospecting. They must have enough knowledge to market a product, as knowledge is transferable to human brains, training can achieve it.

Distributor training tools

With advanced distributor training modules powered with the latest LMS technologies, it’s easier to train the team. Like the interactive video mentioned above, personal interactive modules can help learners grab the idea and can easily execute it once training gets completed.

The business administration team can offer effective and personalized training to their distributors, track each individual distributor’s progress and make remarks based on the progress. Also, to improve the chances of legitimate prospecting, the network marketing company can provide training completion certification and entitle them as ‘certified distributors’. This is one of the powerful tools you can integrate into your business and make prospecting faster.

Read our top 10 distributor tools to make your distributors more productive: Top 10 distributor tools to increase productivity

Distributor performance and engagement tracking

What happens after the distributors complete their training? They get down to meet new prospects and start making revenue. However, to assure their participation stable for a long period, organizations must implement strategies to transform the distributor engagement with successful outcomes. The distributor performance and engagement tracking system can help the back office team to analyze and evaluate their business engagement, which further helps to improvize these strategies.

Distributor performance and engagement tracking

Top distributor list, the potential leaders, rank improvement, and many other progress bars can be completed using these tools. Leaders can build and motivate their team based on the insights derived from the analysis and improve their contribution to group sales or productivity.

This is achieved with ad-hoc analysis, and basically, a personal goal analysis tracker is provided to each distributor. They get to know their efforts and how far they are near to achieve their goals. Following this method by identifying the people who need proper support and assistance, the prospecting gets more personalized. This helps companies to achieve their prospecting much simpler and most importantly, efficient!

You can try all the above effective tools and even experience using more features from our exclusive MLM software demo.

Some additional information for you to manage your network marketing business

For your information, the prospecting strategies are endless, even a small tool that we consider little can bring more sales. Everything is important, all the modules and features provided in Epixel network marketing software are developed with this view. We like to make your business progress and conversions easily funneled.

You know how to contact our experts, don’t you?

Apart from these prospecting tools, we provide many other tools to manage the network marketing business without any complexities. These tools include sales tools, promotional tools, distributor and admin tools, finance tools, back-office support tools, etc.

If you get everything as a single system, then what are you waiting for? Provide us with your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

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