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what is Direct selling ?

A face to face selling strategy where a company’s products are directly sold to the customers. The customers can feel and buy the products. A direct selling representative gets the product directly from the company or the manufacturer. This distributor makes money on sales he/she does.

Considering a percentage of the value of the product, a distributor will get a commission or bonus. Here a distributor is building a career and achieving an opportunity to earn an income. The company also makes a profit as there is no need for costly advertising. Representatives and customers can promote the brand in many other ways.

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How Epixel Direct Selling Software
helps you achieve your goal?

We make our software easy to use for you and your sales team. Epixel Direct Selling Software lets your distributors and consumers get benefited by promoting the products and services to the ones who best need them. Personalized promotions and customized features will bring an increase in sales and maintain existing customers.

Understanding the complexities of direct selling, we deliver simple and ample solutions.

Irrespective of the size of your company, we provide support to improve sales, marketing, and distribution.

Do you know ?
Direct Selling Companies in 2019
China, U.S., Korea, Germany, and Japan are the top direct selling markets
Do you know direct selling companies are on the move to bring 1 trillion USD sales over the coming years?
Direct Selling Retail Sales
Direct selling market worldwide marked a retail sales of 192.9 billion USD

Key features that benefit your direct selling business

Accelerate your business with the key features we provide.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automated customer support with personalized experience. Collect and analyze customer data and instant reply with AI chatbots. Experience revenue growth and achieve targets.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools

Analyze information and provide insights to understand the needs and attitudes of customers. With past user data, know the customer behavior and determine what products will fit them.



Additional language and multiple currency options. Business closing based on time zone and country wise payment methods & payout preferences. Different enrolment packages, compensation names per country.

E-Commerce System

E-Commerce System

Enhance your business and give customers a real feel of buying the products from you. Distributors can drive repeat sales considering the previous purchases of customers.

Lead Management System

Lead Management System (LMS)

Support sales process automation analyzing comprehensive performance data. Lead generation funnel with an interactive video contributes to the follow-ups.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Build new customer relationships and retain existing customers. Connect with your customers at regular time intervals. Admin can manage users and their networks, while the users are able to know about their commissions and payouts.

Application Program Interface

Application Program Interface (API)

Store sensitive data without getting mishandled and reduce risks. Brings in speed and flexibility in business, assuring real-time data exchange in a cost-effective way.

Distributor and Admin specific attributes to establish your business

Distributor portalAdmin Portal
Real-time dataPersonalized back office experience
CommunicationDifferentiate by status, rank, language, region
Training & easy to use toolsUpdated content for promotions
Social mediaCustom pages/widgets
E-commerceEasy user interface

Give a new turn to build your business

So you got the idea of how Epixel helps to build your brand?

Epixel Direct Selling Software helps you build a business where your customers feel cent percent satisfaction to run your business. Rank calculations, compensation plans, payout, etc. can be perfectly designed to give your business a new turn.

With the due focus to customer’s needs, we develop the software with a proper plan and analysis. We assure high-security features for operating your direct selling business. We will reach out to help you manage the customers, salesforce, promotions, subscriptions and more.

  • Our team for your business growth
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  • Customizable coding for your convenience

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Finding the prospects and introducing new products to them is the normal procedure in direct selling. Product management, order, payment, managing the representatives, tracking the customers, monitoring the sales, processing compensation plans and managing payouts are the necessary steps in direct selling.

Epixel team brings solutions to all these in the best and simpler way.

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