Matrix MLM Compensation Plan is one of the primary plans in Multilevel Marketing Business. In Matrix MLM plan, the down lines are arranged in fixed width x height matrix i.e. (W x H). This plan is referred as forced matrix plan where one distributor can grow his team within limited numbers of down line members.

Matrix MLM plan is popular plan among the MLM companies which helps in organizing various essentials. It is also known as “the ladder Matrix MLM Compensation plan or forced matrix plan”. Matrix Comp Plan is similar to a pyramid where the members are arranged in a particular manner. It is one of the most important unilevel plans which owe specific features. This unique featured plan has a limited width and length, so understanding the features helps in using it appropriately. Our MLM software helps to organize and understand the concept more easily. The matrix compensation plan supports in extending the tree as per the requirement and this comes with multiple features.

Matrix Plan MLM Software
Matrix Plan MLM Software

How does Matrix MLM Plan Works?

The popular matrix mlm plans are 2*12, 4*7, 5*7, and 3*9. The plan works by adding the default members to the first level and everyone else you sign up after the completion of the first level will spill over into the next level, and perhaps to deeper levels as per the plan.

If you choose 3*3 matrix plan, you can recruit three members to the first level and the rest will spill over to later levels with a depth of three level. Here the matrix said to have three numbers in width as well as in depth.

Matrix MLM Software Compensations

Compensation and bonus enhance the user activities and keeps business more active. Here are some of the compensations in the matrix system.

Sponsor Bonus
Level Commissions
Matching bonus
Position bonus
Matrix bonus
Forced Matrix Plan MLM Software Referral Bonus

Sponsor bonus

Just as the other MLM software plans, the Matrix mlm compensation plan also has a sponsor bonus. Earning bonus when recruiting new members to the network. MLM companies usually introduce sponsor bonus to motivate the members for adding new members to the existing network. Bonus earned after filling up the first level.

Epixel matrix mlm software is having an option to change the percentage of sponsor bonuses. The sponsor bonus rule is configurable from the back office.

Matching Bonus

In most of the matrix MLM plan, the “matching bonuses” are defined by the different set of rules based on company’s compensation policies. Matching bonuses are certain extra benefits for the sponsors. When a new member gets any compensation like Matrix bonus, his sponsor will also get a certain percentage of that amount. Epixel MLM Matrix Software is flexible enough to reconfigure in accordance with the company rules and ideas.

Matching Bonus in Matrix MLM Software
Matrix or Forced Matrix MLM Software Level Bonus

Level Commission

In Matrix MLM plan the level commission is the amount of profit or bonus that people earn by adding new members. This works when the first three members add new users and gain sponsor bonus and the next level members add three new users to earn some other bonus. This depends on the MLM compensation plan and can be extended till the nth level.

In Epixel matrix MLM software the level compensation configurable to certain Width x Height. Business Administrators can configure different percentage rates from the back-office.

Position bonus

“Position Bonus” is the amount of profit or bonus people earn when a new member joins within the Matrix. Say, for a 4*4 matrix, a member will get position bonus when new member joins with in his 4 down-levels.

In matrix MLM compensation software the level compensation is configurable to certain Width x Height. Business Administrators can configure the rates or a percentage from the back-office.

Position Bonus in Matrix MLM Software or Ladder Plan MLM Software
Matrix Bonus in Forced Matrix Plan MLM Software

Matrix Bonus

Matrix Bonus is also add-on bonus to give extra compensation to the distributors. This compensation is given to the members when they filled their matrix with the down-liners. If the the business plan is 4*4 matrix system, the members should have 4 members on his first level down-line, 16 members in his second level down-line, 64 members in third level down-line and 256 members in fourth level down-line. This this member is eligible for the Matrix Bonus.

Matrix Plan MLM Demo

Introducing Matrix MLM Software Demo here. Explore Live MLM Matrix Plan for more features.

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Matrix Plan MLM Software

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