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About Matrix MLM Plan

Mostly referred as the Forced Matrix Plan, this is much popular in the MLM marketing companies which help in organizing various essentials. Also known as the ladder plan Matrix MLM Compensation plan is similar to a pyramid and members arranged in a particular manner are satisfied when they placed in a perfect place.

The forced matrix MLM software is another name of the matrix compensation plan, is one of the most important unilevel plans which owe a few specific features. This unique featured plan has limited width and length and understanding the features helps in using it appropriately. The matrix compensation plan supports in extending the tree as per the requirement, and this comes with multiple features.

The multi-level marketing software plan allows the tree to grow with a depth and width of ‘width X height’ and as per the plan, the members placed in a particular order. Based on the width of the plan it is easy to locate the number of forefront members. There are many advantages which turn the plan support in earning better productivity, especially for the one who pick this as a part time distributor. An efficient software will help the business to manage all the parameters of a Matrix compensation. 

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How Matrix Plan MLM Works?

The popular matrix plan mostly used are 2*12, 4*7, 5*7, 3*9 and here is a simple example of 3*9.

Some company business plan may allow you to earn Pair bonus based on the points. You will earn Points every time you accumulate members on the left and on the right groups of your binary structure. Points are accumulated from group entries.

In this MLM business plan the members get multiplied and in the first level tree starts with 3 members and in the second level it turns to be 9. Later in the next level, it becomes 9*3 =27 and in this way the size can turn to 29523.

The Matrix MLM plan software should capable of changing all the configurations based on the business strategy changes. A Good script should grow up with the business to accommodate all the traffic and business transactions.

Working of Matrix Plan or Forced Matrix Plan MLM Software

Matrix MLM Software Compensations

The following are the commonly used compensations in Matrix MLM plan. Epixel Solutions provides the ultimate software for Matrix MLM compensation plans. MLM matrix compensation companies offers compensation based on their business strategy and business achievement goal. Our Software have the capability to control each and every plan from the business dashboard.

  • Matrix MLM software Sponsor Bonus
    Sponsor bonus
  • Level Commissions in Matrix MLM Plan software
    Level Commissions
  • Matching bonus in Forced Matrix MLM plan software
    Matching bonus
  • Matrix MLM software Position bonus
    Position bonus
  • Matrix bonus in Fortced Matrix MLM compensation plan
    Matrix bonus

Sponsor Bonus

Just as the other MLM software plan the Matrix business plan even have a sponsor bonus plan. Earning bonus is possible for a MLM company when people in the front line add the downline members. There are various plans which make the company use in earning profits. All the plans, including 4*7, 3*9, 2*12 and a few more provide the sponsor bonus. Let us consider 3*9 plan then the member after adding 3 members easily gain sponsor bonus of 3.

In our the matrix compensation software there will be an option to change the percentage of the sponsor. The sponsor bonus rule is also configurable from the back office.

Forced Matrix Plan MLM Software Referral Bonus

Matching Bonus

In most of the matrix mlm plan the matching bonuses are defined by different rules based on the company compensation policy. There is no standard criteria to calculate the matching bonuses. While developing the MLM Matrix Software, the architect of the system always leaves the configurable option where the business directors can change the rules suitable to their strategy.

Matching Bonus in Matrix MLM Software

Level Commission

Level commission is amount of the profits or bonus people earn by adding new members. This works when the first three members add new users and gain sponsor bonus and the next level members add three new users to earn some other bonus. This depends on the MLM compensation plan and can be extended till the nth level.

In matrix MLM compensation software the level compensation configurable to certain Width x Height. Business Administrators can configure different percentage rates from the back-office.

Matrix or Forced Matrix MLM Software Level Bonus

Position bonus

This is a n add-on bonus where the members is getting an additional opportunity to earn more income. A member is eligible for the position bonus when the team members sponsor a new member and the new member joins with in his matrix. If the matrix is 4*4, a member will get position bonus when new member joins with in his 4 down-levels.

In Matrix MLM software the position bonus percentage can be configured and disabled whenever it is not longer required. Later it can enable after a while

Position Bonus in Matrix MLM Software or Ladder Plan MLM Software

Matrix Bonus

Matrix Bonus is also add-on bonus to give extra compensation to the distributors. This compensation is given to the members when they filled their matrix with the down-liners. If the the business plan is 4*4 matrix system, the members should have 4 members on his first level down-line, 16 members in his second level down-line, 64 members in third level down-line and 256 members in fourth level down-line. This this member is eligible for the Matrix Bonus.

Matrix Bonus in Forced Matrix Plan MLM Software

Matrix Plan MLM Software Demo

Please check our Matrix Plan MLM Software Demo and experience the efficiency of our MLM Software platform. This the full featured demo showcasing all the possibilities of a efficient Forced Matrix Plan MLM Software. All the features, compensation rules, compensation parameters, rank advancement rules configurable. Our Matrix MLM Software is truly flexible to meet any type of business demands. The software is suitable for beginner ,small ,large enterprises.

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Matrix Plan MLM Software Demo