What motivates an individual to join a direct selling company?

What motivates an individual to join a direct selling company?

Dhanesh Haridas
Updated on 25 January 2024
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Our generation is busy and finds less time for going out and shopping. They depend on the online market. Some people take this as an opportunity and join online direct selling companies as distributors and start selling the products. When the customers find satisfaction they try to build a strong relationship with each other. Building a relationship and able to provide good quality products, sustain a distributor in direct selling.

When the world complains about unemployment, direct selling distributors are proven examples of self-employment. Here education or previous job experience doesn’t matter. Communication skill is the only prerequisite. These people join a direct selling company initially to sustain their lives. Later when they are motivated enough and the products are moving well in the market they find it interesting and take up as a regular income opportunity. They also gain many tips for network marketers from their time and experence in the industry, which they share with others to motivate them to join the industry.

The one who joins as a distributor if fails to maintain good relationships with the people around him/her, this strategy won’t work here. Maintaining a relationship is a very important factor; one who succeeds in it will find direct selling a great opportunity.

Another reason may be the inspiration he/she can get from a direct selling distributor whom he/she met. Seeing the improvements made in his/her life can be a factor. Motivational trips and celebrations will increase distributor engagement and will automatically become a stage for sharing different formulas successfully adopted by other distributors.

‘The company can arrange special occasions like a get together of the successful distributors’.

Motivate distributors with trips and parties

It will be a motivation or encouragement for the people concerned. In such get-togethers, the distributors can invite their friends and acquaintances as their guests. This is a golden opportunity for the company to get new distributors. As well as the distributor can be attracted and well informed and tends to join the company. 

People are busily running to make a living and to entertain themselves. So if something attractive can be presented, it may grab the attention of the people. The company can offer the best products considering the need. The quality and utility of the products are to be considered seriously. 

The uniqueness of the product and effectiveness that the company can guarantee is a driving force for the people to join as distributors’.

The people feel motivated and encouraged and sell the products as doing a social service. On the other side, it will bring good gains to him. 

The work may be formal but the approach can be informal and hence the relations can be well built. But as a distributor, the focus should not simply be on business, he/she should also be able to maintain a regular connection outside the business. An individual who knows at least the basic idea on what is happening around him or her and will be able to answer any queries of his/her customer and he/she will be able to engage in talks with the people. The informal approach works well and it is a good reason to join direct selling.

If the direct selling company provides the option of giving replicated websites to each of its distributors, then it will be an attraction. They can feel they themselves as their boss and it will self motivate them and can make good gains. 

The primary focus of any who joins as a direct selling distributor will be how much income he can earn. Apart from that, the flexible time schedule is another important reason for a person to join a direct selling company.

A direct selling distributor never faces ‘How, When or Where’, as it isn’t a matter for his work’.

Anyone can work from anywhere for any time. No matters how you work. The more effort and dedication you put, the more results you will get. What the company should provide is efficient resources to help the distributor acheive more sales, thus growing their profit. 

Whatever be the product or service, an efficient network marketing strategy, a proper plan and its successful execution determines the level you reach.

What forces a distributor to quit from the direct selling?

Distributor quitting direct sales

A direct selling distributor who really can utilize the industry will never leave it as it is a great platform for the ones who work wholeheartedly. The success of any industry depends upon the people involved in the marketing and promotion of the products. The quality of the products is too important. If the people are strong enough to bring good business the company can grow into new heights. At the same time, the company should also understand this as an important factor and consider the ones who work for it. Due to the lack of support the company provides, some companies are losing their distributors. 

A direct selling distributor should essentially have some skills or abilities to help him promote sales in a profitable way. The distributors who lack enough communication skill won’t be able to promote business in a proper way. These people often feel frustrated and ignored by people. Such people leave the company and they are not fit for the direct selling business.

Some people join a direct selling company as a distributor with high expectations and with the initial capital they may purchase a starter kit. These people may be working as part-time and hence they lack time to study the products and reach the people. Then they start blaming the company and leave it. This happens mainly due to lack of training. Many distributors may be new to this field and hence they won’t be able to start without enough training. It is the company’s responsibility to give good training and build the distributor strong.

The commissions and payouts if not paid on time the customers feel demotivated and won’t be able to bring good business. There may be many chances that they may go in search of new direct sales opportunities.

If the company and its products are not attractive or not meeting the satisfactory level, there are chances for the distributors to leave the company. The commissions and plans that the company offers, the quality of the products also determines whether a distributor stays in the company or leaves it. Lack of support to promote the business and getting higher opportunities often lead people to leave the company. MLM business opportunities are yet to be explored well. 

Most of the companies are having similar products and some of the distributors will be having the same connections or personal relationship with most of the people around them.

Every day many direct selling companies are emerging. Hence it has become a tough competition for the distributors who work among people. Not able to face tough competition or to adopt more powerful strategies in marketing, many distributors quit. It will reflect on the company's sales too.

Every profession needs motivation, it can be through helping the distributors to achieve the goals or through giving essential guidelines to run a business at ease. If the distributors feel free to discuss with the company about their experiences and suggestions, then to a great extent the company can sustain their distributors and get good business. 

Who can help the distributors to stay in direct selling and overcome the barriers?

The MLM company website and their network marketing software used in it determines all the business and the growth. Whether people join the company, stay there or leave the company, depends upon the software and the services the company provides.

A software system with all necessary features right from MLM prospecting to ensuring a complete and flawless business process can put things at ease. As mentioned above when facing tough competition in the market, to sustain the distributor and his business is a very important thing for the company. The social media promotion is a very good option for this. The distributor can build more connections through social media and promote the products using the features on social selling software. The more you promote, the more business you get.

Accurate rank and commission calculation are possible with the best direct selling software. It will encourage the distributor to bring more business. The distributor can check the statistics and track the sales. Comparison graphs also help the distributor to maintain a stable result. Setting career goals and the plan to achieve it reflects in the success.

Mobile applications can help the distributors to get notifications regarding the sales and the team members performance. The distributors can analyze the team's performance and can give the necessary tips and guidelines to support the business. The main and the most important reason for a distributor to remain in the business is that the direct selling business needs only a low budget and the business can be spread to many. A customizable software helps you achieve all this with much ease.


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