5 important prospecting tools to master your network marketing business

5 important prospecting tools to master your network marketing business

Nikhil Ravindran
Updated on 22 November 2021
5 min read

What exactly will you do after setting up a business? A brick and mortar shop or an online business, whatever it be, what’s the first thing you are going to add in your task list?

Yes, finding customers through different channels. Finding likely customers for your business is simply known as ‘prospecting’. Network marketing deals with prospecting all the time, it’s more like a companion.

A network marketing professional who masters the strategies of sales prospecting will find success in MLM easily. Most of them believe it’s some kind of a hard task and it requires a degree in marketing to achieve it.

These are actually certain misconceptions that people have to root away from the beginning stage. All you need to do is invest time in learning marketing techniques and nurture the skills to excel in marketing.

Here are some of the best prospecting tools you can use to master in network marketing. These proven methods will assure 100% success in your business.

Five ways to find success with network marketing prospecting tools

Below are the five ways you can make prospecting and master your skills to become a highly successful career.


Email marketing

It’s 2010 or 2021, email marketing is still the best tool to find your prospects. However, it’s not just sitting on your chair, composing an email, and clicking on the send button. It’s more than that!

Email marketing

A proper content layout, email template, and value for customers must be given priority. What does value for the customer through an email stands for? It means, as a marketing professional, you must provide them with relevant content that expresses their benefits of accepting your offer.

Again, providing benefits can be written directly with some exciting ways of customer persuasion. You just cannot make emails for everyone, mass email marketing campaign providers can help you with that goal.

The best option is to find a system where you don’t have to worry about contacting multiple teams and following up regularly. An MLM system provided by team Epixel is highly relevant in this context, as email marketing is one of many important marketing tools available to use from their dashboard.



Automation brings more ease to our work, even the above-mentioned method, email marketing can be automated. Wonder how it is done? It is by scheduling emails from the back-end and as per the schedule, your prospecting emails will be directly sent to your target customers or group.

Most of the people know this email scheduling process, but do you know all such automated task management processes?

Let me help you by providing some more examples that will improve your knowledge of automating your prospecting.

Prospect finder, prospect analyzer, analytics, and intelligent tools come under the automation process. All such tools will enhance your opportunities to master the skills.

Find the top 10 automation tools to improve the efficiency of your network marketing business.

LinkedIn prospecting

Why did I give more stress to LinkedIn than giving a normal title in social prospecting? The reason is because of the options and the power provided by the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn prospecting

LinkedIn as you is a community of professionals, so you will get serious customers from this platform if you are a genuine network marketing professional. However, you just can’t jump and start prospecting on LinkedIn.

There are many things you have to learn like what’s the right time to upgrade to a premium account, the right use of Inmails, LinkedIn groups, and much more.

For the best results, invest some money on a system that gives you insights based on your responses and then, make smart decisions to change the style of communication if necessary.

Proper CTAs, Task management, and Filter out customers

Proper CTAs, Task management, and Filter out customers

Why did I group three elements under as your fourth method to find prospects? It was just a matter of splitting them into more and make the title as 7 important tools for prospecting, but I didn’t do it. What was the reason?

It’s because you follow this step ‘together’ but not as separate steps. The reason is that, as the first part suggests, provide proper Click To Action. Any clickable button or prompting link can be a CTA. It can be a website button or a normal social media post with a link to your blog.

The next one is task management, everything you’re going to perform in prospecting is a task. So, you need a system to automate and manage tasks and other processes. Make a plan, even a convertible CTA is a task that needs deep analysis.

Finally, the filtering part once you find customer groups. Not all customers you find from prospecting is a fast business conversion point. You have to filter out the likely ones, potential, and uninterested. Uninterested customers can be pulled back with re-marketing techniques.

Yes, you need a good team with in-depth knowledge about the above scenario and a system to make this happen.


CRM for management

This is an improvised version of filtering or you can say filtering and other process are carried around using a CRM system. Then why didn’t I club it with the customer filtering option? The reason is simple, CRM is more than customer management.

CRM for management

That’s true and not everyone really understands the real potential of a CRM system. Apart from contact management, a perfect CRM system can structure sales funneling, campaigning, handling mass communications, etc.

An advanced MLM CRM system can provide the above useful features for network marketing or any other industry.

These 5 tools will help you master the skills and it can be easily established using Epixel network marketing software. It’s simple to use and 100% efficient to find the best in the industry. So, what are you waiting for, hurry up, and contact the team for more details.

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