We at Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides the best MLM Software services and fulfills every customer needs as requested. Our policy doesn’t violate any customer needs and follow up them very strictly without failing. However, if you found us violating any of the below points, you may request us with what you invested us with. Our policy follows up certain measures to settle down such claims and we do care about our customers.

Refund reasons - Once we violate them!

  • If we failed to provide the software as per your requirements or as per the quote
  • If the issues with the project are lagging behind the schedule for a long period of time
  • If we misused the confidential data without your permission or acknowledgement
  • Finding an issue in the project with unsolved status from our side and no further development or rectification found
  • The compensations are miscalculated from our end

We provide you refund if any violations are found from the above points. The refund will be provided via wire-transfer mode if found valid*.

*conditions applicable