Best MLM Compensation Plans

In multi-level marketing or direct selling companies, choosing a suitable and best MLM compensation plan is a tricky deal. Although there exist many plans in the industry, decision making on picking best compensation plans needs to consider many factors. Some of the important factors are,

  • Product/service category
    Product/service category
  • Product cost to selling price ratio
    Product cost to selling price ratio
  • Existing laws in the market
    Existing laws in the market
  • Training & marketing methods
    Training & marketing methods

Decision-makers take these factors or even more into consideration while developing a compensation plan structure. What Epixel - Network Marketing Software Company aims to perform is to ease this step for consultants & direct selling/MLM companies.

What exactly do we offer?

Here are some of the major compensation plans and their variants as per demands. To make your decision-making step easier, we’re providing you with some useful data.

Compensation plan explanation
Compensation plan software tools & features
Different compensations
8 important MLM laws to follow
Compensation plan calculators

Binary MLM Software

A comprehensive and fully customizable MLM system with futuristic technologies to efficiently manage binary MLM network.

Binary MLM Software Back-Ofice How Binary Plan Works?

Unilevel MLM Software

Advanced back-office and accurate commission processing system with data-driven technologies for simplifying unilevel MLM network operations.

Unilevel MLM Software Back-Ofice How Unilevel Plan Works?

Matrix MLM Software

Intelligent automation and accurate commission processing engine to streamline the administration of matrix MLM business.

Matrix MLM Software Back-Ofice How Matrix Plan Works?

Stairstep Breakaway MLM Software

Advanced stairstep breakaway back-office compensation engine to increase distributor productivity and maximize sales.

Breakaway MLM Software Back-Ofice How Stairstep Breakaway Plan Works?

Party Plan MLM Software

Integrated system with advanced feature set for multiple profile management such as party admin, party host, and guests.

Party Plan MLM Software Back-Ofice How Party Plan Works?

Board Plan MLM Software

High-performance MLM system integrated with intelligent analytics and powerful insights to empower board MLM business.

Board Plan MLM Software Back-Ofice How Board Plan Works?

Generation Plan MLM Software

High-end commission processing engine to drive growth across your generation MLM distributor network.

Generation Plan MLM Software Back-Ofice How Generation Plan Works?

Monoline MLM Software

Advanced system incorporating BI with automation to accelerate insights and increase the efficiency of monoline MLM network.

Monoline MLM Software Back-Ofice How Monoline Plan Works?


Marketing in an MLM business model indicates the selling part, and compensations are the rewards for a sale from Personal Sales Volume (PSV) or Group Sales Volume (GSV). Usually, compensations are provided as commissions or bonuses. Commissions are provided based on PSV and bonuses for GSV or group efforts.

Each type of compensation plan does have a unique compensation structure. However, an MLM company mostly has a hybrid compensation structure i.e. multiple plans are used. Thus the same commissions/bonuses can be seen in different plans.

There are many types of compensations, and here are some of the most popular compensations supported in the Epixel compensation engine. We also support custom compensation plans as per the requirements of the direct sales company.

MLM laws compliant in Epixel MLM system

Network marketing/MLM needs to follow certain laws and abide them properly. Here is an 8-layer general MLM rule chart one must assure to make the business legitimate. Make sure you follow these rules. You can mark on the boxes to assure it and see how the progress looks like.

#Law compliancesYesNo
1Real products to sell
2Compensations for recruiting only(No compensation for product sales)
3High joining fee than provided product kit
4Constant price inflation
5Products sales reach customers outside the network
6Forcing distributors to recruit more people instead of more product sales
7Frequent payout rescheduling
8Too many discounts offered

*The above law compliance factors are derived based on FTC rules.


There exist many such laws and rules in different regions of the world. As direct selling is a globally accepted industry with $192.9 billion turnover, the customers are also spread globally.

Epixel MLM system is a customizable software engine suitable for all direct selling business groups. Our system is compliant to meet and process compensations based on these laws.

Quick calculations, faster payout!

Distributors become active when they get rewarded quickly i.e. schedule their payout in time. However, to decide what all compensations to provide them without shifting the company’s revenue is a tough call.

To assure that the company gets profited alongside the distributors, Epixel is providing MLM CALCULATORS. MLM calculators can quickly calculate or simulate the following,

  • How much profit do you earn?
  • Decide the right amount of compensation to reward distributor by balancing the company revenue
  • Decide how many levels to set in a compensation plan for spillover
  • Pre-calculate the values to set for startups
  • Companies and consultants can review their plan easily
  • Consultants can use simulators to advice direct selling companies about which plan suits best, switch to a new plan by making use of multiple plan calculators

In short, calculators are the primary things you can use to easily predict the future of your business based on the values.

MLM Calculators

Similarly, we’re providing many useful tools to analyze and manage your business. As a decision-maker or a consultant, you can always refer our system to understand the value of the MLM package we provide. Feel free to contact us, we’re always there to help you!

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