5 direct sales tools to help MLM companies grow bigger and faster

5 direct sales tools to help MLM companies grow bigger and faster

Dhanesh Haridas
Updated on 29 June 2021
12 min read

“For me, marketing wasn’t difficult. I pre-book the appointments, go and meet them the next day, and deliver the presentation. Yet another way was to invite people over to my place and give a single presentation. It was working well for me, but things have changed. No more appointments, no more sales parties that means no more revenue. What can I do now? I don’t do online marketing, and I can’t hire a team for that. What’s the solution to keep my family fed during this crisis?”

Miss. Sarah, Party Plan Consultant.

Sarah is facing the most challenging days of her lifetime. Her situation, due to the present crisis, the pandemic, is reflecting in her words.

Direct selling: What strategy serves the best?

Direct selling statistics show an increase in market volume before the impact of the pandemic. Yet, things have changed, and a solution is much needed to resume the business processes. If you are stressing too much about finding a solution, then we have something interesting to share with you.

Direct sales companies need an efficient solution that works well in a futuristic way. An MLM software solution that lets you work remotely without any limitations.

Here is a list of the best five remote working tools you should implement to achieve this goal. A solution for direct selling or party plan companies to organize, manage, and control entire business processes by enhancing distributor engagement and productivity. These tools will improve customer engagements, which leads to faster business conversions. Thus helping companies as well as distributors and party sales consultants like Sarah.

The five best direct selling tools for your business explained

Let’s see five best direct selling solutions to continue marketing and expanding by finding more prospects in any crisis. These remote working tools enable people to work from anywhere, anytime, with flexibility.

  1. Marketing Suite
  2. Virtual Party Sales Prototype
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  4. Intelligent Business Tools
  5. Distributor Training Suite

1. Marketing Suite - Empower the value of marketing with 10x faster growth

The value of marketing and its impact reflects the growth scale of direct selling business.

According to Adestra’s Marketer vs. Machine, “Marketers say the biggest benefits of automation are saving time (74%), increased customer engagement (68%), more timely communications (58%), and increased opportunities, including up-selling (58%).”

What is a marketing suite?

Marketing suite to promote MLM products and services

A marketing suite is more a collection of tools to promote the products and services of a network marketing company.

The suite consists of social media management and tracking, email marketing, lead capture campaign management, A/B testing tools, referral & affiliate marketing management, and more.

The marketing suite is useful for direct selling companies as well as distributors respectively with maximum effectiveness. MLM companies can set marketing goals with benchmarks, and track the progress to ensure active participation from distributors.

“The ideal suite of marketing is more like a machine which roars in the track. It nurtures the leads smoothly as if you’re shifting the gears, finds the best marketing channels by racing through different tracks, converts the leads by reaching the destination in time with great comfort.”

What are the benefits of using a marketing suite?

A marketing suite enables quick transformation from traditional marketing to a data-driven marketing strategy. Every group involved in network marketing can use this suite to manage their social media marketing promotion, referral marketing, lead capture campaigns, and other promotional tools.etc.

The insights gained from marketing analytics help companies make smarter decisions. The core concept of network marketing viz building and widening the network becomes easier. Even a rookie in this business model will feel comfortable to progress through the career.

Here are some of the uses of a marketing suite in your network marketing business.

  1. Organize your marketing process from one place.
  2. Implement personalized marketing to deliver individualized content for prospects.
  3. Discover the best marketing channels suitable for your business.
  4. Increase social media engagement by tracking the analytics.
  5. Refine the marketing process using filters.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Build more substantial and lifelong customer relationship

According to Nuclear research, CRM provides an average return of $8.71 for every dollar spent.

The scope of an advanced MLM CRM software is enormous, and it is one of the best sales funneling methods with many features.

What is an MLM CRM feature?

CRM to manage direct sales leads and customers

MLM CRM system will help companies to manage all their prospects in one place. The system helps organize lead management, customer activity tracker, sales pipeline potential, sales goal conversions, identify lead sources, and campaign management.

“Everything revolves around the central element - customers. Every other aspect like follow up, client interaction analysis, customer tracking, target marketing, feedback management, etc. branches to the nuclei. The more the branches, the more powerful a CRM will be. Be as powerful as it helps to master your business.”

What are the benefits of using MLM CRM features?

MLM CRM provides a wide range of benefits. Let’s see them one after another based on various features.

  • Simplify the entire process from prospecting to closing a sale.
  • Manage existing and potential customers from a single system.
  • Increase customer retention and acquisition rates.
  • Manage internal sales activities and marketing network from the dashboard.
  • Helps to achieve a better customer-centric strategy in the business.

How does the CRM feature help your company and distributor network?

Apart from contact management, MLM CRM gives insights about every segment of the direct sales business with system-generated reports. The system generates different reports to improve sales funneling. These reports help direct sales companies in smart decision-making.

Let’s see more ways a CRM system can boost your company and distributor network.

  • Ensure zero customer loss with automatic reminders regarding appointments and follow-ups.
  • Manage and prioritize different tasks for distributors.
  • Analyze the campaign profitability from time-to-time using focused targeting and customer segmentation.
  • Raise after-sales invoices without any delay and send it to customers.
  • Enable faster sales conversions from qualified leads using proper customer-to-sales funneling.

3. Intelligent Business Tools - Ensure your growth by making the right decisions at the right time

So far, we have learned about different remote working tools available to assure uninterrupted direct selling opportunities. It’s time to know the importance of analyzing the remote working tools and check if they are working well for you or not. Also, you need to recognize what you were missing in the past.

Let me ask you some questions? The answer to these questions helps you evaluate your business and ease your decision-making process.

  • How is your network marketing business performing now compared to previous years?
  • Are you able to analyze every aspect of your business effectively?
  • Are you running your business by managing a stable ratio between commission flow and business profit?
  • Are you able to meet the expectations of your customers with products and services that are actually in marketing demand?
  • What’s trending in your business?

Are you able to answer these questions? If not, you must be making decisions without actually analyzing your business.

Intelligent business tools provide a solution by analyzing the data.

“Data is everything, it adds life to the world of analytics. A puzzle won’t be solved unless we collect and arrange every piece in place. Here, data in business helps us to solve the puzzle and end the game to progress to the next levels.”

What is an intelligent business tool?

Business intelligence for business data analysis

You need an element called ‘intelligence’ to analyze your business. It’s not a wise choice to check all the aspects of business manually, and it’s more a time-consuming aspect! An intelligent system engineered with perfection stands up to this task.

The intelligent business tool is an MLM business analytics tool that helps companies to analyze their business based on different parameters. The system does this job for you, stay relaxed, and understand what happens in your business from the insights generated by the system.

What are the benefits of using MLM Intelligent business features?

“Companies in the top three spots in their industry that rely on data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% profitable than their competitors.” (FinancesOnline)

Intelligent business tools help direct sales companies to provide useful insights based on the following factors.

  • Business performance with different KPIs
  • Profitability statistics
  • Low revenue alerts
  • Business sales flow
  • Predictive analytics

Analyze more aspects to provide accurate reports. These insights improve the chances of product selling with future forecasting. The system will help companies to adjust the workflow based on the trends in the industry and forecasting details.

Actionable insights, that’s what the system delivers. Become a smart player among direct selling companies and carry on without any interruptions. It is crucial to analyze the business using intelligent modules. It improves remote working abilities that satisfy customer demand.

How does the intelligent business tool help your company and distributor network?

An overall improvement of business can be easily attained using intelligent tools. Here are some of the advantages you will gain using this tool.

  • Make data-driven decisions for the future by eliminating the guesswork.
  • Analyze business performance over a glance from the dashboard.
  • Make accurate sales planning and forecasting using business data.
  • Know the top performers and leaders by analyzing distributor performance.
  • Identify the weak performing areas of the business with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analyzer

The feature is going to help companies in molding the best for network marketing business.

4. Distributor Training Suite - In-depth learning to unlock new business opportunities

Training is the primary element a direct selling company must provide to its consultants. It’s essential to make the team understand what they sell as well as how to sell the products or services. It also helps them to enhance the personal skills acquired through direct selling.

Always consider training as one of the key benefits in network marketing and is in demand.

“Hands-on training: putting his feet to the fire.

There's nothing like training with someone until they CAN do it.”

Hear from the expert, Tim Sales, a trainer, author and speaker in the network marketing industry considers ‘training’ as one of the 13 top benefits of network marketing.

What is a distributor training suite?

Distributor training suite for efficient MLM network

Training suites help companies to train their distributors using a learning management system. Companies can provide training using various learning materials manageable from the back-end system. After using the training feature, the distributors get to know in-depth about the company products/services.

A system with a training suite lets companies maintain the flow from beginning to the expansion stage, where everyone becomes an expert in what they sell. Isn’t that what you want to include in your system? A network of growth hackers expertized in innovative marketing style.

Training is everything, and an advanced learning management platform is the key to achieve it.

“The potential of practice endorses physical attention as well as imagination skills. As these two factors improve, the confidence level automatically boosts to make the best out of us. In-depth knowledge through learning and practical application of what one learned increases performance.”

What are the benefits of using a distributor training feature?

Distributors in network marketing are the key assets, they are the messengers to reach new prospects. Thereby, increase sales volume. Let’s see how a distributor training program benefits the company and the distributors.

  • The distributor network understands the right strategy for marketing and sales.
  • Learn in-depth about the company, products, or services to improve the quality of sales.
  • Companies can evaluate their distributors and choose suitable measures to improve those who fail to clear each benchmark.
  • Companies add existing customers while introducing new business strategies if required.
  • Distributors and company relationships become more closer as the team will be able to get personal experience about the brand.

How does the distributor training module help your company and distributor network?

  • Companies are no longer required to organize an orientation program every time a new distributor joins the network.
  • A dedicated trainee is no more required, which minimizes the training cost for each session.
  • Companies can add any type of content like pdf, slides, images, training videos, and live classes for training.
  • Distributors will be able to access the learning materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Companies can run the training process infinite times for every new joinee; a single investment useful forever.

In short, companies can add an entire LMS module to the training feature, if required by the network marketing companies.

5. Virtual Party Sales Prototype - Never limit your business, step ahead to future without any hindrance

If the consultants feel it’s unsafe to organize a party sale at their home inviting all the guests, then that’s a limitation. People then found an alternative method by hosting sales parties through social media platforms like Facebook.

It’s the limitations in social media party sales campaigns that created a breakthrough to propose the virtual party sales prototype. The retention rate is a narrow aspect of the social media party sales campaign. A mature system can organize the sales party, sell the products, payment process, and much more.

Thanks to the virtual sales party prototype, the limitations are no more limitations anymore.

How exactly can I organize a virtual sales party for my party sales company? Won't my consultants feel challenged to use it? Will the guests feel a real-life experience in a virtual environment?

What is a virtual party sales prototype?

Tools for virtual party sales

The virtual sales party prototype created by Team Epixel helps companies to organize a virtual sales party. Like the normal scenario, the party consultant will host a party by inviting guests. The only difference from the conventional model is that guests won’t need to attend the party physically.

The consultants and the guests can experience a real-time party environment remotely from the comfort of their homes.

The products get displayed on the screen before the guests, and the party host gives a marketing presentation. The real-time chat system enables live interactions throughout the exhibition.

Guests can book or buy products after the presentation, or refer new people to the system. The consultants who joined through references can request and host their own virtual sales party.

Distributors can manage and schedule all these tasks from the dashboard itself. This prototype improves sales party growth faster by organizing virtual parties.

Learn more details about the virtual sales party

What are the benefits of using a virtual party sales prototype?

The major benefits of using a virtual sales party prototype are as follows.

  • A cost-effective method for organizing a sales party.
  • It helps consultants to ensure the crisis won't affect their living.
  • Enjoy organizing a sales party by inviting N' number of guests.
  • Automate sales party from top-to-bottom which includes sales, contact management, booking, shipment, etc.

How does the virtual party sales prototype help your company and distributor network?

  • Record the event for making way for improvements in the upcoming sales party events.
  • Host sales parties with global participation.
  • Introduce more number of products in a single party environment.
  • Customizable features based on the requirements.

The final words

All the above features serve the best for your direct selling business with an optimal solution. Enhancement has to be made based on the usage-adaption ratio. Direct selling businesses require the best strategy to cope with any crisis, and technology plays a vital role in achieving this goal.

The present story gave us enough headaches by locking us inside the four walls of our home. The lack of opting for a digital solution that enables ‘do not disturb business’ strategy made most of the direct selling companies handicapped.

This crisis must not repeat in the future. We must prepare ourselves, expecting the worst. With more remote working tools backed with advanced technology, direct selling businesses will thrive. You have heard the unfortunate experience of Sarah. The voice of these salespeople demands a new adoption that settles things. I’ll be adding similar tools in the upcoming blogs to help you make things right.


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