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Lead Capturing Campaign feature integration through MLM Software

Generating leads in business is always the toughest task to proceed with, without leads an organization will deplete away from business and land onto a pit of “Start and end at the same time” phase. So, let it be handled by a dedicated feature that can replace paperwork and capture new leads for your networking business.

Use the lead campaign feature from Epixel network marketing software, and create a new lead generation page for promoting and thereby capturing new leads. Epixel network marketing software can organize every campaign and the status of the leads, progress of new leads, the source of generated leads etc.

Design your own lead creation page

Promotional page or index page is the entry point for a successful campaign, here using a little HTML coding you can create a wonderful promo page that can attract heavy traffic and thereby potential leads.

The home page thus made, will be able to attract new customers and the submitted details from the leads can be organized and managed using the lead capture tool. These leads can be later converted into potential clients and thereby be extending your network.

You can view the complete details like from which social media platform the lead is generated, history of all campaigns organized under you, qualified leads etc. We recommend you to take a glance through our demo and understand the included features of lead capture tool.

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