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Why Consulting Play a Major Role in Multilevel Marketing?

Complex Compensations

Only a perfect compensation structure can deliver the expected results.

Technical Complications

Advanced technology platform preps you to meet the challenges in your growing business.

Distributor Management

Right strategies will increase the odds of distributor engagement and retention.

Tailor-made MLM and Direct Selling Services We Offer

Software Solutions

The crucial element and a deciding factor in a business’s success, well-structured technical solutions help meet the challenges and growing demands of MLM and direct selling industries.

MLM Software for All Compensation Plans

We create fully customizable MLM solutions that leverages the full potential of standard MLM compensation plans.

Direct Sales Software

Scalable direct selling solution to track sales, profits, expenses and distributor performance on a single online platform.

Party Plan MLM Software

Power up your consultants’ home parties with an online platform to organize, manage and host successful MLM parties.

Find the right software solution for your business

Compensation Plan Solutions

We understand the intricacies involved in MLM compensations. We help you plan, design, and develop sturdy MLM compensations for establishing stable businesses on scalable MLM platforms.

MLM Plan Consultation

Develop and build your MLM business with a flawless compensation plan that is inline with your business goals.

MLM Plan Development

Develop sturdy MLM plans that are scalable and sustainable for your ever expanding network marketing business.

MLM Plan

We evaluate your MLM plan for loop holes or flaws that might hamper the growth of your direct selling business.

Evaluate your business plan with our consultant

Distributor Engagement and Retention Solutions

Engage and retain your distributors and cut short distributor acquisition costs. We design and execute the plan while you enjoy managing your business profits.

Distributor Training

Train your distributors with industry-best training practices and personalized training programs.

Distributor Leadership Development

Help your distributors boost their leadership skills with competent distributor programs.

Distributor Onboarding

Design a simple and engaging distributor onboarding process for your network.

Customer Acquisition and Retention Solutions

Revitalize your customer strategies and accelerate your onboarding process with the right customer-oriented solutions. Retain and activate your customers with fitting programs and nurture campaigns.

Customer Onboarding

Create an unforgettable brand experience for your new customers with a smart customer onboarding program.

Inactive Customer Activation

Cheer up your customer interests and react quickly to your customer concerns with real-time issue redressal.

Customer retention

Accelerate your Customer Lifetime Value with hyper-personalized brand experience.

And everything in between to get your ground running!!!

The complete MLM product showcase

Our Consultation Lifecycle

We run your business concept through a multi-layered process before we hand over the blueprint, all set to launch.


We run a feasibility study to evaluate the assumptions and constraints of your business plan and devise a viable solution.


An in-depth analysis of the business benefits, costs, risks, and issues are made and adequate measures are outlined.

Designing and Development

On successful completion of the study, the plan is drafted and sent for your approval. On successful approval, we will assign the project to our design and development team who will take it further.


The plan is summarized for implementation with a detailed schedule and financial analysis. Back-to-back analysis and split tests are conducted by our technical experts to assure the quality and stability of the plan.

Monitor, Measure, and Evolve

After we deliver, we will still keep a close watch on your business performance. We measure the potency of your compensation plan, its impact on your business and make adequate refinements for continuous improvement.

Seamless Support

We assure you of an uninterrupted support system to get past your challenges right from business initiation to successful business management.

We have served 200+ satisfied clients in over 80 countries spanning across 5 continents.

Epixel MLM Consulting Reviews

We value our clients' feedback, it plays a significant role in improving our system.

4.6/5 121 Google reviews

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