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MLM Recruiting software is a platform that simplifies onboarding, training, and management of MLM distributors effectively, with intelligent and automated tools. It is a scalable platform that easily adapts to your expanding distributor base.

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Recruit more members to your network marketing business with Epixel MLM Recruiting Software

  • Manage all recruits in one place
  • Scalable platform to meet future growth
  • Innovation and technology security guaranteed

MLM network builder. MLM prospect scanning. MLM recruiting analytics.

Tools to find prospects faster

Enlarge your distributor network for your multi-level marketing business with the advanced recruiting tools available in Epixel Multi Level Marketing Suite. The struggle to expand the MLM business is over, no more worries; the power of recruiting is now within your hands.

The prospect finder: 3 simple steps to find prospects faster

Become the best MLM recruiter for your MLM business with the right set of automation tools

Transforming your MLM business to become global giants in the industry with advanced MLM recruiting system

Find mlm opportunities by scanning lead data
Prospect scanning

Our system supports both offline and online MLM recruitment opportunities from the lead sources and also suggests the right marketing channel. Prospect scanning is enabled in default for your promotional system and identifies the prospects from the data.

Promotional tools to outreach global audience
Intelligent promotion suite

The right way to find prospects is by connecting to a higher number of people globally. Our intelligent promotion suite provides social media marketing, referral link sharing, lead capture pages, etc. to achieve the MLM recruiting goals.

Get notification when customers respond
Response alerts

Never miss out on a prospecting or recruiting opportunity, ensure it with response alerts in our MLM recruiting system. Enable this service, and you will get auto-alerts for any response received via emails, social media channels, etc.

Convert leads to customers with regular follow-up
Lead management

It’s important to follow up with your potential customers filtered from the promotional channels. Generate and manage leads with regular follow ups and then never run out of recruits with a 100% guarantee for your efforts.

Connect customers through email
Email prospecting

The most effective tool used to help you connect unlimited customers and find prospecting signals from the responses. With Mailchimp or similar mass email services, you can easily send unlimited prospecting emails by designing a single email template.

Get insights on recruiting goal conversion
Recruiting analytics

Like sales and business analytics, it’s important to analyze your recruits properly and get useful insights. With this tool, you can analyze offline and online recruiting, recruitment goal conversions, compare with previous months/year, best performers, etc.

Properly train the distributors to make them proactive
Distributor training tools

Help and mentor your distributor team by providing proper training on member recruiting. Track the progress and ensure a proactive network with high chances of analyzing recruiting opportunities.

Find more MLM software features

Convince your crowd with right automation techniques

Follow our simple 7-step MLM recruiting process to enable 20x faster recruiting

Target unlimited audience
Set recruiter goals You can set the recruiter numbers up to unlimited value.
Drive customers through multi-channel promotion
Use promotion suite Use the promotion suite and drive recruits from multiple channels.
Identify best marketing channel by analyzing recruiting process
Recruiting analysis Analyze the goal conversions and identify the best-recruiting channels
Supply distributor with task and do follow-up
Follow up leads Assign distributors to follow up tasks and ensure zero decline ratios.
Increase conversion rate by adding boosters
Add boosters Add boosters with special offers to your leads and achieve goal conversion.
Make fruitful relation with MLM CRM
MLM CRM Achieve a life-long or never-ending business relationship with your customers.
Become a million-dollar MLM company
Become a million-dollar MLM company Follow all these steps to become a million-dollar MLM company.
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MLM mobile recruiting app

Now you can recruit using your mobile device anywhere, anytime, both online and offline.

Recruiting is now easier with Epixel MLM recruiting app available for android and iOS platforms.

  • Easy-navigation
  • MLM team builder
  • Interactive video support
  • One-click report generation
  • Notification & alert management
  • Mobile CRM
  • Neat & clean dashboard
  • Revenue & income tracker
  • Mini-lead management system
  • Distributor training & engagement analyzer
Get your recruiter mobile app now
Recruit from anywhere through your mobile device
  • Mobile CRM
  • Easy-navigation
  • MLM team builder
  • Neat & clean dashboard
  • Revenue & income tracker
  • Interactive video support
  • One-click report generation
  • Mini-lead management system
  • Notification & alert management
  • Distributor training & engagement analyzer
Get your recruiter mobile app now


Is Epixel recruiting software a proven system?

Yes. A proven MLM recruiting system with advanced tools for recruiting and to assure that you never miss out on a single opportunity.

Can I get more leads and recruits using your software?
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How can I increase MLM member recruiting with this software?
Does your software support remote working opportunities?
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