How party plan software tools bring more benefits to the home party business?

How party plan software tools bring more benefits to the home party business?

Nikhil Ravindran
Updated on 08 November 2023
10 min read

Home party business has been around since the 1930s and provides a lucrative opportunity for women. The home party became a new channel for direct marketing but with a vision of group sales. Now, it’s the 21st century and automation is now excelling to improve prospecting.

This article walks through different software tools used by top party plan companies to automate their direct sales business in an advanced way. To understand the tools better, we’ve separated the tools based on three different user-roles. Home party tools help these user-roles to manage, organize, and expand their direct selling business efficiently. An overview of these tools is represented as different bundles and see the benefits of using them in the home-based direct selling business.

Party admin tools

Direct selling, MLM or party sales business, business admin has a great role to play. The abilities and creativeness of the business admin decide the story of a party plan business.

The tools available in the Epixel home party plan software offer the best resource to advance the business. Let’s drill down these tools one after the other and learn what benefits does it bring to the business admin.

Party admin tools

Member Management

The primary concern of a business admin is how to manage their consultants. Consultants host their parties and generate sales based on their performance. The interested guests who attend the parties become potential consultants. Then they host their own party sales event.

There are many benefits of having member management tools. An infinite number of members are manageable without any complexity. Let's see what our system offers to you,

Manage entire consultants/ members effortlessly
Automate member renewals to increase retention rate
Track the member progress by analyzing the reports
Analyze the party conversion volume from time-to-time
Predictive analytics to analyze the consultant persona or behavior
Manage member database efficiently
Customizable member fields, assign tasks, allocate badges, etc.
Target effective communication using member segmentation
Assign members with new parties

It's good to have an actionable dashboard that helps the team analyze the business. This achieves using the most powerful tool - business intelligence.

Business intelligence helps business admin as well as the consultants equally. In party plan business BI comes in handy with different scenarios like:

  • Back-office staff can track the progress of the consultant’s parties
  • The goals achieved by the members
  • View member downlines, etc.

Find more benefits of BI in the following sections.

Party Event Management

Every tool discussed in this article is closely related and represented on the dashboard. Parties are the next kin of the process, and let’s see the tools used to manage home parties efficiently.

Party Event Management

Extra benefits offered for you:

Approve parties based on various parameters
Set these party event parameters as per the rules
Identify the most successful party based on different criteria
Analyze the geo-location and time that converts more leads
Share a dedicated feedback forum for hosts & customers

Rank Configuration Engine

Party admin can configure new rank configuration rules based on the company decisions. The rank criteria can be set based on sales volume, acquired customers, timeline, etc.

Benefits offered for you:

  • Get rank upgrade history via email or reports
  • Modify any rank rules any time
  • Auto-rank downgrades for consultants if criteria are not met in a given time
  • Upgrade consultants to higher ranks using rank vesting feature
  • Party admin can use rank vesting feature for consultants who haven’t met the rank achievement criteria
  • Configure similar special privileges easily
  • Multi-tier ranking system for enterprise system

Product Management

Get proper product insights from intelligent product management tools. Premium tools to enhance the product managing experience of business admin. Improve the quality of products to increase productivity and forecasting can help admin to achieve it.

Sales forecasting based on different factors like product demand, sales flow, etc.

Introducing new product launches based on insights-driven from sales forecasting. Everything a party selling business requires must be there in the system.

Benefits offered for you:

Manage stocks, orders, etc. using robust inventory management tools
Track inventory transparently based on live tracking instead of point-point update
Supports blockchain-based tracking system configuration if necessary
Demand forecasting for products based on top sales
Order management based on the sales produced during the party
Product roadmaps for high flexibility
Customer feedback tools to improve the quality of service

Advanced Payout Engine

Customers should get different payment options as per their preferences. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of every business. So, an advanced payout engine with multiple payment options must be available.

Security is the next big concern, a system that follows major security considerations is always a reliable option.

Compensation payout engines have many other specific characteristics like payment confirmation/rejection, setting a limit to compensation payout, payout reconciliation, country-specific commission payout, etc.

Extra benefits offered for you:

  • Automated commission payment for consultants during the payout cycles.
  • Compensation simulator for quick commission calculations
  • Initiate special payout besides normal payout cycles
  • Configure different commission payout based on the country rules
  • Payout compression to control the company revenue flow by setting a payout capping
  • Automated payout reconciliation helps admin to adjust the compensation errors and proceed further

Generate payout history from time-to-time which includes completed payouts, outstanding payouts, etc.

Party consultant tools

A complete set of tools to help consultants find new prospects, earn more compensation, and eventually build new ways to engage them to create productive relationships. In short, consultants can access a wide range of useful tools to manage the party easily.

Party consultant tools

Intelligent Promotional Tools

At first, product selling parties invite friends and family to the event. Inviting them over a party provides a breakthrough in sales but for how long? Somehow the consultants have to find new prospects outside the circle. Intelligent promotional tools help to get past this stage.

With promotional tools, the consultants can find new marketing channels and make new leads. This method is effective to form new relationships by sending the ad banners online. With an attractive look n’ feel, more guests will accept the invitation to join the party.

Replicated Websites

  • Consultants get a personalized website generated by website replication software to promote party sales by customizing the profiles, banners, showcase products to sell at the party, etc.
  • Consultants can become creative with website content for attracting new prospects
  • Accelerate the party business conversion rate by attracting more customers

Promotional Ad-banners

Promote the sales event with attractive banners
Customers love unique selling points, so focus on it and use them to the banners
These banners can be easily uploaded in any format for promotion
The system will suggest new trends for ad promotions
The performance and conversion of banners are trackable to get useful insights

Social Media Sharing

  • Share all the promotional activities via various social media sharing channels
  • Track the progress of the posts using social media analytics tools from the system
  • Implement efficient social selling strategies to identify the behavior pattern of customers and their engagement with your brand
  • The system generates performance reports to get a proper idea for consultants

Host Party Management

Like the party admin, the consultants have to manage their party events efficiently. Consultants have to check for available dates, decide what products to sell, the best strategy with high conversion rates, join combo sales parties with other guests, and much more.

The preliminary concern of a consultant is the invitation to guest acceptance conversion. By adding their social media profiles, the system helps to analyze a basic behavioral pattern of invitees.

Using the insights driven from the system, consultants can share a personalized note or even a personalized banner that triggers their interests. Positive strategy to improve the chances of high conversion with a personalized touch.

Analytical tools available in our advanced version will improve the potential of consultants. These tools benefit both companies and consultants to maintain a long-term relationship.

Benefits offered for you:

Party search tools one of the most advanced tools to perform multiple tasks
Consultants can easily search nearby parties to fix an available date
Party calendar to pre-schedule a party date based on the availability
Quick invite & send option to invite new customers to party sale events
Business contacts to save the guest data, useful to invite them for new parties with special offers

Genealogy & Network Explorer

It’s important to analyze the downline members alongside offline business strategies. Solo performance might help consultants to gain more personal sales volume. But, to gain commissions from the downline members, the sponsor needs to check the downline performance regularly.

Suppose consultant A hosts a party and one of the guests’ who attended the party conveys his desire to become a host. He then becomes consultant B and hosts his own party. Later on, A hosts another party and a new guest who attended the party becomes a potential consultant. Let her be consultant C, who then hosts her party and makes good sales.

Now, the genealogy tree looks like

The group consists of A and his customers, known as a single generation. Similarly, B and his customers, C and her customers are separate generations. Consultant A gets commissions, not from his generation but also a percentage from the below generations. Thus it’s important to track the sponsored consultants to gain more profit.

Genealogy tree

Genealogy tree helps consultants to view all the downline members including his/her customers, consultants, and their customers. An MLM genealogy tree software helps companies in graphically visualizing a genealogy tree, with a brief summary of each team member.

Network explorer is an alternate view for genealogy tree with similar team overview but with a conventional MLM tree structure.

Auto-curated Finance Tools

The financial status of a business needs to be stable and curated well to assure constant growth. Fund management tools ensure soothe running and error-free calculations to enable precise transactions, fund transfers, etc.

The automated finance tools detect an anomaly, least selling areas, revenue overflow, etc.

Both party admin and consultants can access these tools to analyze the financial structure easily. They can analyze the data from the system generated reports and insights. Make Financial adjustments by checking various parameters, and thereby ensure stability.

Benefits offered for you:

  • Consultants can set financial goals based on intelligent insights
  • Multi-wallets are available to maintain a financial flow
  • Manage investments or business share using ROI tools (if any)

Support Ticket System

Consultants can submit support tickets in case of any necessary support. Consultants can track the status of the support ticket and send thank you notes if resolved.

View support ticket history anytime, anywhere.

Internal Messaging System

Let customers talk to you and then solve their issues using an internal messaging system(IMS). Consultants can also use the IMS feature to chat with the party admin if necessary.

Benefits offered for you:

Establish proper communication with the customers
Interact with customers to maintain proper communication to build a trust
A fruitful relationship with customers benefits for future party sale launches
Customer feel trusted when they get the opportunity to share their product issues with consultants
Chatbots are available to automate support for 24/7, 365 days by overcoming the human limitations

Party guest tools

Individual profiles for guests to track, manage, and get help from the party sales company. Guests can also view and share details of all party sale events. Customers can become new consultants and host their own sales events from the dashboard.

Party guest tools

Benefits offered for you:

Party calendar to check nearby parties
Special offers and coupons redeeming
Manage orders if ordered via the e-commerce store
Track live location of the party and start navigating
Automatic Invoice section after payment processing

A home party plan software is thus equipped with all the advanced features and powered with BI. All the automation process is trackable with business intelligence tools. KPI cards are generated automatically and accessible from the dashboard. Build strategies to address the low-performing areas and improve the home party selling business. Use the automation tools to maximize the efficiency of your network.

The software also comes with other features like an advanced content management system, customer relationship management, lead generation tools, email campaigns, etc.

We also support any API integration as well as country-specific business configurations like multi-currency, multi-languages, compensation, tax rules, etc. Consulting your business idea and running a feasibility study of your products will help you gain a better understanding of how you should develop your home party plan business.

You can also get access to your personalized free demo by contacting our team. Keep in touch, the industry is yet to witness a revolutionary transformation soon!

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