• A Digital Marketing Approach


    Since the beginning of 2020, Infinitus has made digital transformation a priority. Their distributors have seen major changes in the marketing approach since then. Adopting "Enterprise WeChat" was a big step in digitally enhancing face-to-face communication with their customers.

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  • Roles

    Infinitus Online Platform


    The platform has been designed to fully maximise operational efficiency, distributors need only a cellphone to acquire a lead and convert into a buying customer. Infinitus also empowers distributors at three levels:

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  • Infinitus WeStore

    Westore online mall

    Infinitus WeStore is an online mall stocking all Infinitus product categories. Shoppers once they have registered can purchase products online directly from the source.

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    Westore online mall
  • Online Market Assistant

    Marketing Assistant

    Online Market Assistant

    Marketing Assistant is one of Infinitus' virtual assistants on its online platform. With the help of Marketing Assistant distributors can build and manage their online e-store, view user visits, and follow up on the sales. Through the platform, distributors can set up their customer database, follow-up with them, continuously maintain communications online, provide services to their customers, etc.

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  • Jiyouliao - Portable Content Library

    Portable content library

    Distributors can save and share a wide array of informative content such as one-click-access video and posters that are officially released by the company with Jiyouliao, a portable content library. It facilitates the creation of rich content in WeChat Moments to attract customers.

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    Portable content library
  • Social Commerce

    Direct Sales X Social Ecommerce Model

    Social Commerce

    Infinitus' experience has proved that direct selling and social e-commerce are mutually beneficial. The Direct Sales X Social Ecommerce model is an Infinitus innovation. The model adopts new internet-based technologies and methods, as well as big data and digital tools to strengthen customer trust and connection. It is a multiplication of online and offline channels.

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  • Easy Earn Method

    Easy Earn

    Easy Earn method is a new model of social e-commerce. Infinitus has launched the Easy Earn reward system for products that are easy to share and promote, in addition to the original bonus points system. The system rewards the customers with discounts in the form of spending points and sales representatives with bonuses.

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    Easy Earn

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Pineapple One of the direct results of the pandemic is the increased online activities, which have inspired an increased population to raise their income by developing online businesses.

Lam Yu

CEO, Infinitus Global

Pineapple Now is the era of post-epidemic and digital integration. Under such a background, people’s consumer demand for health and wellness is increasingly strong, and the pursuit of digital intelligence services and products has become a trend.

Zhang Ying

Vice President, Infinitus (China)


Total Sales

2023 : $3,500 million


Top Achievements

  • Awarded National Green Factory Status
  • Recognized as One of the Top Employers of China 2024
  • Awardee of 2023 National Business Quality Award

Est. Commission Payout

Second:   $0
Minute:   $0
Hour:   $0
Day:   $0
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November 9, 2021
Infinitus Celebrates Grand Opening of Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza
Infinitus Celebrates Grand Opening of Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza
October 10, 2020
Infinitus Awarded the "Asia Pacific's Most Valuable Companies 2020-2021"
Infinitus Awarded the
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