Difference Between a Distributor and a Leader in Network Marketing?

Difference between a distributor and a leader in network marketing?

Nikhil Ravindran
31 May, 2019

This article will give you a definite guide about the difference between a distributor and a leader in a network marketing business. Network marketing is a real opportunity and not everyone realizes this fact and omits such opportunities. The industry is popular and offers a real opportunity among people who like to make their life better with financial stability.

Let’s have a look at the difference between distributors and leaders profile in the network marketing industry.

Who are distributors in network marketing?

Distributors play a vital part of a network marketing team and they contribute about half the revenue of network marketing business. Yes, distributors aren’t a long-term asset, people come and go. Often the formula work with new people where the old guns go out once they lose their interest.

Being productive is the signs of a good distributor and these people find product selling as an income-driven opportunity either as a part-time job or secondary income source. With little effort, this sort of business can do wonders and new distributors in the network need to understand or realize this fact. Not every distributor left with right skills for making others realize this fact and if they do then they are potential leaders and let’s see who they are.

Leaders – who are these people in network marketing?

Everyone who is a part of this MLM business is having ordinary powers and doesn’t have superpowers. It’s their skills that make the difference, if the distributors have the skills to lead the team by all means then they are the true leaders of the pack.

Many network marketing companies achieved a spot in the top 100 network marketing company list with the help of such leaders. These leaders do have the ability to make a profitable business growth by,

  • Motivating the team and making a positive environment
  • Provide enough training to mold the distributors as leaders
  • Filter out leaders and potential leaders from the pack and much more.

There are many things that a leader can achieve with his/her leadership qualities, and what exactly are they?

  • Learn the profession completely and then provide the details to the whole team
  • Make everyone realize the opportunity before them
  • Show them the genuine side of the business
  • Training the whole team by giving all the required information (company details, product details, etc.)
  • Provide the team with success tips
  • A leader must set goals and track the progress

The power of a leader is thus enormous and very much explosive.

The key differences between a distributor & a leader

In simple words, a good leader is always a good distributor but not every distributor is a good leader. Leadership skills are to be developed and a key set of differences will be

  • Distributors don’t stay for a long period of time but a leader does stay for long
  • The growth rate will be progressive but not stable every time whereas a leader can create a steady flow in terms of growth rate
  • A leader contributes more in terms of income as he/she can make people train and make them self-efficient to become leaders.
  • Finding the best among the network and providing enough support to the weak is also the sign of a good leader
  • A distributor won’t show any effort to help others to achieve what he/she achieved
  • Problem-solving skills are often shown from the leaders but not every distributor open up with any such solutions
  • Setting the goals for everyone in the network isn’t a concern of a distributor but a leader does care of these things
  • Leaders alone help to provide a balance between product-users from inside and outside of the network

No businesses have ever survived long without such leaders and the contribution always comes from their end.

Well, apart from the distributor and leader profile, there is yet another profile to explore and that will be the customers.

Customers usually never get proceed to the next level i.e. they never like to become distributors and they just use it for their needs and satisfaction. If at all they become distributors, they just refer the product to their friends in case they liked it.

A leader can make them convert into distributors and later on, as good leaders who make the network marketing the best way to earn and mingle with more people. The trust factor can be thus introduced among the customers with a genuine feeling.

What we personally recommend for you?

We have been there in the industry for more than ten years and we have some personal recommendations for you.

  • Try to become a good leader no matter what package you choose to join
  • Always trust your instincts and give everyone the priority they deserve to get
  • Give enough motivation orally as well as in terms of compensations
  • Choose the best marketing plan that gives profit to both teams as well as the organization
  • Try to face challenges and stay strong
  • Have problem-solving skills and try to upgrade the communication skills for a better future

There are many things you can perform to become the best leader who performs pretty well in terms of product selling. So, in short, be a good leader and thereby show the organization how much valuable you are!

Hope you understood the difference between a leader and a distributor!

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