Why is technology important in your direct selling business?

Why is technology important in your direct selling business?

Nikhil Ravindran
Updated on 02 May 2023
7 min read

Digital transformation has enabled a new horizon in every type of business and the benefits of this transformation are highly in demand. Here is an interesting stats for you,

The benefits gained from the digital transformation include a 40% increase in operational efficiency, 36% faster marketing, and a 35% increase in customer satisfaction rate.

Interesting, isn’t it?

The above stats show how technology has helped the business to gain the prominence they always required. Direct selling is no different. With direct sales tools that has advanced and innovative technology solutions, the business will find a new tone.

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By reading this article you will understand;

Let’s narrate each of the above points one after the other.

Understanding the value of technology: The basics

Why do we build a basement for our houses and buildings? Obviously, you know the reason and the importance of having a basement. If you are capable of understanding the value of a basement, then why are you lazy when it comes to your business?

Direct selling or MLM business needs proper management and organizing capabilities. That’s the basics or the basement we must lay before thinking to grow big. How far can we work using the old paper management system? It’s possible to a certain extent, Am I right?

As the business expands beyond the capabilities of management, we require some help from the automation side. What if we integrate technology from the beginning itself with a basic plan? Won’t that be the best to lay the foundation we always require at the next stages of our business journey?

Manage the direct selling business through automation

Yes, we must consider implementing technology for our business. A direct selling business involves a large group of people who market the products using different marketing channels.

The product selling company needs to pay for marketing professionals (distributors) based on their network marketing plan. The bonuses, commissions, and related compensation payments need to be provided at the right time.

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How can someone manage a direct selling or network marketing business with a group of 50+ distributors? That too without the use of technology? It’s a challenging job and the old days are long gone, the lifestyle we follow demands us to earn more in less time.

Business like direct selling enhances your distributors' personal skills in different ways. Technology adds fuel to the process by helping your teams become more competent and advanced. It helps your salesforce stay current on the trends and competition in the marketplace.

All these factors (you will see more of them as you progress through this article) adds more value to build a foundation i.e. one must understand the value of technology!

DOs and DON’Ts: A debate

If two groups have different opinions about a topic or something else, then there arises the villainous strike, we call it the debate. While choosing a technology, you need to analyze many things.

Upon analyzing, you will reach the final conclusion. It is based on this conclusion that you'll make a decision to adopt the technology which your business needs. To help this segment or decision-making process easier, we have created a DOs and DON’Ts list for you.

DOs and DON’Ts while choosing technology

Choose a brand that can be trusted Get the software for cheaper value
Proven system A brand with a bad customer experience history
Customizable features and functionalities No preference for innovation
A demo to make a primary assessment of the product/service A brand with no after-sales support
The platform used to build the software/plugin No proper communication channels, less clarity in understanding your needs
Customer and after-sales support coverage period Brand offering solution for only a certain part of your technical problems
Choose a brand that can be trusted
Proven system
Customizable features and functionalities
A demo to make a primary assessment of the product/service
The platform used to build the software/plugin
Customer and after-sales support coverage period
Get the software for cheaper value
The brand with a bad customer experience history
No preference for innovation
A brand with no after-sales support
No proper communication channels, less clarity in understanding your needs
Brand offering solution for only a certain part of your technical problems

There arises too many questions in our mind and what you have to do is list them out one after the other. In the end, try asking these questions to your technology providers and check whether you are receiving the right answer that satisfies your needs or not.

Benefits of choosing the right technology partner: The growth hackers

As mentioned above, consider a team that provides you a complete list of DOs and answers to all your questions. To be precise, a team that can provide solutions for all your problems. An experienced brand will always foresee and consider solutions for all the problems that may arise in the future. Do you need more clarification on what I just mentioned to you?

Think about your business, you begin the journey at a small-scale level, and gradually, you aim to grow to the next phases. The problems that you have to consider will be,

  • The capability of the technology to scale your business
  • Concurrent issues that may arise once the business start to grow
  • Is my customer’s data safe?
  • What about the security aspects?
  • Is payment automation accurate? Are there any errors in the compensation calculation?
  • How can I project the future scope of my business?

Many issues arise in your mind and you need proper answers. Here are some of the possible solutions you may require right now after reading the above information. Like I mentioned earlier, an experienced brand will foresee these issues and provide you with a solution.

Free MLM calculator tool to project the scope of your business

The security considerations or compliances a software must possess

The automation tools available to make business easier

Case studies about problems and its solutions

The actual scope of your business: Self-actualization

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-actualization stays at the top tier based on needs. After getting satisfied with the basic or deprivation needs, the next comes the stage of growth.

In terms of business, the primary requirements need to be satisfied to think about real growth time. A real potential can be unlocked once the minimum level of needs is satisfied. In terms of business, the proposed hierarchy of needs look like,

The 5 levels of business requirements to achieve growth
(Hierarchy of business needs)

Every level matters and the technology as said earlier acts as the basement alongside other factors.

You can understand the real scope or potential of business during the journey.

Let’s make things brighter with a use-case.

Road map to victory in the direct selling business

The 5 stages of direct selling business growth using technology

Mr. & Mrs. A found their way to the top of the solid MLM companies list. How did they achieve this position?

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They followed the hierarchy by satisfying all the basic needs and then, they grew up with self-actualization about their product selling. They achieved it because they followed two main factors - The right people and the right technology.

If you want to be on the list or even in the top lifetime earners list in network marketing then, you need to follow all the above points.

This article is more a guide to a successful brand journey.

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