A critical challenge for direct selling companies is to educate, entertain and engage their distributors, all at the same time. The company got in touch with us for a long-term solution that could also empower their distributors with extended productivity.


Our client, a growing company in the health and wellness sector, approached us with a rise in distributor attrition rates and a fall in their sales conversions. While they pointed to the inefficiency of their commission management system to generate accurate commission payments on time, research analysts at Epixel took a deeper look and found that the cause lay well beyond that.

The existing system was not built to include distributors on all levels—onboarding, training, and engaging. Blending them into the system was the real challenge faced by the company. Their system lacked a crucial distributor engagement system with their distributors finding it hard to acquire customers and bring sales. An inefficient training module caused recurring legal and regulatory compliance issues.


We automated the commission engine to accommodate a growing distributor base. The commission engine now processes real-time payouts without the need for admins to enter the commission and bonus details each time. It was built with an end in mind. Ewallets and multiple payment gateways made the payment process transparent, quicker, and easier. The system generated insights based on commission analysis which in turn is helping our client manage a sustainable compensation structure.

The newly developed distributor module is simple on the onboarding process making it easier for distributors and customers to experience a smooth and swift onboarding. The optimized distributor training module built with micro-learning and gamified training sessions improved average test scores and training completion percentages.

The new and improved marketing module also helped distributors create attractive banner ads and email newsletters without having the need for high-end design skills. They could choose from a range of available templates designed separately for newsletters, banner ads, and product launches. An automated social media scheduler and event calendar kept their routines organized and their profile active across various social media channels.

Each distributor was given an individual yet comprehensive view of their performance and of their respective downlines in a neatly organized genealogy tree. The MLM genealogy software is a visual tool that gives distributors a detailed view of their downlines, their sales, commissions, and bonuses. This also helped distributors efficiently manage their downlines.

A centralized content management system helped distributors access content easily and also ensured their outgoing content is strictly in line with the compliance policies of the company.

Expected Results

Engagement rate

Improved payout success rates

Compliance level

Improved training completion rates

Reduced CAC

Reduced distributor attrition rates

Engagement rate

Elevated engagement rates

Compliance level

Higher compliance level

Reduced CAC

Significant reduction in CAC


Generate crucial engagement insights to rebuild distributor engagement

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