In the highly competitive direct sales ecommerce landscape, establishing business is easy while maintaining a steady success rate is really tough. With each dropping customer or distributor, the rate falls sharply depriving companies of their share of success. However hard they struggle to compete with innovative tools and fresher strategies, what steers success is undoubtedly a strong base of trusted customers and distributors.


An ecommerce retailer in the direct sales industry with quality products and a handsome distributor base suddenly witnessed fluctuating distributor numbers which resulted in an increase in customer attrition rates. Even with competitive marketing strategies, they were unable to establish their products across to their target audience.

A disengaged salesforce was their prime concern together with a complex purchase process. Despite various efforts made to meet distributor demands, they couldn’t see any improvement in the engagement rates. They had ample traffic to their website but the bounce rate almost toppled the visitor rate. Before they approached us, they had tried different promotions, offers, and discounts to keep their salesforce and customers together but it did not work up to their expectations.

A detailed analysis made it clear that the problems lay not in their strategies but in the way they implemented them. This made it difficult for their customers and distributors to connect with the brand. We understood that the solution we were expected to design was not a one-way street but rather a two-way process. A process that engages and encourages the distributors at the same time delivers a seamless experience for its customers.


The development experts at Epixel worked out a solution that could simultaneously educate and engage their distributors while keeping their customers entertained and satisfied. It was no easy task to streamline a disengaged salesforce.

The ecommerce platform we designed, concentrated on distributor engagement right from the onboarding phase throughout their customer acquisition journey. We gamified their training modules with leaderboards and rewards for each completed training module. This encouraged distributors to complete their training in a shorter time span. Introducing a loyalty program module further accelerated their brand loyalty and engagement.

Rewards and loyalty module for customers was tailor-made based on past customer data keeping in mind their pain points and brand expectations. The module improved brand trust and comparatively reduced the attrition rate. We simplified the purchase process with complete purchase and payment assistance with visual engagement tools integrated to eliminate confusion throughout their purchase process.

The ecommerce platform also had a series of digital tools that delivered an omnichannel customer experience making their ecommerce journey seamless and smooth. The CRM module integrated exclusively for ecommerce gathers data from across channels gifting a personalized purchase journey for their customers. This personalization capability improved their customer lifetime value giving the brand a much needed uplift.

Features implemented for distributor and customer engagement

Gamification for engagement

Gamified engagement modules

Live chat

Live chat integration

Module for visual engagement

Visual engagement module

CRM integration for ecommerce

Ecommerce CRM integration

Email notifications

Email notifications

SMS notifications

SMS notifications

Push notifications

Push notifications

Offer notifications

Offer notifications

Expected Results

Engagement rate

Increased customer retention

Compliance level

Increased customer loyalty

Reduced CAC

Improved customer engagement

Engagement rate

Decreased distributor attrition

Compliance level

Increased distributor engagement


Fighting daunting challenges with a disengaged salesforce? We can set it right.

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