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What is meant by Genealogy tree in network marketing

It’s the distributors and customers who keeps the business growth steady! Network marketing is more relying on the above two member side and their contribution directly highlights the winning status of product selling business. If that is the case then what’s the role of a genealogy tree in product business? Let me give you proper idea about it with a brief explanation.

So, what exactly is genealogy tree and why is it heard over and over in network marketing? With a vague idea on the important terminologies, it's just another ordinary day in network marketing and when you are introduced to automation, specifically, a network marketing software you must have good knowledge about its working.

It won't be easy to binge-watch the complete series of engaging business moments and you certainly need a network marketing software with genealogy tree features and it's the network structure that let you manage the complete list of distributors and customers.

Genealogy tree is basically a feature that allows the whole system to be available in the tree-like structure with most of the information included. Basically, a genealogy tree is something that keeps rolling the whole business structured under various branches through member information. You all might be familiar with the family tree and it does have all the family member line-up aligned in the order of the head of the group. their siblings, granddaughter etc. etc..

Similar stuff is maintained here in genealogy tree also with little modification and detailed data availability. Here, let's consider a scenario where a 'user A' joins the network and after joining the team, he/she sponsor new members into the network. Here, through the genealogy tree, all the relevant information will be available which contains,

  • Parent user details
  • Sponsor details
  • Direct downlines
  • Referral downlines
  • Rank of the member etc.

These details pop up on the screen with just a cursor movement and with just a minute expansion the whole member line-up will be displayed. The details let the members to understand the working profile of the members and thereby accelerate the working efforts.

It's an effective way and this is how genealogy tree works in network marketing, this is just the beginning of another big revolution and to make things more appreciable a dedicated network marketing demo is showcased and with the credentials available with it, you shall login and check out the working with proper assistance.

The tree of business life...!

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