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MLM Commission Software is a software system that helps organizations build error-free commission configurations and automates payout for each commission payment cycle ensuring accuracy and making the process transparent. It also helps with the tracking and calculation of commissions based on specific compensation plans and other defined metrics adopted by MLM organizations.

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Process complex MLM commission calculations easier

Advanced commission processing engine with customizable commission configuration modules

Configure commission calculation rules with Epixel MLM Commission Software. The system brings error-free configurations and automates payout for each commission payment cycle. Stay relaxed, let the system worry about the complex commission calculations following every criterion.

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Health evolution

Configure the compensation structure based on your business rules

Motivate your distributors by configuring multiple commissions and make them proactive

Understand business status by analyzing sales and commission payout
Sales-commission analytics

Business admin can analyze the company sales to commission payment ratio to understand the business status. Commission rules can be adjusted based on the insights derived from analytics at any time.

Assign and track business goals of distributors
Goal conversions

Learn the milestones achieved by the company based on the distributor production for every commission payment cycle. Based on goal conversions, new personalized goals can be configured to ensure more business conversions.

Compare present and previous commission payouts
Commission predictive analytics

Like sales-commission analytics, it is important to make decisions for the future based on the business data. Commission predictive analytics provide business forecasting insights by comparing present commission data with the previous payout cycles.

Track the performance of each distributor
Distributor commission tracker

Track the business engagements and production made by each distributor in your network. Provide them insights about their contributions and encourage the low performers with our highly recommended engagement tools to make them proactive.

Set levels of commission percentage for distributors
Rank configurations

Set the percentage of commissions to be paid for your distributors based on different levels. Promote the distributors to higher ranks based on the sales and increase their commission volume that matches their efforts.

Configure commission payout cycle
Configurable commission payouts

Set the commission payout cycle and pre-schedule the payment based on the production. An exclusive commission calendar is provided to set the commission payment date as well as to check the previous payments easily.

Aren’t you satisfied with your present commission calculation MLM system? Are you planning to migrate to a premium MLM software that performs faster and can take your business to next level? No worries, we are providing complete migration services, a premium system without missing your present business data and configurations. So, what are you waiting for? Migrate to Epixel MLM software now.

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Your compensation plan, your commission criteria

Choose the best compensation plan that suits your MLM/direct selling business and set your compensation criteria easily

Commission processing rules can be configured based on the compensation plan you want to implement in your system. We follow a simple 5-step process to help you set up your exclusive MLM commission software without any ambiguity.

Choose a suitable MLM plan for your business
Choose suitable MLM compensation plan
Provide us the complete MLM commission details
Quote us with commission configuration rule details
Decide when MLM commission is paid
Decide when to pay commissions
MLM software for errorfree commission calculation
Epixel commission software carries out error-free calculations
System for automatic MLM commission payment
Automated commission payment processing on time as per configured date and time

It’s now that simple to set up your MLM/direct selling business with effective commission processing and business management software.

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Commission tracking through a mobile app

Now, it’s easy to track your commission payouts and reports by accessing with your own mobile application anywhere, anytime

You can access the MLM system now on big screen gadgets as well as small screen gadgets using our mobile app. All the features and configurations are available in our cross-platform mobile apps. We support MLM mobile app services for android, iOS, and other major platforms based on the requirements.

  • Easy setup
  • Commission alerts
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Manage your team anywhere
  • Quick payout report generation
  • Track commissions by date and time
  • Separate login for admin and distributors
  • Set commissions based on sales, ranks or recruits
Avail MLM commission software through mobile

All-in-one mobile app to assure you never miss out on important business alerts or commission payments with high security and stability.

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Premium features to monitor your business efficiently

A ready-made solution to experience premium services offered in Epixel MLM commission system

Tools to make MLM business international
Internationalization tools

Set different commission rules, bonuses and compensations, rank configurations, etc. based on the geo-location. You can now easily set these configurations separately for different countries, i.e. country-specific commission configurations.

Allocate rank for users without any criteria
Rank vesting

Sponsor can change the business ranks of distributors to higher positions based on their efforts or priority. The commission criteria are not taken into consideration for using this feature.

Generate business report automatically for each payout cycle
Auto-generated reports

Commission payment and sales reports are automatically generated for every payout cycle. The report generation feature can be enabled for daily, weekly, monthly, periodically, or any custom time based on the requirements.

Set amount of commission payable to distributors
Payout compression

You can decide the total Commissionable Volume (CV) to be paid for the distributors. Set a percentage of CV to ensure financial stability and hinder the money overflow in business as commission payments.

Feature to analyze business growth
Qualified sales v/s growth rate analysis

A special analytical feature that provides you valuable insights about the qualified sales and its correlation with business growth. Higher the correlation value, the higher the business growth year after year.

Feature to find out which commission motivates distributors
Commission cues

Like the distributor performance tracking tool, it’s important to know which compensations/bonuses signal higher motivation for distributors. Focusing on the commission cues will increase the understanding of your MLM business.

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Try out: You can use Epixel plan calculators to simulate the commission calculations and the profit you can gain based on your input values. You can use our calculators and get insights about your business easily.

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So, it’s easy to configure any commission criteria and calculate the commission regardless of its complexity. With error-free and high-performance compensation processing software, you can advance to the next levels of business effortlessly.

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