Top direct sales travel companies 2022

Fasten your seatbelts, the sky isn’t the limit!

Vandana Rajan
Updated on 21 June 2022
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Like someone wise said, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. For everyone who loves and dreams of traveling across the world, the direct selling industry has its doors opened with a myriad of opportunities.

Travel MLM companies work on subscription models where you are given numerous travel-related deals such as miles and discounts on hotels, airlines, cruises, car rentals, and condos. Unlike other direct selling categories, travel MLM stands out for its most attractive factor which is being able to travel across the world. While you can clear your bucket lists and go to dreamy destinations, you can also make money by adding more members to your network.

While we say, travel MLM, an important element to understand is that you are not selling any travel-related products but are selling a service or more precisely, an experience with discounts, subscriptions, and memberships. Many of the top direct sales travel companies offer up to 150% guaranteed price differences which comes as a part of their executive membership packages.

During the early 90s when the travel MLM concept came into being, many travel companies mushroomed everywhere introducing unbelievable offers. However, this didn’t last much and many died a slow death. Companies that gave practical perks to their subscribers with structured compensation plans could only sustain for a longer period of time improving their network as well as revenue.

List of top MLM travel companies

Here’s the list of top direct sales travel companies and their revenue in the past years.

# Company Country Revenue 2021
(in million USD)
Revenue 2020
(in million USD)
Growth Rate Year Founded
1 InCruises USA 109 107 2% 2015
2 MWR Life USA 75 75 0% 2013
3 Essens Czech Republic 42 42 0% 2011
4 ByDzyne USA 34 18 89% 2019
5 iBuumerang USA 31 30 3% 2019
6 Jifu USA 8 8 0% 2018
7 FireFlies Switzerland 6 6 0% 2010
8 myEcon USA 5 5 0% 2005
9 Surge 365 USA 5 5 0% 2015
10 DreamTrips International USA 2 0 200% 2005

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Apart from the subscriber’s being able to use their subscriptions, they can share or pass on their subscription to their family, friends, or colleagues with various offers and vouchers. These travel privileges let subscribers travel across the world wherever the company has its properties or network tie-ups. While a subscriber makes a booking, they get commissions based on the MLM business plan set by the company.

Travel MLMs work predominantly on the ‘Relationship Marketing’ strategy where you share something with someone when you find it good. This not only does good to you and the one whom you refer to but also to the company that you represent.

With the advent of social media, traveling defines someone’s prestige and lifestyle, travel MLM companies can make the most of it through influencer marketing and every other major social selling tool. For everyone who loves traveling and exploring new places, travel MLM companies give infinite opportunities to earn while someone is on a vacation.

And while we talk about it my heart is humming Dirty Heads’ lyrics,

A-a-aye, I'm on vacation

Every single day 'cause I love my occupation…!!


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