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Primary Objectives of Epixel Software

Epixel Solution has a team of dedicated professionals to serve the world wide clients by delivering full featured software that profits their business. We conduct many research programs with top skilled engineers for to analyse the best platform to build web mobile applications. Here are some of the main objectives that Epixel follows in the development platforms:

e commerce business with MLM software

Desire of MLM Software clients from a MLM based E-business Store

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What Customers Expect from your E-commerce Store

It is no surprise that the best way of achieving success in any business has a direct connection with satisfying your target customers. This also applies for an E-commerce solution too.

This means if you want to start an E-commerce business knowing your customers’ needs and expectations can be of a great help for developing great solution.

Here is a list of the expectations a customer has regarding an E-commerce solution.

matrix mlm plan

Working of Multi level Marketing Matrix Plan

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Compensations in Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix MLM Plan is known as Ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan comes under the category of MLM compensation plans which is similar to a pyramid. Compensation structure consisting of a certain width and depth forms the core of this MLM Plan, represented by the formula ‘width x depth’.

Structure of Matrix MLM Plan

unilevel mlm plan

Working of Unilevel MLM Plan

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Compensations in Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel MLM plan is the easiest of the MLM plan to understand. This MLM Plan allows one line of distribution where each of the distributors can sponsor as many distributors as they like and all these distributors will be on their frontline (i.e no spillover). There’s no width limit on this plan, which means they can build stronger and longer downline (length).

Unilevel MLM Plan structure

Custom MLM Software

Tailored MLM Software by Epixel Team

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Get tailored services offered by the certified experts

mlm software team

Grow MLM Business with Eminent Software Team

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Earn a better improvement with expert support

Binary mlm plan

Compensations in Binary MLM Plan

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More about Binary MLM Plan

Binary MLM Plan, a network marketing compensation plan is the simplest, most popular and one of the most successful MLM plan launched by many Multi-Level Marketing Software companies. As the name implies it is characterized by having two legs, where new joiners are introduced into Binary Tree structure, i.e. one on left and another on right sub-tree.


mlm software features

Must have features of MLM software

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On quick glance, it might appear that all MLM software is pretty much the identical, offering easy member sign up the process through the secure gateway, multi-language and currency tool, E-mail delivery system on joining, welcome letter, invoice, rewards etc. However away from these attributes lie dozens of other features, covering a vast array of functions and services, which can be considered crucial. To automate time-consuming tasks and to keep complete control needs the best MLM software.

Drupal - An Efficient MLM Software Platform

Drupal - An Efficient E-commerce MLM Platform

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Why Drupal?

Drupal is an efficient content management framework(CMF). More than a CMS, Drupal is a growing Web development platform capable of developing any web applications. With proper tuning, Drupal is capable of handling any level of stress. Very flexible architecture to customize the standard workflow without change the core script.

Best MLM Software

Choose Best MLM Software

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How to Choose best MLM Software?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) software was originally designed to help businesses build and maintain complete control over it. A best MLM software should have myriad of tools which let you manage following responsibilities.

auto shipping in ecommerce

Auto-shipping in E-commerce

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What is Auto-shipping in E-commerce

In most of the E-commerce system facilitates auto-shipping of products. The customers can choose the product or services on the subscription basis. The customers can subscribe Magazines, Journals, and Services on monthly(weekly or yearly) basis. It is the most necessitated feature in E-commerce.

How does it work?

Binary MLM Software

Enjoy the marvelous returns by implementing the Binary MLM Software

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It is true that the finely featured MLM software helps in capturing the market and even supports people in winning the toughest competition in the market. Make sure that you look for the professional experts who are dedicated to providing the best and suitable to the needs. There are certified experts who always cater the requirements of the business and offer customized solutions that are ideal for gaining a unique identification. People tend to use various promotions tools as well as software which fulfill all the requirements of the marketing.

mlm software experts

Earn efficient solutions with the exceptional multi-level software offered by experts

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People can improve the business just with the exceptional support offered by the experts as the certified vendors offer mind-blowing solutions which play a major role in the success of the business. To withstand the competition in the market, people need to gain the virtue presence which suits to earn control over the market and companies planning to earn quality returns must rely on the genuine sources. Earning the finest solutions is simple and make sure that you earn a perfect image as the experts offer customized services as per the demand.

Board Plan MLM

Gain the board plan MLM from experts which are designed for the need.

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Enjoy the best services under the guidance of the expert service provider who offer the classy solutions that allow people to earn wonderful returns. The certified experts assign a team of people and make sure that the entrepreneurs gain high-quality solutions which satisfy the business needs. Enjoy earning quality returns in the business just by implementing the right software which is designed and delivered in order to enhance the appeal of the image and offer quality returns.

Epixel MLM Software Suite

Advantages of MLM Software

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There are many advantages of using the software in MLM Business. MLM business will grow rapidly. When the business grows, it will be tough to manage all operations manually. It is always recommended to use an efficient software to manage all the business activities. When we analyze the business process of few years before, we can understand the significance of using Business Software. Technology has helped a lot in the rapid growth of any business. Computerization has improved the efficiency of business management. Business software has become a critical element of how businesses performs.

Network Marketing Business Ideas with low investment

Network Marketing Business Ideas with low investment

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Network marketing business is one of the best ways to keep your business life profitable and make a perfect fortune. Well, there is a talk in the marketing world that network marketing can be kick-started with a low investment. It’s a truth, and however, you need to be keen enough to make that investment. Let’s see how things flow in network marketing business and what exactly does it offer with a small investment.