Choosing profitable MLM compensation plan

Updated on 19 October 2021
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Choosing lucrative MLM Compensation Plan – Single out the best!

Network marketing gives the opportunity to face your fears, Deal with them, overcome them and bring out the winner that you have living inside you.

– Robert Kiyosaki, Author-Rich Dad Poor Dad

MLM business is one of the widest and trendiest industry that allows implementing techniques to automate and improve marketing and increase profits. The plans too vary in accordance with requirements and one has to research and analyze before implementing a plan.

The concepts vary from direct selling and commission based selling system. Basically, one has to be familiar with certain terms like legs, sponsor, bonuses, capping, tree etc. Refer our official website to understand in depth about Epixel MLM Software.

choose profitable mlm software

Take a glance over profitable MLM business plans,

Unilevel MLM Plan: A simple plan with easily acceptable concept and rules. One can include millions of members in the system but they shall be arranged in the first level only.

It is done because all the members sponsored by the user are directly profitable without any cutoffs. The benefits are prior to the direct sponsorship of the members who are added directly as the downlines.

Binary MLM Plan: A successful plan where one can add two members to the downline and then proceed with unlimited levels. However, the plan is prior to the activeness of members in sales.

One won’t get beneficial out of the team, if any member of the group is inactive then the revenue earned for every members will be low as the compensation is calculated based on weaker leg. The specifications of the binary MLM plan are attractive but the only concern is that admin has to regularly monitor the activeness of members of the group.

Matrix MLM Plan: A popular plan with a definite or fixed width and depth structure. The plan has certain extra features like spillover etc. to give a motivation to members.

Spillover is a process where one can add sponsored members to next downline levels after the first level of the tree is filled. The compensations are pretty much attractive.

There are many types of MLM business plans available in our MLM software like Stair-step plan, Board MLM Plan etc. with customization options. Basically, one has to understand the depth of the business and get a lucrative compensation plan that suits the business.

Common compensation includes,

  • Sponsor Bonus: The bonus acquired for adding up new members to the network also known as “referral bonus”. If one like to acquire more money out of his long-lasting network then the best option will be Unilevel MLM Plan. But if it is limited to you and still need a plentiful hand then go with other plans.
  • Level Commissions: Commission achieved by the frontline members from the sales made by downline members.
  • Matching Bonus: One gets the compensation for introducing new members to the group by the sponsored downline members is known to be “matching bonus”.

Similarly, the types and terms of bonus varies as per the company rules and regulations. A network business is all about understanding, cooperating, and making the best out of marketing company or individual’s product.

Our concern is all about you, our valuable customers. We offer our 24x7 customer helpline for our customers and how to carry out the process with Epixel Multi-level Marketing Software.

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