Direct selling edge (DSE) conference & all you want to know about them!

Direct selling edge (DSE) conference & all you want to know about them!

Nikhil Ravindran
Updated on 18 June 2021
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Are you new in direct selling or network marketing business? Stuck somewhere and searching out for the best opportunity? Here is the best way to achieve such status effectively with the help of experts, and the path will be – “Direct selling edge conference”. Basically, it’s more like a teaching effort where experts talk about network marketing and not the sales pitch we’re talking about. This article explains you about this direct selling conference and all you need to know about it.

What is a direct selling business?

Before advancing through the details about the conference, let’s understand what direct selling business is in simple terms. Direct selling business known by various names is a business model inherited to bring a marketing flow by concentrating on two factors – product sales and member recruiting. If these two aspects are covered up side-to-side then, you may refer to it as direct selling business. You meet people, refer the product you are selling, recruit them in, and make the brand world-class.

As mentioned earlier, it’s known by various names like network marketing business, multi-level marketing (MLM), and much more. Now let’s go through DSE and what they do.

What exactly direct selling edge conference is?

Direct selling edge conference or in simple words DSE is a 2-day school (it’s what they call themselves) for network marketing company and party plan companies. It’d Jay Leisner, owner of Sylvina consulting and Kevin Thompson, direct selling attorney together hosted this event way back in 2011 and since then, the conference is running well and smooth.

So, what exactly this conference is all about? It tells you all about what you need to know about MLM, all the necessary details about the system model, plan designs or consulting, the recruitment of members, how an MLM company operates and much more. Well, they give you 15 reasons why one needs to attend the direct selling edge conference. It’s available on their official website and we’ll just mention the key points below,

  • The strategies to make fast business growth
  • How to build business relationships for a better future in direct selling business?
  • How does or how should a company operate?
  • The Yes and No’s of an organization
  • The investment side of the business, MLM software, marketing plans, social media marketing guides, etc.

These points depict a perfect analysis of the network marketing business and these conferences are conducted in every year.

"The conference has been a true game-changer for us! As a first-year old direct sales company, the things we learned here been key in preventing us from making some costly mistakes. I would highly recommend this conference to any person with a desire to be successful in direct sales." Says, Adrian Alvi

The extra notes to cover!

So that we have got a good idea about DSE and what they do for direct selling business, you need to know some more information to run a marketing business. To be clear in the direct selling edge conference, they are providing actionable steps one needs to take forward, but not the sales presentation. The conference is more like a consulting rather than just an overview of direct selling business.

The basic thing they cover up will be how is direct selling business differing from a normal marketing business.

In 2019, DSE is planning to conduct two conferences which would like to change the future of network marketing business effectively.

  1. Garden Grove, California – February 25-26, 2019
  2. Dallas, Texas – October 18-19, 2019

You can buy tickets from their official website -

So that’s it about DSE and well, there are many such providers around the world who are successful in that job. And there are many brands available in the world market like Epixel, who offers direct selling consulting as well as a direct selling software package. It’s like a double bonanza where you get consulting alongside with automation that brings good fortune for your business.

Move forward, and understand the values of bringing in direct selling into your business from various sources available but through expertized opinions.

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