07 Jul, 2017 - 16:17
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Misconceptions in Blockchain Technology

“Blockchain technology” is one of the best emerged technologies after its launch in 2008 and ever since then the term has been very much popular and many big fishes integrated the technology in their products. However there are many misconceptions among the technology aspects and how it is practiced and implemented in their chain source. Several talking and exchange of ideas has been tagged as “rubbish” in certain ways that’s the reason we come up with such an article to help out the dilemma and clear the air.

"I’m reasonably confident … that the blockchain will change a great deal of financial practice and exchange, 40 years from now, blockchain and all that followed from it will figure more prominently in that story than will bitcoin"

Larry Summers USA Former Treasury Secretary

–Larry Summers

US Former Treasury Secretary

The Misconceptions in Blockchain Technology

The misconceptions explained!

  1. Being less user-friendly; one of the troubles that user’s facing at the beginning, but as the technology got advanced this become a misconception and things changed rapidly. As the technology is getting pace with new applications and user attractions this concept became uniquely approved among the world market.
  2. Blockchain, the database; another misconception that the Blockchain technology is a database, in fact many of the surfers too believed so. However at the end of the day it is tagged under “misconception” after a research it is found that the files are not saved but this as a code – “evidence of presence”.
  3. Uni-sector application; as the technology hits the market as Bitcoin Blockchain technology it is believed the application of this technology is on reliable in financial sector. However this was wrong as the implications widens across various sectors and later on everyone realized this fact.
  4. B2B asset; it is believed that the technology is applicable to only B2B interconnection but not the self-support. As the surfing on network of networks increased the awareness starts pulling up to become reality and the issues are solved.
  5. Ethereum, a Blockchain?; Ethereum is not Blockchain, after the emergence of Ethereum the concept of creating Blockchain’s for every application changed and certainly created a new platform to help developers to develop new application with easiness.

Similarly there are many misconceptions like considering the technology as privacy issues, public visions, smart contracts legal issues etc. These are just myths which are trolling away to Dumpster and hope these will be solved in present scenario. Epixel MLM Software integrates such advance technologies and with a perfect syncing across such integrations provides advance user-friendliness and usability. A dedicated MLM Software Demo has been provided to all users and they just need to login to the system and understand the features and implications.

No More Guesses....!

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