Ethereum Platform Integration in MLM Software

Ethereum Platform Integration in MLM Software

A wide range of smart-contract-based MLM projects are developed on Ethereum blockchain. Epixel builds Ethereum based MLM software to serve the business demands of Ethereum MLM companies.

Ethereum is a modern platform that bootstrapped in 2015, a new application that initializes Blockchain-like technology that creates a free flow of values around and provides a decentralized/formless platform. In short, this is an application platform and the business people no need to create a dedicated Blockchain on their own.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum, an application platform that offers similar or more features of Bitcoin Blockchain technology is an advanced system which includes smart contracts that helps all sorts of payment, application builder, specializations etc.

And well, Ethereum lets developers build applications without having to build their own Blockchain individually. A data library of all functionalities will automatically develop on its own creating a Blockchain, also the figure transactions can be monitored alongside with this package.

Ethereum network helps to achieve trading between multiple parties and also can hold the contracts with a trustworthy contributor until the desired goal is reached. There are smart contracts included in this platform and with mining these can be cleared off.

What is Ether?

Ether is the key to grip over the Ethereum API platform, or say the heart of the whole system. One can call “Ether” as a payment form for client’s operations. Through mining and much sort of similar stuff one can get to be a part of this platform and ride along with the virtual journey.

All the contributed resources will be beneficial in Ethereum and one can process into the mining to receive a free flow of income and later on to integrate these benefits for day-to-day/monthly expenses.

Ethereum technology is one of the most advanced versions available in world market and it does widen across the network via computers. According to Ethereum org there is a running algorithm behind every mining process. Computers connected to the Ethereum network have the ability to create blocks which creates Blockchain and the computer which creates a block will receive rewards in the form of 5 Ether’s.

As per their research and analysis in every 12 seconds a new block is added on the Blockchain and the rewards are provided in accordance with the computational functionalities of the processed computer. This is how “mining” is carried out in Ethereum technology.

What’s linking Bitcoin and Ethereum together under one platform?

Ether is neither a substitute nor a competitor of Bitcoins; it’s a whole new technology and the Ethereum developer’s comments on Bitcoins honestly by expressing their regards over it. They say that “without Bitcoins this new technology might not be possible and as a complementary system in digital ecosystem.”

One can trade bitcoins (BTC) for Ether (ETH) and used in the trade contracts or include these bitcoins scripts in Ethereum network as a side chain using the Bitcoin relay codes. Bitcoin relay is a coding data that pulls in the Bitcoin inside an Ethereum contract by means of tokens.

If one has the source of accepted Bitcoins then a new decentralized currency can be created and later used in the trade. This is achieved by creating a token and creating a virtual value that has the same value of Bitcoin in trading instance.

How is it implemented through MLM Software?

Ethereum API alone can create many rich-featured app’s using the development team’s effort and integrating the Ethereum feature to the developed application/software. Ethereum API is a ticket to implement the new technology alongside with the existing data.

MLM Software had also entered into this new strategy by implementing the integrated features of Ethereum technology by laying a virtual platform. One can even create a new customized plan using this technology and new projects have recently started round the world with a mission of building wealth and humanity.

Including Ethereum API in Epixel MLM plans is also a triggering method for improving the upgrading business strategies. Epixel MLM Software is the world’s first Ethereum MLM software platform to include the Ethereum technology and we are glad to implement this strategy before the whole network marketing organizations and individuals.We have included certain functionalities in the software like:

  • Ethereum Investment Plans.
  • Ethereum Gifting Plans.
  • Ethereum MLM Schemes.
  • Ethereum Business Plans etc.

We’re working on these plans and under process as per client’s requirements.

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