09 Sep, 2017 - 00:13
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Bitcoin cash - The new scalable cryptocurrency era came into existence

Bitcoin cash - the new cryptocurrency came into existence on August 1, 2017, and the hike it has got in the mean time is too high and is attractive for most of the investors. The recent split-up of Bitcoin into two shows the incapability of Bitcoin in expanding their block size and eventually the competition gets more tighter in the present time. The future is thus unpredictable, no matter what you have done today the only thing that comes to matter is the latest trend and user demand.

Cryptocurrency in short is one of the most advanced online payment asset that have got enough attention and is included as one of the future module even in public organizations. So, what is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a centralized or decentralized digital coin used for online transactions and these are just numbers with no physical form protected with a technology called "cryptography". Hence, these are accepted in digital world for fast and safe transaction.

Bitcoin cash - The solid block builder for best accessibility....!

Bitcoin cash emerged out in this month and after a few drop down in the gross rate and all it made promising ideas by increasing the liable issue - increase in block size for best returns. By improving the block size capacity, the value of the Bitcoin cash increased twice the old value and improved in the investor hopes.

Comparison between bitcoin and bitcoin cash transaction blocks

Above illustration gives you a rough idea on block sizes and well, not an accurate rate of blocks but maintains the differentiation among the Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash directly.

“I think it's just new money coming in"

Brian Kelly - Founder and Managing Member, Brian Kelly Capital LLC , Newyork

- - Brian Kelly

a CNBC contributor and head of BKCM

The Blockchain of the Bitcoin cash is more a reproduction of Bitcoin itself, where the users of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency will get the same amount of value in the form of Bitcoin cash too. Thus within the limits or shade of such a big terminal, a new freshly made terminal gets growing up and future gets more secure and productive. The importance of cryptocurrency also increases the online transaction and system more popular and threat-free. One can call this type of cryptocurrency as an asset to the system and especially in MLM Software. Bitcoin can be used as a method for commission payment along with providing an investment opportunity. This can be done by introducing a decentralized payment system integrated into the bitcoin MLM software.


Bitcoin Cash is integrated for the best use that can put forward online marketing scenario into a whole new level. The processing issues paved forward the way for Bitcoin cash that has best transaction verification and blocks size with smaller size. This makes the new cryptocurrency faster and cheaper so that the processing of data can be done at the first itself.


Make way for new seeds...!

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