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Bitcoin MLM Software is a platform that enables payments with Bitcoin for MLM businesses. Bitcoin MLM software allows fast and secure transactions, also opening the door to Bitcoin investment opportunities for network marketing distributors.

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Add more value to your investments and payments with Epixel Bitcoin MLM Software

A new way of commission payment for your distributors with an investment opportunity

Introduce a decentralized payment integration with complete security by integrating the most popular Bitcoin API. Upgrade your MLM and direct selling business with Bitcoin MLM software to provide your users with an auto-investment opportunity now.

Manage Bitcoin as a payment gateway with Epixel MLM software

Enjoy premium features and services with complete customization

Wallet for bitcoin
BTC wallet

A dedicated wallet to store the private key of your bitcoin which then matches with the public key of recipient to complete a successful transaction.

Notification for bitcoin transactions
BTC Automation

To ensure high security and authenticated transactions, our system is coded in a way that both sender and receiver of BTC transactions get automated notifications in the connected devices.

Strong encryption process
Encrypted process

The entire BTC core and BTC in the wallet are encrypted with strong passphrases which cannot be cracked without verification.

Bitcoin API for MLM business
BTC as a single solution

By integrating BTC API in your MLM business, you can pay and transact bitcoin as a single payment gateway process.

Agile ledger for bitcoin transactions
Agile BTC records

The entire bitcoin transactions are recorded in the distributed ledger system with high transparency among the network.

Alert on transactional error and manipulation
Error & third-eye alert

The business admin will get immediate notifications for transaction errors as well as any attempt of BTC transaction manipulation.

The payment as an investment

By integrating BTC payment API, distributors get an opportunity to ‘earn for the earnings’ they received from compensations. With the growing demands of BTC trading, the value of bitcoin is rising, and getting paid in this form adds more value.

Add more BTC on the wallet
Export earned bitcoins to an external wallet
Trading opportunity to earn more
Universally accepted payment method
Make transactions even from mobile devices

More money, more benefits

No/less additional transaction charges
No/less additional transaction charges
Highly secured
Highly secured
Quick payment
Quick payment
Trackable payment history
Trackable payment history
No limitations
No limitations
Pay from anywhere
Pay from anywhere
Global transaction
Global transaction
Decentralized financial transactions
Decentralized financial transactions
No middleman interference
No middleman interference
No fraud risk or manipulation
No fraud risk or manipulation

Why Epixel bitcoin MLM software for your MLM/direct selling business?

What makes Epixel network marketing software unique from other providers is that we offer complete assistance and assurance for BTC payments with additional security features. Also, we provide BTC and altcoin trading platform services to help you earn more money for your distributor network and business.

Bitcoin becomes a single solution for all the transactions in your system. Easily integrate the following BTC solutions using the bitcoin MLM plan software:

  • Purchase subscriptions
  • Package upgrades
  • Fund Transfers
  • Commission payments
  • An investment opportunity
  • Trade with other altcoins

You can experience all these features in our guided demo of BTC mlm software exclusively available for you.

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So, can you develop a crypto trading platform for trading the BTC received as commissions and bonuses?

Yes, we can help you develop a trading platform and integrate it with your system. You can also choose another option - cryptocurrency trading MLM software.

MLM powered cryptocurrency trading

Upgrade your MLM/direct selling business to a whole new level with Epixel Bitcoin MLM software. Enjoy the benefits and make your distributors happy with an investment opportunity with BTC payments.

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