17 Nov, 2017 - 22:25
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Zcash - Most confidential cryptocurrency ever

Zcash is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that gives special importance to confidentiality and gains maximum throughput out of it. Zcash, the new cryptocurrency has arrived in the market on 28th October 2016 and is considered as the rectifier for privacy issue in Bitcoin's blockchain data. That's why this particular digital coin is tagged as the most confidential cryptocurrency ever created for transactional purposes. Let's see the working modules of the Zcash.

Zcash is,

  • Decentralized cryptocurrency
  • Open source platform
  • Zero-knowledgeable proofs

These special features make a good platform that gives enough acceptance and the most important among them is "zero-knowledgeable proofs". Why is it called so? And why is it given more priority that made Zcash more popular? Usually, in Blockchain all the transfer information which includes sender, receiver, and all other details will be displayed as public in nature. And because of this factor, the whole process can be viewed by anyone and it is prior to open exposure of one's private details.

This issue has been unsolved until certain new cryptocurrencies have arrived in the market like Dash, Monero etc. but still there were certain things to sort out. Zcash lets the user opt a new feature where he/she can hide the details of who to who transaction data, however, the transaction status will be visible to the public. This particular cryptocurrency is emerged out from the "Zerocoin" project and founded by Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn. After its arrival, Zcash is one of the top 10 popular cryptocurrencies among the world market.

confidential blockchain data

"Proof construction" - zk-SNARKs allows this privacy control perfectly without any data disclosure. It is thus a brilliant opportunity for investors and mining is not centralized by the team Zcash and gives maximum opportunities for worldwide miners. Well, this particular cryptocurrency is integrated into the transactional and investment part of most popular MLM Software and gives clients & users in network marketing business the ease to complete the transactions. A unique way of doing things in the online world without any sort of complexities.

It's not rocket science...!

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