28 Mar, 2017 - 20:55
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Social media soul for direct selling business

Social media does have a huge role to play in any sort of business, as it acts as the biggest influencer among the people. Studies suggest that about 37% of the total population is active social media users and the growth keeps on expanding every year with a certain percentage. Now a day’s free internet is a common strategy provided by Telecom industries and this scenario boosted such increase in social media users.

“Lead people with what they want. – Lead with what they’ve already said. – Lead people from where they’re at. – Lead them with the things that concern them.”

- – Sandi Krakowski

Social media influence in MLM Business

How does this social media influence on marketing business?

Social media does come with enormous opportunities to promote one’s business to a whole new extent. Facebook hits the top with most number of users via desktop and mobile sites; Whatsapp is another social media chat platform with a wide popularity. Things look smoother and works as a perfect channel to make people aware of user’s products. Similarly, there are other social media platforms with different features like YouTube marketing by means of a promo video, Snap chat, Twitter, etc.

Also tricks of the trade are an asset, especially in network business, nowadays, this fact gets even mightier and stronger. Multi-level marketing software supports all social media platforms and enables businesses to find and connect with prospects more effectively usineg effective social selling techniques. But still there are some missing pieces to solve in business; everyone must understand this factor as it is the most important question one should ask for.


Is Social media capable for selling products?

One can create awareness about the product through such social media platforms, but honestly, do you think it’s enough to achieve sales goals? Last time we checked, implementing social media plans can make awareness about one’s product but when it comes to customer buying scenario, he/she will go for e-commerce platform. Amazon, Walmart stores, Apple stores, etc. because that’s where people buy and sell.

One will check the reviews and all stuffs carefully from such e-commerce sites, however, there are still hope for face-to-face selling as some people prefer to stay with the traditional way because of the “trust-factor”. MLM business thrives forward by overcoming similar obstacles and finally, achieving the milestone! Always try to use your offline marketing strategy too; your local influence will help on this concern. Make use of family referrals, friends, and their friends; engage in meetings & conferences etc.

Start loving your marketing business and enjoy each and every moment that you spend, never turn down any queries no matter what the situation prevails, because that particular customer might be the turning point of your entire business future. We might be on the side of technology of developing an MLM software but to introduce such a strong package, we must have a little expertise in networking business. That’s the reason we keep on producing such advice through our blogs, if someone get beneficial out of it – It’s precious! And it does mean a lot for us.


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