About Stair Step Plan MLM Software

About Stair Step MLM Plan

These days, there are numerous types of MLM business plans available in the market and the Stair Step MLM Software Plan is one of the BEST. The package starts just like the Unilevel MLM Plan, where the frontline entry is not limited to any number. However, there is a percentage or target cut-off in each level. As the team size gets bigger a new process will be included to the package, i.e. “breakaway” policy.

A breakaway can be achieved once the user achieves all the ranks at certain level. This helps one not to depend on uplines anymore and is free from the sponsor to receive settled income out of others. Anyone from any level can achieve the breakaway to earn higher income.

At Epixel Solutions Pvt Ltd, we have several years of experience to develop the stair step plans and software solutions by using the most updated technology, which is secured, reliable and also full-featured. Since the inception, our company is providing the best stair-step plan that is just unbeatable. Not only that, we also believe in offering the best MLM Software solutions within the most cost effective manner so that even the beginners can also afford these.

How the plan works?

The plan is so simple to grasp as it allows unlimited frontline and if one can meet the cut-off percentage, they can move up and finally at a certain level will achieve breakaway. While entering into the plan there is an initial cost, the breakaway depends on the revenue from this and the downline teams.

A staircase progression with a breakaway process makes the plan titled as “Stair Step breakaway Plan” or “stair step plan”. The one who achieves the breakaway thereafter runs the process individually. The main advantage of such a plan is get high income by building up a bigger team and with good compensation rate.

Fast Start Bonus?

One can earn “fast start bonus” by achieving a certain upgrading to their designations within a certain period of time. Let us make the process simple with an example; one got sponsored to a bottom level, say a sales representative. He/she achieves each level cut-off target and level up to Distributor and so on. If this is happened in a certain amount of time he/she receives this particular bonus.

Clear Ship Pool?

By leveling up to a certain level and then achieves a percentage of value the user gets “Clear-Ship pool” bonus. User automatically receives the pool or club membership at this particular stage.

Custom compensation MLM plan

“A plan with full malleable structure designed for new MLM plans. A complete new plan with new winning methods, replace the traditional model with a new attractive strategy which can thrive for a new MLM future”

About the Custom Compensation MLM Plan?

There are numerous plans available in MLM business and each of them follows a specific set of rules and planning methodology. Even though they’re all customizable, the question that stands up is how far it is stretchable. Most of MLM companies tend to design their own structure with new strategy. That’s the reason for us to come up with an option of a “custom compensation plan”. Research says that MLM plan tends to change from time to time and for the best results a complete new plan is need. We do exploit this opportunity by offering our services to far end or say a never ending loop.

Why is it Different From Other Plans?

As we mentioned before the plentiful of plans might not be enough for everyone’s needs and satisfaction. But a new plan might solve this, eagerness for the new and innovation for the MLM business is luciferous.

The simplest part is that one can monitor the stats and every minute detail precisely and with great accuracy. Here all the structures and rules are beyond the limit to keep it in a flexible manner of adjustability. Our designers and planning team can execute and come up with a new plan as per the customer requirements and need.

Compensations in Custom Compensation MLM Plan

Bonuses and compensations can be customized as per the company rules and new researched structure.

Most popular compensation plans are:

  • Sponsor Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Level commissions
  • Position bonus etc.

Stair Step Plan MLM Software Demo

Please check our Stair Step MLM Software Demo and experience the efficiency of our MLM Software platform. This the full featured demo showcasing all the possibilities of a efficient Stair Step MLM Software.

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Stair Step Plan MLM Software Demo