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Network marketing software | User Plan switching feature

Network marketing software is a huge bundle or a collection of various features that collectively boost up and advance forward in managing one’s business to a whole nine yards. People starts counting Mississippi and off in a flash trade becomes trendy and triumph. By the way there are certain special phases and features that make users attractive towards networking business. “User Plan switching” feature is one among them that gives customers choices.

User Plan switching feature in Network marketing software

“In network marketing, the whole point is not to sell a product but to build a network, an army of people who are all representing that same product or service to share with others.”

Robert Kiyosaki,


MLM Plan switcher

MLM Plan switcher for your benefits and taste

Not everyone under a particular MLM plan enjoys or loves it because they might not be getting the deserved compensation for their effort. This puts the users into a state of distress and unethical towards their work. Basically, the plan switcher option helps such users to get rid of the current plan and then shift to a new plan where he/she gets maximum beneficial. Let us make the concept simple through a good instance.

A user might have entered into a binary scheme and he is placed under the sponsor, thereafter that user expands the downline network by adding new users. What if the new downline user isn’t that much active and is a schmuck. This makes the scenario worst, in Binary MLM plan the compensations and bonuses work in accordance with the weaker leg activities.

Using this particular feature, the user with such a great network connection can switch to a Unilevel compensation plan or other MLM plan to maximize the compensations and bonuses. The best thing is that the user will be able to become a part of two such plans simultaneously which gains good pace in terms of money and a special global wallet will be available to monitor both E-wallets together. The use of MLM software makes these fabulous features exposed to users and makes the network business pretty much attractive. More attractive means more the customers, more customers wider the network.

Advantages of Plan switcher feature

  • User-friendly feature.
  • More user benefits.
  • Multi-Plan Configuration.
  • Global wallet for e-money storage.
  • Own-Plan maker.


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