Blockchain world conference (BWC) and the blockchain world!

Blockchain world conference (BWC) and the blockchain world!

Dhanesh Haridas
Updated on 25 June 2021
5 min read

Blockchain – the buzzword that is screaming here and there in the world of internet revolutionized the digital space with too many questions. Even though everyone is talking about blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, not everyone understands the concept of these technology and digital currencies or assets.

And there are people who know about this technology both concept-wise and the technical side. BWC or Blockchain World Conference is the right space to occupy without any double thoughts. In this article, we’ll introduce you about BWC and what they do for you before that let’s give you an idea about what blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger used to validate a transaction within the network.

Ledger here is like a digital record that keeps every transaction that happens in the connected network. Nodes (computers) with high-end configuration connect from various parts virtually and the transactions within the network are validated by these nodes. Once the nodes validate the transaction successfully then, the transaction is completed and a new block will be added to the blockchain.

The blockchain thus consists of many such blocks and they are connected to each other. A block so added contains not just one transaction, in fact, many transactions are available in a single block. "Validation" is done once connected nodes in the network (the majority of the nodes) agree on if the transaction is happened as per the desired way or not i.e., the transaction is received by the right person with right amount etc. So, that is blockchain technology, and let’s gives you a quick roundabout cryptocurrency too.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins without any form stored as files in the form of codes used for transactions, investment, trading, etc. Like real fiat currencies, it does hold value and one can buy these coins online. Few examples of digital currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Electroneum, etc. These can be earned through rewards also and it’s called "mining". Mining is a process that validates a transaction by resolving a complex problem using high-computational power by following a specific algorithm like PoW, PoS, etc. Every such validation of transaction receives rewards.

One can Exchange a cryptocurrency for another and yes, a transaction fee is usually charged for every transaction. So now you’ve got a basic idea about blockchain and cryptocurrency we are ready to know what BWC is, and what they do.

About Blockchain World Conference – Who are they?

Blockchain World Conference (BWC) is an event organized by a team of expertized panel operated by BWC events LLC, an event and marketing company back in 2018. One may call them as a unique team of experts in blockchain technology from various parts of the world with a handful of experience.

Usually, the team conducts quarterly events across the country and in the event, experts and speakers will interact with the people who attend the conference. A set of questions are raised and discussed during this event and the most round of common questions include,

  • What’s happening in the blockchain industry?
  • What is going to happen next in the industry?
  • What are the latest trends going around in blockchain world?
  • How blockchain technology integration reflects in the present user cases/industry or real-world situations?

The team of experts who spoke at this event includes Jonathan Dunsmoor, Dan Johnson, Neil Patel, and other famous personalities in the industry. Yes, blockchain and cryptocurrency is the future of the digital world, and it’s best to deliver a speech and make people realize about it.

In their official website, they have provided details about the future events and buy tickets for the events from the website itself.

BWC conducts not just conference, in fact, the events consist of much more than that. This includes,

  • Panel discussions
  • Q & A sessions
  • Keynote speeches
  • Networking events
  • Social gatherings etc.

Obviously, these events are not for free and there are packages available for purchase,

BWC Packages

Full access – VIP access – World pass – World pass VIP

These packages come with charges and offers. The interesting part is that you even get a chance to exhibit and speak at BWC, sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yes, what you heard is true, you can register and be a part of it to convey your ideas in front of the attendees as an exhibitor.

Got a business idea – How to make use of BWC for your blockchain business?

So, you’re running the business now and love to make use of new aspects of blockchain technology? Here is how you can utilize BWC to make your idea work out.

  • Understand the core concepts of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
  • Dig deeper into blockchain concepts and learn how far your business can adopt the technology.
  • Develop a blockchain model for your business (Obviously, you’re a techie or blockchain enthusiast)
  • Make a model and if you’re stuck somewhere then consult the experts – BWC.
  • Attend the BWC event and learn through it from the speeches and other valuable sessions.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas to the experts hosting the conference or related events.
  • Clear your doubts and make utilize of this expertized event.
  • Get back and finish what you’ve started or the point where you left before.
  • Ignite your business with blockchain fuel and explore a vast future.

The above scenario goes for expert opinions and what if you have an idea and you brilliantly executed but lack in expert visibility.

You can use the same event to explore that opportunity too. Here is how you can come up with a plan.

  • Register yourself through the official website: as an exhibitor.
  • Exhibit your business ideas into the real world.
  • Make good presentations and other sorts of technical aspects to influence experts as well as consumer attraction.
  • If your idea is perfectly presented in front of them then, it’s time for them to accept it or rule away from the chances.
  • Bring in a revolution with your business and brand your identity.

Perfect, isn’t it?

So, Blockchain World Conference lets you open up a world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency by providing every sort of details and gives a wide touch of elegance.

They are even providing you with a complete trip planner combo for the event. Simply,

  • Register and get tickets
  • Book your room (BWC south has reserved a block of rooms) with discounts.
  • Reach where the event is conducting (Nope, no transportation support).

In short, you can buy tickets and get rooms reserved through the official website itself.

So we say, suit up, book your tickets for the event and reach the destination for a full round of expert meet-up. See you there then!

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