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auto shipping in ecommerce

What is Auto-shipping in E-commerce

In most of the E-commerce system facilitates auto-shipping of products. The customers can choose the product or services on the subscription basis. The customers can subscribe Magazines, Journals, and Services on monthly(weekly or yearly) basis. It is the most necessitated feature in E-commerce.

How does it work?

The users can select particular product or services that need to subscribe on a period basis. For Example- distributor wants to subscribe the distributorship by paying a distributor contract fee on a monthly basis. The distributor can opt this option, and the distributorship is renewed after collecting the payment through the managed payment methods of that particular distributor. Some business may offer special products and services while renewing the distributorship on every month. The products may automatically be delivered to the distributor address. Like this, all the needed services and goods can be subscribed for auto-shipping.

What happens when the payment failure?

The auto-shipping fee is collected from the managed payment methods of the distributor or the customer. If any case of payment failure, there will be a limited number of retry and notification will be sent to the distributors or merchant mentioning about the payment failure. If the customer or distributor failed to make payment within the grace period, his account would be disabled and considered as inactive. The auto shipping will be disabled.

How to re-enable the auto-shipping?

Some business may enable the auto-shipping after successful payment of the renewal fee. Some companies may block that user permanently after a particular period in case of failed transaction. In this case, they have to contact the business and need to provide the valid explanation to enable the auto-shipping.

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