A note on latest features integrated with Epixel MLM Software!

A note on latest features integrated with Epixel MLM Software!

Updated on 25 June 2021
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You’re here because you have already heard about our brand and our package – “Epixel MLM Software”. The features offered in the package are advanced and most importantly they are not tailor-made – Yes it’s customizable! This particular article will provide awareness and information on various features available with the package and also the recommended list of features filtered in accordance with the business needs. We’ll guide you through such features with detailed explanation on its need and importance. With great effort to provide the best experience to marketing users, Epixel Solutions announce the important new features in the package on new versions.

Payout system

One of the most critical and vital elements of an MLM back office system and so it needs to be perfect! As you know direct selling business is all about creating a wider or large network with millions and millions of users. There are few concerns and question arises when you hear the term “payout” in an MLM system.

  • Won’t the payout system be accurate and precise?
  • What happens if a payout system makes a false move?
  • Does the payout support multicurrency?
  • How far is a third-party gateway or integration stable?
  • The charges levied as service charges, convenience charges, etc.

There is a perfect solution for these concerns, and yes, it’s going to be the best one. Epixel offers something unique and accurate which lets admin sit back without any tense moments in their business.

In our new updated system, we have completely lifted the third-party services in the payout modules to remove all hidden and extra charges. A highly secure payout module developed from our end to make cryptocoin payment system as a reliable connecting point. In the existing system there exist a lot of extra charges like transaction fee, convenience fee, mining charges, and other charges.

With our payout system, you will charge with only mining fee but not any extra charge and mass payouts can be made without any errors. As we mentioned earlier, millions of users will be there in the existing system. So, there might be some difficulty when multiple users checkout for payment during a single period of time. This issue is rectified, and mass payouts are carried out without delays.

Systemd for automatic processing

Once again a new feature integrated into the services part. There is a flow that needs to maintain and run throughout the period of time and well, it needs to double check on various cases. The system must run and hence need to check if the process is still running or any sort of interruptions occurred during the processing period. Systemd and cron are used in the system in two platforms to check this process.

Systemd is the latest one with more advantages over the old cron. This new integration helps out with an automatic log system that checks the process running and checking every random delay instantly. And it’s easy to debug without many errors and runs the system instantly if any delay comes in the way. And there might be an instance where CPU memory runs out during the cron job, whereas after our new integration CPU usage gets down in usage, easy to set-up the CPU configuration and all memory units.

Scheduling is thus carried out easily with systemd parameters and this special integration is perfect for you to process. It’s simple and best now!

MLM user Queue system

Another set of a new feature available with Epixel MLM Software that keeps every sort of redundancy issues down to the deep points. Let’s take an instance and explain with that example.

You’re running a network marketing business and have millions of users as we mentioned in the payout part. You reached a point where six new members get into the network simultaneously.

These questions have valid points and a dilemma or panic situation may arise now.

Here come the helping hands from our side with the new feature or say a new technique and we call it “MLM user queue system”. A queue like a system is developed which looks like the below image and people are inserted into it one after the other. It works like First in First out (FIFO) and every set of compensations and rest of the process using Epixel MLM tracking software.


These six will be added as explained above and placed in the binary tree/genealogy as per the priority set during the queue, and rest depends on this order.

Isn’t this feature the best for such a situation? Brilliant isn’t it?

Let’s move on to the next feature which is the important factor among all.

Security features upgrades

Security is a highly targeted part in any case whether its software or not, this part needs to very strong. Many uses obfuscated code to make hackers difficult to understand the code.

From our expertized network and developer team, we have launched many new upgrades in the current system. From email verification to advanced layer security, this secuity upgradation is perfect for basic profile info notification to payout details. It’s the source code that needs to get maximum protection and recently hackers around the world have gone into many systems and decrypted many files that are important. We found the loopholes and come up with a perfect plan. To maximize the security a binary file is used and well, it cannot be decrypted by any means.

MLM script with such an efficient method will keep every breach out from the system and the binary file we told you will be in the form of digital codes. Ransomware or any sort of similar attacks can be now easily prevented with our security shield. It’s a major update that can fix up every security patches.

That’s not it, the features integrated into the package seem to fit in the contest (MLM industry) and this article will be continued with yet another article. Alongside with these new additions, there are more to come, so stay awake and wait for our next article to find out more features and integrations added up Epixel MLM Software.

(to be continued…)

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