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Cryptocurrency Trading MLM software is a tool built for the effective management of referral networks for cryptocurrency trading businesses. This software delivers real-time insights into your trading business and gives you the ability to manage and assess your referral performance.

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Manage your referral commission of cryptocurrency trading

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Epixel Cryptocurrency Trading MLM Software for Global Cryptocurrency Trading

Manage a global trading network and process distributor referral commissions with a competent Cryptocurrency Trading Software

  • If you have pre-determined requirements, all you have to do is talk to our consultants.
  • Don’t have a plan? Would you like to make a plan to develop a crypto trading system and manage your referrals using MLM software from scratch?

No worries, let us help you make a plan.

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MLM software for cryptocurrency referral management

Manage your referral network and bring in high traffic to your crypto trading website. With our advanced technologies, you can easily process commission and bonus payout based on the referral contribution.

Epixel MLM system V-27 also offers MLM referral network management for your trading platform powered with business intelligence.

A single solution for global expansion of your trading platform

Experience the new phase of crypto trading with innovative & data-driven technologies

Manage your referral network
MLM trading network management

Manage your referral network, both uplines and downlines using the network management tools

Avail business data instantly
Real-time information

Get up-to-date insights about your trading business and track your referrals to analyze their performance precisely

Tools to improve distributor performance
Distributor engagement tools

Distributor forecaster tools to improve the performance of the distributors with ad-hoc analysis

Tools to globalize the business
Internationalization tools

Expand your trading business globally with MLM by configuring country-specific languages, compensation rules, enrollment packages, products, etc.

Set custom compensation plans
Customized compensation configuration

Set different compensation criteria based on your requirements with complete customization

Tools to attract more customers
Intelligent promotional tools

Attract more traders to your trading platform using our intelligent promotional tools like referral link promotion, social media marketing, lead capture campaigns, etc.

Major MLM compensation plans for your crypto trading platform

You can choose a compensation plan or multiple plans (hybrid model) as per your requirements. Our system is 100% customizable and configurable based on the needs with ready-made options. Compensations can be set either for new trader registration or for the first trade or any other unique strategy.

Binary MLM plan
Unilevel MLM Plan
Matrix MLM Plan
Breakaway MLM Plan
Generation MLM Plan
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Tailor-made features in Epixel Cryptocurrency Trading MLM System

Here are some of the major features to organize, manage, and control your crypto trading MLM business

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Your trading platform, your compensations

Business admin of the trading platform can set different commissions and bonuses to ensure equal participation and business expansion.

Epixel crypto trading direct selling system offers special privileges to the business admin to motivate the referrers with different compensations.

Set your own referral commissions and bonuses now. You can choose the compensations from our list or talk to our team with your own custom compensation.

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Benefits of network marketing for your trading platform

Global trader network establishment
High traffic to the trading website
Never-ending referral possibilities
Residual/passive income opportunities for people
Ultimate brand recognition
Crypto trading becomes a more popular option
High trading conversions

Epixel Cryptocurrency Trading MLM Software Reviews

We value our clients' feedback, it plays a significant role in improving our system.

4.6/5 121 Google reviews

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