More often than not, what businesses need is just a slight twist to their existing model and the results would be quite promising. However, giving that twist is a tricky affair. Knowing deeper about the existing model and analyzing which model will blend perfectly well into that is risky because it impacts the business's sustainability.

MLM is an agile business model that alloys well with any model to enhance its potential. Implementing multi-level marketing calls for so many minute considerations—the right compensation plan, a flawless compliance policy, a perfect distributor agreement, an accurate payout system, and many more.


Quality dealers in beauty products, our client already had an established ecommerce website. At a point, when the sole potential of ecommerce became a question to the success of their business, the brand felt the need for a more potential business model. The primary objective however was to present their distributors with a growth opportunity together with methods to improve their sales. When they contacted us with the idea of blending MLM into their business, we had to further investigate into their business to identify the opportunities and possible concerns that they might encounter while implementing the model.

Present distributors with a growth opportunity together with methods to improve sales.

Their preconceived idea of implementing a Unilevel plan also posed a question—Is this the right plan for their business? We got into the plan specifics and intricacies and analyzed the plan inside out to ensure everything works perfectly well for their business.


Ecommerce and MLM have long been great partners and Epixel MLM Solutions has a long-standing history of well-established customers in this model. Hence drafting a customized solution wasn’t a gruesome task. We ran complete market research, analyzed their competitors and marketing strategies, and worked out a solution that would never fail them for years to come. This, we say with confidence and this confidence derives from our expertise.

Customized MLM solution with a multifaceted and fully functional estore.

We started by integrating an MLM ecommerce platform into their already existing system. The platform unlocked a multifaceted and fully functional estore together with other integrated MLM features.

Customized rank advancement module

We devised an appropriate Unilevel MLM plan with customized rank advancement rules. The automated rank management system resets ranks at the beginning of each month. Connected to the commission engine, the rank management system automatically manages the payouts depending on the rank of individual distributors. Each distributor moves up a rank based on the set criteria and their payout will be updated accordingly.

Distributor engagement and motivation was the sole thing that the company had requested and hence while implementing each feature we took great care to include modules that ensure the same.

Payout management system

In the payout process, real-time transfers to their respective bank accounts improved trust and ensured transparency of the process. The earned commissions will reflect on the distributor dashboard. Distributors can make withdrawal requests and choose to receive their commissions in their ewallet or directly into their bank account.

Admins have the right to set criteria for each payout process. The user role is granted special privileges to approve or reject withdrawal requests from distributors. Admins can also view the commissions withdrawn by each distributor on the payout dashboard. They have the right to add, delete, or edit compensation rules to suit the revenue growth of the organization.

Gamified CRM with an advanced customer support module

The CRM module powered by gamification kept customers in close proximity to the brand. It also offers to set up motivational rewards for distributors on achieving performance milestones. The gamified CRM unleashes engagement across various tasks such as training, marketing, and team building. Magnificently designed sales leaderboards instilled healthy competition and improved sales.

The support ticketing system establishes a personalized connection with customers by addressing their concerns in real time. The support tickets raised by each customer will be assigned directly to the distributor who brought them into the system. In case of unavailability, the platform after a specific time period reassigns to another distributor in the team. This reduces customer wait times and faster issue resolution contributing to improved response and resolution rates.

Automated live chat functionality integrated into the CRM serves as a brand ambassador addressing customers whenever they are in need of support. It records and documents each conversation transforming them into customer case studies for newbies to refer to and learn. It also allows brand ambassadors to communicate with each other and hold discussions on topics on which they require support.

The CRM module also serves as a centralized database for distributors within the system for accessing organizational information that would be useful in their sales journey. The lead funneling feature presents distributors with a unique opportunity to channel quality leads into their sales funnel thereby cutting their sales processes short.

Enhanced ecommerce system

We added a little aesthetics to their already existing ecommerce system to make it more appealing and interesting to the users. Simplified UI ensures intuitive and efficient user interactions and navigation taking customer experience to the next level. The smarter shopping process engages users throughout their buying journey presenting users with an unforgettable brand experience.

The ecommerce module now has an insightful dashboard that delivers crucial market, business, and product insights that help in proactive decision making. The new inventory module comes with a high-end stock update and alert system that notifies the admin of depleting stock. It also sends alerts when the date of expiry of a particular product is near, saving the brand from legal complications.

The estore comes with an option to launch personalized remarketing campaigns right from the estore thereby slashing cart abandonment rates.

Task scheduler

An advanced organizer helps distributors set task reminders and schedule meetings, email, and social media campaigns. Besides, the scheduler also sends email notifications prior to the event making it easier for distributors to organize themselves for the event.

Preset campaign templates let distributors design and launch campaigns from the platform itself. They can also analyze and track the performance of these campaigns on each channel individually.

Distributor-exclusive learning management system

The specially designed learning management system takes care of all distributor knowledge needs pertaining to lead generation, sales, customer service, and personal and professional skill development. The free and flexible courses are accessible to all distributors despite their ranks. The course videos can be shared on social media to help fellow community members benefit from them.

New features


Extended ecommerce module


Customer opportunity management


Sales automation and analytics


Faster and secure payout process


Compensation engine


Advanced customer support module


Distributor LMS


Task scheduler


Automated live chat

Expected Results

Boost sales performance

Accelerated sales performance

Distributor rank promotion

Promotion frequency to higher titles/ranks

Improved team engagement

Increase in team
engagement rate

Improved distributor retention

Increase in distributor retention rate

Reduced cart abandonment

Reduced cart
abandonment rate

Customer query resolution

Increase in the consistent resolution of customer queries

Higher customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction rate


Build a resilient and agile business model that complements the growth potential of your existing system

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